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by W.F. Price on April 27, 2012

As I suggested in my last post, Europe is something of an eye-opener for an American man. I imagine it’s something like the US was back in the 1970s when there was a surplus of young, attractive boomer women. At least, that’s the case in Riga, where I’m currently staying.

Because I’m not in the dating market and my perceptions aren’t skewed by going to nightclubs or the like, I can look around at the situation rather objectively, and the ratio of young attractive women on the street compared to the US is absolutely mind-blowing. For every one attractive woman in a typical US city, there are at least three here. Actually, the ratio is probably more like one to four. Is it because the women are naturally, genetically more attractive? I don’t think so. After giving the situation some thought, I’ve come up with a few reasons for this huge disparity:

1. Weight

American women are significantly heavier than (continental) European women. British women, sadly, are about the same as Americans. However, minority women in Britain are thinner than minority women in the US, which skews US stats further toward the obese side of the scale. As an example from my personal life, there was a very pretty young woman who worked as a waitress in my neighborhood a few years ago. She was only 19 or so when I first saw her, and still had that girlish physique. However, within a couple years she put on at least 20 pounds, and while still “cute”, she lost her figure by getting thick around the middle, and simply wasn’t hot any longer. Although this is very common for American women, it doesn’t seem to happen to women here. In general, they stay trim until middle age at least. American women who are not heavy by 25 or so are in the minority, with the average young American woman (aged 20-29) solidly in the “overweight” category today, at 5’4″ and a whopping 156 lbs. This probably accounts for most – or at least half – of the looks disparity between European and American women.

2. Dress/Hygiene

Let’s face it: Americans are downright slovenly compared to Europeans. We shop in sweatpants, wear cheap clothes and care little about our appearance. In Europe, people wouldn’t be caught dead in public looking like the kinds of slobs we regularly see out and around in the US (I am personally guilty of this offense myself from time to time — it’s easy to not care when nobody else does). Additionally, the monstrous tattoos that have become so tragically common on young American women are almost entirely absent in Europe, although one does see smaller ones from time to time.

3. Demographics

The man shortage really only applies to formerly Communist countries, such as the Baltic states, Ukraine, Russia, etc. I suspect it does have some influence in that it increases pressure on women to look good. However, given that Dutch women are quite attractive and there are plenty of Dutch men to go around, it is probably the least important factor.

4. Attitude

This is one of those subtle, nearly subliminal effects, but it’s quite noticeable when the nasty, pushy and competitive attitude is suddenly gone. American women are aggressive and loud, much as American men are. Although it may not be an attractive characteristic in men, it’s downright ugly when women behave that way. American women are also grumpy, stressed out and in foul moods much of the time. This isn’t entirely their fault, as the US is a high-pressure society, but it certainly doesn’t make them any prettier.

These key differences combine to create a sad situation for the contemporary single American male. The ratio is so profoundly different in Europe that I suspect the rules of “Game” are fundamentally different, too. For example, I doubt negging would work here. Women would just think you’re a jerk. Being nice and gracious to women in Europe actually works, and is appreciated. A woman who treats nice men with scorn here can’t get away with it, because there will be an equally attractive woman right around the corner who will happily accept a kind gesture.

Because there are so many attractive women, they can’t afford to be anywhere near as dismissive and nasty as attractive American women. For the average young beta male, this is a real boon. Women here really do not seem to like douchebag type guys. Probably because that type will just burn through women like somebody else’s money, and the local betas aren’t forced to support thug lovers, nor are they forced to settle for them, so being a thug-lover slut is a patently stupid choice for women.

From Europe, it becomes apparent that one of the largest single problems for American men is the lack of eligible women; it is the mirror image of the problem that afflicts women in Eastern Europe. In retrospect, I should have noticed it from China as well, but I was so young at the time that I didn’t give the issue much thought. Ironically, we often hear of a woman shortage in China, but if you do the numbers the ratio of eligible (i.e. sufficiently attractive) women in China is probably significantly higher than in the US. Frankly, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to think of male to female ratios again without wondering what the “eligible” female ratio is. It is probably the most important factor affecting young men’s happiness, and sadly we’ve raised a couple generations of extraordinarily unattractive women in the US.

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