Obama Writes off Men in Presidential Campaign (Romney Appears to do Same)

by W.F. Price on April 6, 2012

I think it’s unprecedented for a president to stake his position so heavily on the female vote, but demographics have changed over the last decade, and perhaps Obama’s strategists think a coalition of minorities and women is the solution for permanent victory. They may be correct, but it’s new ground, so we’ll see how it plays out. Unfortunately, Romney will likely do what he can to pander to women as well, in the false assumption that he has the white male vote locked up.

This is why we see the president once again inserting himself into an issue that really shouldn’t be any of his business, namely the Augusta golf club’s status as a men’s golf club. Romney agreed, of course. Obama spokesman Jay Carney said “we’re kind of long past the time when women should be excluded from anything.” This comes on the heels of a forum on Women and the Economy (not men, mind you), a few years after Obama’s creation of the White House Council on Women and Girls, and amidst rock solid Democratic support of the Violence Against Women Act.

So, as the federal government creates and supports a number of programs designed to benefit women exclusively, the candidates denounce a private men’s sports club, paid for by men – not taxpayers – and engaged in nothing more than walking around and knocking balls into holes. What an outrage that this club can continue to exist! How dare women not be allowed in so as to drink mimosas and attract attention from wealthy golfers. It’s one thing for women to have publicly funded organizations dedicated entirely to their benefit and power, but entirely another for men to have any clubs of their own whatsoever.

the shameless political pandering to women has gone so far that it really looks as though politicians have bought the entire “End of Men” spiel, and are willing to throw men under the bus, as though they are no longer necessary. These kinds of things don’t tend to end well, because although women’s political support certainly looks attractive from a democratically-elected politician’s perspective, when you disenfranchise men bad things tend to happen.

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