Law Professor Proposes “Preglimony”

by W.F. Price on July 9, 2012

In a bid to further expand wealth transfer from males to females, Shari Motro, a professor at the University of Richmond, suggests that men should now be forced to pay for pregnancy expenses.

Since the 1970s it has been possible to genetically link a father and his baby with increasing levels of accuracy. Then, a test using amniotic fluid let us test a baby’s DNA before birth, but the procedure increased the risk of miscarriage. Now a prenatal blood test has made the process far easier. Since a small amount of fetal DNA is present in a pregnant woman’s blood, the pregnancy can be genetically linked to her partner through a simple blood draw from the woman’s arm.

One of the potential ramifications is that men might be called upon to help support their pregnant lovers before birth, even if the pregnancy is ultimately terminated or ends in miscarriage. They might be asked to chip in for medical bills, birthing classes and maternity clothes, to help to cover the loss of income that often comes with pregnancy, or to contribute to the cost of an abortion.

Interestingly, she wants men to pay this even if women get an abortion, which seems to suggest that men could be forced to pay to abort their own children, even if they don’t want to.

Another problem is the escalating cost of pregnancy. If men are forced to pay the full bill for contemporary pregnancies, lots of them will end up bankrupt. Most men who contribute to out of wedlock pregnancies are young and poor, and these pregnancies are now the majority of all pregnancies in women under 30. The expense borne by young men would be extraordinarily severe.

However, law professors don’t care about these losers. Nope, the young men who don’t have advanced degrees and six-figure incomes probably deserve it anyway…

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