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by W.F. Price on April 28, 2012

Since a couple commenters asked, I took a few more pics today to give an idea of what it looks like on the streets of Europe — Riga in particular.

Taking pictures of people can be a little embarrassing, so I tried to be discreet, and therefore they aren’t all great pics, but they’re good enough to give you an idea of what the people look like.

1. Typical Latvian young woman

Her hair is a bit darker than usual, but she’s got the Latvian/Baltic face. Basically, a pretty, trim, well-dressed young woman in her mid 20s. This is pretty much what local guys expect.

2. Latvian dad and baby

I didn’t get the guy’s face in the photo, but he was a handsome man approaching middle age. Probably in his mid-30s, and quite trim. I thought the kid was pretty cute, so I took a picture. His wife, in the background, was unremarkable, but thin despite having relatively recently given birth. Note American tourists in background for contrast.

3. Hot chick

This girl isn’t in focus, but you can see enough to get the idea. She’s got a Jennifer Aniston-type physique and a pretty face. She’d be a real standout in the US, but you see one of these about every block here.

4. Expat pub

Here’s a picture I took at a nearby expat sports bar. Most of the customers are German and Scandinavian men, and I think the guy in the photo is German. The girl behind the bar is a local, and although she looks a bit different from the norm, has the typical figure.

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