Teen Sex Slavers Busted in Ottawa

by W.F. Price on June 13, 2012

Three teenage Canadian girls, aged from 15-17, were arrested in Ottawa last week for luring other girls and then pimping them. The girls were lured by means of social media, and then confined and, in at least one case drugged, before their sexual services were sold to male customers.

Due to provisions of Canada’s Youth Criminal Justice Act, the slavers cannot be named, and one is still on the run. The inability of police to inform the public has made it difficult to enlist community help in apprehension of the 17-year-old fugitive.

Although pimping has long been considered the provenance of men, pandering is at least as common amongst enterprising females. In fact, pimps usually simply serve as the muscle, or informal police for prostitution enterprises. In many cases policemen themselves fulfill the role.

Most prostitutes are either in business as sole proprietors, or working for a “madam” such as Heidi Fleiss, so it isn’t entirely shocking to see some precocious female criminals trying to go into the business while still in their teens.

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