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by W.F. Price on April 15, 2012

At long last, some Christians are finally starting to take scripture seriously and put the errant churches and preachers in their place. I’ve mentioned Dalrock before, and how I think his emphasis on Christians is probably one of the most effective vehicles for addressing men’s issues, but now there’s another excellent site called “Christian Men’s Defense Network.” The writer running the blog is bright, articulate, and has a good deal of personal experience with the problems we face. It was only a matter of time before the Christian men who have been victimized by the new family law regime began to raise their voice, and it appears that the time is at hand.

I certainly don’t expect everyone involved in men’s issues to be Christian, or even religious at all. About half of my friends (at least) are straight-up atheists, as I live in a very secular part of the country. I consider myself religious, but I like to keep my distance from organized religion, because as a man I have a deep distrust for much of what passes for Christianity in the US today. I suspect, but cannot say for certain, that non-Christian faiths here are similarly poisoned or are headed in that direction.

However, institutions are important, and the shift of Christianity from a benign patriarchal to a feminist type institution has been catastrophic for millions of American men. Some of what comes out of the mouths of so-called “Christian” leaders on the subject of women and marriage is breathtaking heresy from an orthodox point of view, and although that can be very frustrating, it provides an excellent opportunity to call them out on it. For those who are worried that women will entirely take over the church, I think they should just take it easy and see what happened to the Episcopalian Church in the US since Katherine Jefferts Schori took over. People have been abandoning it in droves, and now all that’s left is a shell of an institution that provides little more than a pulpit for radical left-wing activists.

So what about the bigoted white knight patriarchs out there who are dumping on young men and catering to female congregants? Well, it’s simple, really: put the old bulls out to pasture. The time always comes when a new generation of leaders begins to step up and demand a few changes, and that time is now.

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