Boys won’t be boys anymore, we are now proudly obsolete?

by Featured Guest on June 19, 2012

By Glorius Bastard

So boys are going to be obsolete?  Boys can’t be boys anymore?  Yeah, I guess we will all be plastic Ken dolls for our breadwinner wives to dress up.

I don’t think any man has a real problem with his girlfriend, wife, or whatever working.  I think what we have a problem with is that these women think that they are better than us!

Who built, designed, dreamt, and engineered that building you sit smugly in woman?  That’s right: MEN!

Who built the sewers, roads, downtown, cities, bridges, war machines? That’s right: MEN!

Who fought and destroyed the enemy in every single battle since time immemorial?  That’s right: MEN!

Who farmed everything, and provided the discipline guidelines for us all? That’s right: MEN!

Who is the one that is overcoming your feminist nonsense in every category you smug little witch? That’s Right: MEN!

Who made the educational system what it was that your nonsense has destroyed woman?  That’s right: MEN!

Who has invented, discovered, and created 99% of every single thing of note woman? That’s right: MEN!

Who has left education, and started to return the workplace into more masculine operated ideas? That’s right: MEN!

Who has, in spite of your quotas, made the economy work again? That’s right: MEN!

You claim that since the information age is turning everything into a service based economy, where thought and words rule the day; that women will rule with it…  Not so fast.  Why is it that most of your women still opt out to have kids?  Join the military for benefits only to get pregnant before deployment on a medical discharge?  Oh we can’t talk about that, that would explain 99% of the reason for your wage disparity, and make you into the liar you are, can’t have that now can we?

The fact that men are not going to college should tell us all something other then what they are trying to pass under our noses here.  That fact is that men realize that education is not stacked in their favor.  You could go to college, and the day before you graduate, get a false rape accusation by a woman you slept with because she did not want her boyfriend that she cheated on to think she is a whore. Never mind that she was going to dump him the day after anyways, you turned her into a whore in others eyes, it’s not her fault but yours.  Loser!  Wait till you get it from Bubba, and your new prison guard-oil-encrusted-fat-flaps girlfriend you don’t want making you their “boy-toy” in prison big boy!  That will teach ya.

Fact of the matter is that guys like us are still inventing most everything, producing most everything, are needed to have kids, lead in most everything, die for most everything.  I don’t see women taking that role.  They are rattling their penis sabre until they get more money.  We have been forced to borrow from others for a long time, but that is slowly running out.  We won’t tell you to go back to the kitchen when it does, even though then you might want to.  You have ruined the sexual marketplace with your promiscuity for so long that men no longer see marriage as a viable option.  That means that as the men’s rights movement gets bigger, we will start to dictate what marriage will mean.  You will still have to work, all your “benefits” are in danger of non-renewal in congress, and we will no longer view you as the ladies only you think you are, too bad for you!

Empowered women here!

It amazes me how a man thousands of years ago would predict this in the end: ISA 4-1 “In that day so few men will be left that seven women will fight for each man, saying, “Let us all marry you! We will provide our own food and clothing. Only let us take your name so we won’t be mocked as old maids.”

Things were as they were for a reason!  No one said you could not work, it is just for thousands of years, and women have “opted out” that men just took over.  Now that your nanny state protects you, you think you can lord it over us with impunity!  I got news for you toots, the nanny state will turn on you when it is financially convenient, us men are designed to survive!  marriage was your meal ticket to your survival, not your ownership of us as slave labor.  You are the necessity that drove men to become PUAs, MGTOWs, harder workers, smarter workers, and men who will craft their own rules how they see fit.  Your feminism is a lie, it is your own fault you bought into it.  Now colleges are using affirmative action to entice men to school.  When the economy bottom falls out, you won’t have all those stolen tax dollars at your disposal.  What then?  You will have to work against PUAs, MGTOWs, hard working male workers who are smarter street and school wise.  They will be dominant in the sexual and economic marketplaces.  They will not be inclined to treat you as a lady, and will be more than willing to compete against you on all levels, not caring if you become destitute.  After all, you claimed you were far superior to them in every way, they will through their actions demand you prove it.  You made your bed ladies, enjoy it while your mattress is still comfortable for your back.  Your revolving door is still working, for now, and you can pay for everything.  Pray to a God you have rejected that it stays that way.  If it doesn’t, well, I hope you are as good at fending for yourself as you claim.


When real feminists work!

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