Vatican to Purge Feminists from US Convents

by W.F. Price on April 19, 2012

Although it remains to be seen what will come of it, the Vatican has finally formalized and announced its plan to purge feminism from Catholic institutions in the US. This will be a very large-scale, painful undertaking, as many convents in the United States began adopting feminism and goddess worship as their de facto faith some forty years ago. Despite Catholic tolerance for their heterodox positions, attacks on the Catholic church from feminist quarters never let up, but rather increased in fequency and volume.

One of the organizations facing inquisition, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, represents 80% of the nuns in the US. This will truly be a time of reckoning for the sisters, who have been growing increasingly bold in recent years. As an example of what they’ve been up to, here are some words of wisdom from Barbara Marx Hubbard, the woman they chose as their keynote speaker at their big conference last year:

Marx Hubbard: This is the new Adam and the new Eve—whole being with whole being at the Tree of Life. In the story of Genesis, Eve was not only going for the Tree of Knowledge, she was heading for the Tree of Life, which is the tree of the gods. And it seems to me that the human species is heading for the Tree of Life. We have the power to destroy worlds and build worlds, to change our own bodies, and perhaps, eventually, to have ever-evolving life. Now, when the woman has become whole, so that her own masculine and feminine are joined, and the man too has become whole, they can come together beyond domination and submission in such a way that will bring forth the greater potential of each. So we see the couple as a very powerful arena of self-evolution. And when you add sexuality—from procreation to recreation to regeneration—you begin to see the New Man and the New Woman gaining the wisdom to guide the new powers of humanity forward.

Seems she is not only endorsing Eve’s choice, but supporting some kind of spiritual transsexualism in the temporal world. Kind of odd from a Catholic perspective, one would think…

Although there is a great deal of opposition to Catholicism – and Christianity in general – throughout the Western world, there is no doubt that the Catholic church itself is a very influential institution. For example, Karol Wojtyla’s (Pope John Paul II) firm stance against Communism gave the Anglo-American alliance enough moral support in continental Europe to tip the political balance and eventually send the Bolsheviks scurrying back to Moscow in disgrace, where they were overthrown by the good Russian people.

Today, however, it is not the despotic, Tartar tyranny of Bolshevism, but rather a sort of rot in the Western body politic itself that is being challenged, which may complicate the issue. Nevertheless, we can hope that the purge the Catholic church has decided to undertake to clear feminists out of convents will begin to embolden other religions and institutions to take similar measures.

What is remarkable is how long it took for the fight against feminsim to finally get started. It remained unchallenged for decades, destroying countless families and fomenting war between the sexes before people finally began to stand up to it. If anything, this should be a source of great shame to Western men and institutions, including Catholic Church leaders, who let the situation go from bad to worse without having either the will or compassion to do anything about it.

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