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by W.F. Price on July 10, 2012

I’ve been dwelling on the concept of male spaces for the last day or so (and intend to keep it on my mind for a while), and I came up with an idea concerning the gamer/PUA community that’s a bit counterintuitive, but I think probably on target.

When some people think of PUA and game communities, writers, and practitioners, they write them off as “pussy-beggars” or overly obsessed with women. However, it occurred to me that the seduction and game communities are about as overwhelmingly male as they get. There is not one single female who has the slightest bit of credibility as a PUA (For obvious reasons), and I think this explains a good part of the allure of the culture.

PUA/Game is a re-emergence of the hunter/warrior societies of the past, and brings men together in a common purpose. Not all men approve of the purpose, but there’s no doubt that it’s an overwhelmingly male endeavor, in which men cooperate and compete to achieve a goal.

As much as some deplore the results of successful Game, there’s an astonishing level of altruism amongst the proponents and adherents. There’s nothing men compete for and fight over more than women, but here we have a community of men helping each other in the pursuit of finding satisfaction with a female. I would suggest that men see it for what it is, and take heart in the fact that even when stripped of all legal privileges and placed in a socially subordinate position, men band together and help each other achieve their goals.

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