Single Mother Attitude Toward Babydaddies: “You are an offspring support system”

by W.F. Price on July 5, 2012

If you ever wondered what the proper approach to single mothers should be, “Roslynholcomb” puts it in its proper perspective by spelling out the parental role in response to an angry black woman’s rant about black men who are arrears on child support:

Your happiness is not the bailiwick of any judge ANYWHERE. As the mother of two let me let you in in a little secret: YOUR HAPPINESS BECAME IRRLEVANT THE DAY YOUR CHILD WAS BORN. Now do you know what your sole purpose of existing is? To perpetuate the species by caring for said offspring. You are an offspring support system. PERIOD. That’s all biology cares about and that’s all the state cares about. The state has a vested interest in ensuring you feed your goddamned child. It doesn’t care if you’re happy about it!

OK, fair enough. I suppose that applies to females as well.

So, women, as soon as you get pregnant your happiness is irrelevant. Your job, you see, is to “perpetuate the species.” If you want an abortion, tough luck. If you don’t like being in a marriage, well, the state shouldn’t allow you to leave, because children do better even in unhappy marriages than in broken homes.

If you don’t perform your motherly duties, you should be punished. Because the imperative is to force you to care for them, then perhaps flogging rather than imprisonment is the proper punishment. Remember, your happiness doesn’t matter.

Roslyn suggests that men who don’t like being “offspring support systems” get vasectomies. OK, let’s give lousy mothers tubal ligations. That ought to do the trick.

Sounds like a feminist’s worst nightmare, right?

Well, this is exactly how feminists want men to be dealt with. Really gives the lie to the “equality” spiel.

It’s unfortunate, but in contemporary society single mothers have become about the trashiest, most entitled class of all. I suggest treating them with exactly as much contempt and coercion as so-called “deadbeat dads” have been treated for the past 30 years. Fair’s fair.

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