Spring Fund Drive

by W.F. Price on April 10, 2012

After over two years of operation, The Spearhead has finally come of age, and its thousands of posts on various topics have inundated the internet, helping to bring topics that were swept under the rug for years to the fore. For better or worse, men’s issues have entered the cultural debate in the West, influencing everything from politics to pop culture. What this means for the future is anyone’s guess right now, but I think that’s why it’s important that we continue to speak and stand up for ourselves.

Traffic on The Spearhead has steadily climbed since a dip last summer while I was in the midst of a custody/relocation case, and is up to 70,000 uniques and 300,000 page views per month as of March. RSS subscribers cracked the 2,000 level for the first time in winter, and have been climbing steadily since then. It’s safe to say that the site has a healthy, dedicated readership at this point — probably around 4,000 regulars (i.e. at least weekly readers). It could be more, but I prefer to be conservative where these matters are concerned.

However, running the site and writing content is a job, and given the pressures of life it’s one I can’t afford to do for free. Although it’s a bit embarrassing to admit, since my divorce I’ve been living a hand-to-mouth existence, and it’s really kind of surprising to me that I was actually able to survive while getting The Spearhead off the ground. I suppose where one has some passion and drive, one finds a way. Every donation and every dollar of support provides me with time to write and keep the site running; without the help it would be a shadow of what it is. Given the special interest nature of the site, it is never going to be a big draw for advertisers even with a substantial readership. So I have to rely on support from those who appreciate the content to keep it running and keep me in front of the screen for a substantial portion of every week.

One thing I’d like to bring up is that given the attacks from certain quarters that The Spearhead has been subjected to, the site must be having some visceral effect. I like to think it’s made its presence felt all the way at the top. In fact, I’m fairly sure it has, as I have been contacted a couple times in recent months by some writers for major publications (I had some nice conversation, but said honestly that I don’t have the time to get involved in features that won’t remunerate me and may not provide anything of value to my readers). The site is a work in progress, as is the growing and evolving national debate on “gender issues.” I’m glad to have the opportunity to make a difference in that regard.

So, thank you for your help, and as long as I have supportive readers and can afford to keep plugging away I will keep the site running and continue to keep men’s interests and issues on the table. Thanks also to the contributors and commenters who spice up the site with their own content, and to other men out there who are working toward the same goals in their own.

Discrete donations can be made through the PayPal link at the top of the right sidebar, and checks sent to the following address:

Price Content
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