Tingles in the Mist

by W.F. Price on July 1, 2012

I came across this remarkable video, in which a young Julia Roberts has an “encounter” with an orangutan on the Leakey Preserve on Borneo (try to ignore the German translation over her voice). The incident was captured on film, and looked to be fairly serious, although the handlers prevented the unthinkable. Apparently, orangutans rape a woman on the preserve every year or so, and this one in particular, named “Kosasu,” took a shining to Ms. Roberts.

I’ve previously wondered why so many female primatologists put themselves in these situations, but now Julia has explained: it’s for the “raw thrill.”

Here’s another video concerning the incident, in which Roberts is quite clear about the ape’s intent. Before making his move, the orang is the epitome of the aloof alpha male:

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