Implications of Family Law on “Chicks Dig Jerks” Phenomenon

by W.F. Price on June 16, 2012

Heartiste (Roissy) has another post up demonstrating scientific evidence for the attraction women feel for dangerous men. Psychological studies have clearly documented this phenomenon, so I think we can safely say it is a scientifically verifiable fact rooted in human biology (as well as that of a number of other animals).

So what does current policy have to do with this? Well, what would you expect to happen when law so humbles men that those who follow it are reduced to obsequious underlings to the women in their lives? Why, women will grow to despise them, of course. Wives will find themselves wishing they could sleep with anyone but their husbands. Men who may have been passably assertive and masculine in a different legal regime are reduced to sniveling “yes ma’am” sycophants.

Eventually, the ones who don’t care – the real criminals – will be the only men left who are deemed attractive.

It’s akin to the argument used against gun control that goes like this:

“If owning a gun is a crime, only criminals will own guns.”

For our purposes, here’s how it goes for men:

“If being a desirable man is a crime, only criminals will be desirable men.”

This has already come to pass in a number of communities, and in the most fertile age cohort. I am fairly certain it explains a great deal of the illegitimacy rate in the under-30 crowd (now over 50%). The men we see impregnating young women are largely those who don’t give a damn about the consequences, and don’t want to play by the rules society expects them to follow.

As for what the consequences of this will be, I leave it to reader’s imagination.

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