Curvy Women in Perspective

by W.F. Price on April 27, 2012

One more thing that becomes apparent in Europe is that the American idea of “BBW” or “curvy” women is really out there — nowhere near the norm. Being around tons of very skinny (by American standards) women in Europe, sometimes you might come across a woman with a little more in the hips and chest department than usual, and she catches your eye. This is natural, as men tend to like these feminine features. However, in the US “curvy” denotes an obese woman whose hips are rendered insignificant by an enormous belly. So-called BBWs in the US are not really curvy — they are rotund.

I really can’t stress enough the extent to which obesity has ruined American women’s attractiveness. Feminists blather on and on about how women should be “comfortable” with their bodies, but the truth is that many American women would be viewed as abominations in most of the world. Curvy women should have every right to feel sexy and proud of their physiques, but without a waist women are not actually curvy, but rather round.

If you were to try to come up with a parallel for men, I suppose it would be something like having toothless, homeless alcoholic men say that they should be proud of themselves and feel attractive. Feminists are really that far out there. They are literally delusional by global standards. No normal man in the rest of the world finds obese American women attractive. Sure, they may be able to find some skinny guy from a third world country who will pretend to love them to get a green card, but any self-respecting man will give them a very wide berth.

However, if you’re an American man in a foreign country, it’s entirely normal when a woman who is a bit “more” than average catches your eye, because all the other women are so thin — sometimes a little too thin for a mature man’s taste. This is really the Marilyn Monroe effect, and puts her appeal in perspective. Marilyn Monroe was not fat, but had hips and a waist when most American women were more linear in shape. Today, Marilyn Monroe would be considered petite next to the monstrosities that waddle along our streets.

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