Dear Mom

by W.F. Price on May 13, 2012

I’ve never written anything here for Mother’s Day before, because I didn’t think it was all that relevant to the site. But we all have mothers, and for the most part we love them, and they love us.

So, in the spirit of Mother’s Day, I’ll write a few things I’m thankful for. Not too much, because mostly we appreciate our mothers privately, as the relationship between parent and child is intimate and deeply personal. But I do have to admit I got lucky. I’ve got a pretty good mom. Not all of my friends were so fortunate, but I sincerely hope more kids can say the same at some point in the future, despite how bleak it looks today.

So here goes…

Dear Mom,

Thanks for being an honorable woman. There’s little I appreciate about you more than your adherence to moral standards and your inherent sense of what’s right and wrong.

Thanks for being such a hard worker, and pulling us through some hard times. I know it wasn’t easy, and you deserve a lot of quality time in the garden and with the grandkids when you retire.

Thanks for staying healthy and setting a good example for me and my sister. We haven’t followed it perfectly, but it’s always been on our mind, and I’m convinced it’s helped prevent our habits from getting out of control.

Thank you for always being a great conversation partner. All those hours we’ve spent talking have enriched my life a great deal, and have given me the confidence and ability to stand up and speak my mind.

Thanks for never getting between me and my dad and his family. We all know he wasn’t perfect, but you let me love him and get to know him on my own terms, and you always treated him with humanity and decency, and I’ll be eternally grateful for that.

Finally, thanks for being an all-around decent person. Moms like you are a real treasure.

With gratitude

Your Son

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