NPR: Let’s Subsidize Really Bad Choices

by W.F. Price on July 17, 2012

NPR’s All Things Considered featured a woman who is, apparently, both selfish and stupid, imploring listeners to support her in her conscious choice to have three kids out of wedlock with three different men, two of whom are incarcerated felons.

The woman, Jennifer Stepp, is an unattractive, overweight white female who calls herself a “victim of youthful optimism.” Oh give me a break. She may not be too smart, but she knew what she was doing when she took her pants off for the only local guys who were willing to overlook her obesity. She says she kept thinking “the relationships would last,” but I’d be willing to bet this woman never had an exclusive relationship with any one of the guys she slept with. In other words, she chose to deliberately get pregnant by the most expedient method possible: sleeping with ghetto criminals looking for a quick, easy lay. Maybe she said she was on the pill, too, but we’ll never hear the other side of the story.

A lot of people still somehow believe these women are “victims,” and think they simply were too dumb to make “the right choice.” Bollocks. Just because she’s a white woman doesn’t mean she didn’t see how the game works. You have kids, you qualify for WIC, TANF, Section 8 housing, etc. She was acting in her own interest. She deliberately created a family (sort of), headed solely by her, and is getting “help” from the government in doing so. Essentially, she’s getting paid to have illegitimate children.

Stepp says she makes just under $9 per hour. Yeah, that’s pretty low, but her job is probably very easy, and with all the subsidies, tax refunds and EIC she might as well be making three times that much (e.g. her publicly-funded NGO employer pays half her rent, subsidizes her college tuition and gives her free daycare). After taxes, child support payments and other add-ons, middle-income divorced fathers would be lucky to be doing as well as she is.

Fortunately, the comment section under the article demonstrates that people have caught on, and aren’t buying the pity play any longer.

Here’s the most recent:

Frank Youell (FrankYouell) wrote:
This article is a stunning argument for abolishing the welfare state ASAP. Food stamps, WIC, EBT, Section 8 housing, Medicaid, etc. all should be eliminated immediately.

Without the welfare state this women would have either never chosen to have a child with an obvious loser for a dad, or been forced to give the child up for adoption.

Either way should would have never gone on to produce two more kids with low-life’s.

Like it or not, the welfare state is the oxygen of personal irresponsibility that we as a nation can’t afford.

Twenty years ago, people would have been howling for the heads of the suckers who impregnated this woman (almost certainly unintentionally). Now, they don’t even bother. Things have changed.

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