Next Feminist Goal: Remake Image of God (As Themselves)

by W.F. Price on March 27, 2012

Now that feminists have “won,” some are asking “what next?” The answer, says Tabby Biddle of HuffPo, is “about the integration of feminine spiritually with feminine sexuality”

According to Biddle, the only thing standing in the way of absolute feminist dominance and a female supremacist society is the image of a male god:

What makes fourth wave feminism different, in my view, is the connection to feminine spirituality. While all women might not be on board with this, there is certainly a growing trend toward recognizing the Divine Feminine and the Goddess as representatives of the spiritual nature of women. With God the Father at the helm for 2,000 plus years, many women have lost their connection to their divine feminine nature. (Men too.) Without this spiritual connection to the feminine, it’s hard to really value yourself at the same level as men since everything is skewed toward the divine masculine and masculine qualities.

To look at this more closely: A 2011 Gallup poll found that 90 percent of Americans have an image of God — even those who don’t believe in God — and that image is overwhelmingly male. This of course influences how we think. Scientists have proven this over and over that perceptions affect our thinking, values and beliefs.

This widespread belief that God is male has lead men to treat women in dismissive ways, women to treat women in dismissive ways, and all of us to discount feminine qualities such as compassion, nurturing and holistic thinking. It has also given men, very unfortunately, permission to treat women abusively, cruelly and violently.

Nevermind the fact that she gets her timeline all wrong (the idea of God the Father did not begin with Jesus Christ), and that there is no evidence that a female divinity would lead men to behave with less cruelty or violence — what’s important is that we all get on our knees before the exalted goddess. Or, perhaps, because female sexuality and spirituality are to be intertwined in the new religion, perhaps we are to pay homage to the goddess by having sex with Her (or, as is usually the case, having sex with a temple prostitute representing the goddess, and paying the pimp-priest for the privilege).

This does bring up an interesting point. There have been goddess cults throughout history in certain times and places. Often, they are accompanied by ritual prostitution. Sometimes, as in the case of Athena, they have been characterized by male supremacy. What they haven’t done is usher in a golden age of female rule. Instead, they tend to legitimize prostitution and serve as an outlet for male fantasy (e.g. Aphrodite). Some of them feature terrible sacrificial rites.

In India, no more than a few years ago, a tantric cult dedicated to the goddess Kali began sacrificing children:

Sumitra Bushan, 43, who lived in Barha for most of her life, certainly thought she was cursed. Her husband had long abandoned her, leaving her with debts and a life of servitude in the sugarcane fields. Her sons, Satbir, 27, and Sanjay, 23, were regarded as layabouts. Life was bad but then the nightmares and terrifying visions of Kali allegedly began, not just for Sumitra but her entire family.

She consulted a tantrik, a travelling ‘holy man’ who came to the village occasionally, dispensing advice and putrid medicines from the rusty amulets around his neck.

His guidance to Sumitra was to slaughter a chicken at the entrance to her home and offer the blood and remains to the goddess. She did so but the nightmares continued and she began waking up screaming in the heat of the night and returned to the priest. ‘For the sake of your family,’ he told her, ‘you must sacrifice another, a boy from your village.’

Ten days ago Sumitra and her two sons crept to their neighbour’s home and abducted three-year-old Aakash Singh as he slept. They dragged him into their home and the eldest son performed a puja ceremony, reciting a mantra and waving incense. Sumitra smeared sandalwood paste and globules of ghee over the terrified child’s body. The two men then used a knife to slice off the child’s nose, ears and hands before laying him, bleeding, in front of Kali’s image.

In the morning Sumitra told villagers she had found Aakash’s body outside her house. But they attacked and beat her sons who allegedly confessed. ‘I killed the boy so my mother could be safe,’ Sanjay screamed. All three are now in prison, having escaped lynch mob justice. The tantrik has yet to be found.

Police in Khurja say dozens of sacrifices have been made over the past six months. Last month, in a village near Barha, a woman hacked her neighbour’s three-year-old to death after a tantrik promised unlimited riches. In another case, a couple desperate for a son had a six-year-old kidnapped and then, as the tantrik chanted mantras, mutilated the child. The woman completed the ritual by washing in the child’s blood.

Tantrism, which is associated with sexuality in the West, is a mystical branch of Hinduism that developed some time in the late first millennium AD. It is possibly the most widespread and influential goddess cult in existence today, and features some bizarre sexual rituals, which are characteristic of goddess cults:

Sexual rites of Vamamarga may have emerged from early Hindu Tantra as a practical means of catalyzing biochemical transformations in the body to facilitate heightened states of awareness.[36] These constitute a vital offering to Tantric deities. Sexual rites may have also evolved from clan initiation ceremonies involving transactions of sexual fluids. Here the male initiate is inseminated or ensanguined with the sexual emissions of the female consort, sometimes admixed with the semen of the guru. The Tantrika is thus transformed into a son of the clan (kulaputra) through the grace of his consort. The clan fluid (kuladravya) or clan nectar (kulamrita) is conceived as flowing naturally from her womb.

Despite our technological sophistication and highly developed infrastructure, we Westerners tend to be incredibly naïve where history and spiritual matters are concerned. Perhaps this is why people can so casually suggest that goddess worship or female rule would elevate our society and bring us enlightenment and peace. These people ignore the reality, which is easy enough to find if one does a little research, but then again that’s easy to do when one begins to see oneself as a divine being.

But no matter; Biddle assures us that “Instead of looking outside to Father God for acceptance and permission, women are looking inside to their own feminine nature for authority and guidance.” The ancient Greeks would have called that hubris — an offense against heaven.

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Uncle Elmer March 27, 2012 at 11:31

Throughout SE Asia the female form is exalted. When you see one of these naked lovelies you understand why they erected stone temples to honor them.

But this latest outrage is another typical example of their push to “break the glass ceiling” and install women in spheres ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous.

I’m all for a graven image of God in the form of a female, so long as she’s a hot Asian chick and not some hairy-armed western feminist abomination. The Starbucks trademark comes to mind.

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Firepower March 27, 2012 at 11:38

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Rico March 27, 2012 at 11:45

This isn’t exactly new, even within mainline Christian denominations… when I first heard of “Sophia” and the Re-Imagining conferences in the mid 90s, it was my first clue that something was rotten from within the church I grew up in.

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keyster March 27, 2012 at 12:18

“…the very reason that you observe “feminists won”
is that NO opponent actually, really, IRL
DEFEATED feminists.”

The real question is; “What have they yet to lose?”
Even when they lost the Equal Rights Amendement battle in the early 80′s, they won!

Until there is 51% representation in the executive suites of Encorpera and various government bodies, and abortion and day care is “free”, they will plod onward without opposition. Scandinavia serves as the model they aspire to in the USA, UK and OZ. Maybe this works in quaint, homogoneous, Socialist republics — but it’s a disaster waiting to happen in Capitalist “melting-pots” that police the globe.

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Ragnar March 27, 2012 at 12:40

The end of feminism according to; The Fisherman and His Wife

“Anger fell over her. Her hair flew wildly about her head. Tearing open her bodice she kicked him with her foot and shouted, “I cannot stand it! I cannot stand it any longer! Go there immediately!”

He put on his trousers and ran off like a madman.

Outside such a storm was raging that he could hardly stand on his feet. Houses and trees were blowing over. The mountains were shaking, and boulders were rolling from the cliffs into the sea. The sky was as black as pitch. There was thunder and lightning. In the sea there were great black waves as high as church towers and mountains, all capped with crowns of white foam.

Mandje! Mandje! Timpe Te!
Flounder, flounder, in the sea!
My wife, my wife Ilsebill,
Wants not, wants not, what I will

“What does she want then?” said the flounder.

“Oh,” he said, “she wants to become like God.”

“Go home. She is sitting in her filthy shack again.”

And they are sitting there even today. “

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Han Som Reiste March 27, 2012 at 12:47

Yes, God is dead. Why not put a wig and some lipstick on the corpse? A frilly dress too, maybe?

Either the book is the word of God or it isn’t. You can’t pick and choose the parts you like and say only those are the words of God. You can’t just reimagine the will of the divine to suit your needs. The book is either divine truth or it isn’t and if you think you can change whatever you want then it isn’t the divine truth!

I think that religion for a lot of women is just going through the motions. My mother didn’t believe in anything and didn’t go to church ever after she moved away from her parents but I still was forced to go through confirmation. It was just about tradition. Going through the motions just because everyone else before me did it.

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The First Joe March 27, 2012 at 12:48

I am and at the same time I’m not, a Discordian*. So, one of my favourite goddesses that I disbelieve in is Eris – goddess of discord i.e. God is a crazy lady.

She fits feminists very well, but they forgot to laugh, what with all the hubris and narcissism clogging them up inside.

*Check out some Robert Anton Wilson books for a chuckle.

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Robert March 27, 2012 at 12:57

What goes up must come back down. It is already a long way down for feminists. It is time to lay very thick pavement beneath them all both male and female because they will all fall. Watch them fall

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Towgunner March 27, 2012 at 13:02

Of course, if we are to remake images of god, then how can god exist? Doesn’t it just contradict itself? After all, the God I believe in is omnipotent, which means he makes up himself or, put another way, is not reliant on an outside party to define him, particularly some trendy emo’s. If we are to define god or gods as blatantly as this cretin suggests, that makes their “god”[ess] 1. Not omnipotent and 2. A confirmed figments of one’s imagination. I’m not surprise, because this sort of thing happens when you have the state pick winners; a false sense of achievement and narcissism that if left to fester for too long results in the absolute worst of human conditions – the belief of one’s own divinity. Reference: monarchs, depots, tribal rulers etc all tried to evoke a feeling of divine purpose and all used that for oppression and evil.

And, how has feminism “won”…what by bankrupting the west? That’s more like you lost, as in females in charge ruin everything. Furthermore, how can women have “won” when everything that made modern society what it is was done by men? Seems like men are still “winning” by that measure.

We have already seen echoes of this mysticism percolating in the cultural muck. Couple of examples: 1. gaia, the spiritual vehicle for the eco-movement 2. the da vinci code, which made a saint out of who…a prostitute no less and supposed mother to the children of Jesus. And the female heroine is a descendant of Jesus. The book is riddled with sexuality and feminism. Note: she was good at math too! This is all social engineering, and I’m just sick of it. In the previous post, I commented that it’s the control of the media that matters most. Here is a perfect example…whereas leftist hate religion, err the hate Christianity, look forward to every Christian-hater to embrace any femo-centric religion. Watch what bill maher does, bet he loves it.

Here at the MRM we can easily stop this by exposing one simple fact.

Fact: They’re making it up.

You see, religion is built on an “ultimate” truth that remains elusive to humans. As such, because this “truth” cannot be denied or confirmed allows the story to continue. Many atheists probably wish they had a phone camera to catch any number of religions being conjured-up…well, here is that chance on a silver platter no less. Indeed, we can catch them and expose them while they’re making this up thus proving it’s just their imagination. Case closed. The tactics are simple, use the internet…ha no wonder why the splc says were “haters”.

My advice, take every anti-religion sound bite plus articles like this and start posting and publishing. Be apolitical if need be. Seriously, as an adamant Christian and believer in Christ, I will say that for God’s sake the world does not need another religion.

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James March 27, 2012 at 13:04

Feminism won? That’s why over 50 percent of American women are single and cannot find a husband?

No, the defeat of feminism is only just beginning. Things are going to get incredibly dark for western women in the coming years, as men finally wake up and start to boycott them.

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zimmy March 27, 2012 at 13:09

Uncle Elmer: “Throughout SE Asia the female form is exalted.”

It is also “exalted” in western society. Look at all the T&A not just in porno magazines but also in advertising. Women constantly show skin even in social situations. A particular favorite of theirs is showing off their legs especially when they sit. This is no accident.

Women are “exalted” in advertising when they are the smart ones and the ones telling dumb men how things work. Lots of ads do this.

Women are so exalted that it’s hard to believe they take ‘dumps’; excrete monthly discharges and create most of the venereal diseases due to their (moist) biology. Oh, they don’t fart either.

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Thomas Tell-Truth March 27, 2012 at 13:12

Feminists are all too willing to claim God is a woman, but none of them want to contemplate that maybe Satan is a woman too.

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Art Vandelay March 27, 2012 at 13:27

What is this “spiritual” bullshit? All the available gods are lame so they make up their own?

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Rebel March 27, 2012 at 13:42

I was beginning to wonder when feminism would tackle the subject.
Of course, they lack the imagination to invent their own goddesses, so they try to modify the males gods.

It really doesn’t matter: the old gods have become obsolete anyway: might as well leave them to women.

Science is about to discover the true nature of God. I am being quite serious: I have begun discerning a small part of God in Quantum Theory.

However, the idea of a female god, dripping her vagina juice all over the planet may be appealing to some…LOL!!!


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Atlas March 27, 2012 at 14:02

From what I have seen, ALL feminists and the vast majority of women (90%+) worship themselves. This is hardly a new thing. For some simple (in every sense of the word) examples, see the Kar-trash-ians, Lindsey (probation) Lohan, Paris (more diseases then the CDC) Hilton, Brittany (head-case) Spears, Jane (traitor) Fonda, Oprah Winfrey, Snooki, MOOOOchelle (Chewbacca) Obama, and every duck-lipped bimbo on Facebook and Youtube. I could go on and on.

There is truly nothing new under the sun.

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Fabron March 27, 2012 at 14:12

Thanks Ragnar for the link to Grimm’s fairy tale. It is a reminder that women today are the same as they have always been. I encourage everybody here to read this:

The end of feminism according to The Fisherman and His Wife

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Towgunner March 27, 2012 at 14:17

@ James:

Right. With you on it getting darker for western women and, unfortunately, for all westerners. I think the us dollar is not going to be the world reserve currency much longer. In fact, the biggest trade deal in the history of the world was recently signed between #2 biggest economy China and #3 biggest economy Japan. Trading will NOT be in USD…similar events are going on all over the world. The Petro-Dollar is the real reason why we are fighting in the Middle East…and with $15 T in debt being the only substantiator behind the dollar’s notional value it’s status is rightly waning. Of course, we can argue that the newly liberated “wimmen” will spur growth via innovations in cosmetics, entertainment and socially conscious enterprises like the green revolution. Yeah sure. Actually feminism and our economic predicament are very closing tied together…simply, fait debt-based money needs to have its host economy grow quicker than the money/debt creation otherwise the system stalls-out. When conditions are relatively normal this paradigm can sustain itself for a long time…but conditions today are anything but normal and things are at breaking points all over the westo-sphere. Conspicuous consumption is the easiest and quickest way to sustain the status-quo and who better to spend more than they have? Yep, women. So, the system loves liberating the female horde to literally consume ad infinitum even if what they consumer, such as vanity products, has next to zero economic value. Sadly, this all catches up and even the superior mall-guru female consumer can’t defeat simple mathematics. Frankly, it’s long overdue…our women and their hubris being one of the most glaring alarms.

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Eric Wolf March 27, 2012 at 14:24

If it was sure to bring about the acceptance of prostitution, then i’d say go for it. The god of the christians already resembles a woman with PMS anyway.

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American March 27, 2012 at 14:31

Neo Gender-feminists “Inflame” the masses saying the patriachy “Objectifies women”.
But i would say Neo Gender-feminists, and what Ariel levy calls “The feminist Raunch culture”, objectifies women to a degree that would make the old patriachy of the 50′s turn their heads away in shame.

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Johnycomelatley March 27, 2012 at 14:38

The Catholics did this a long time ago when they ‘invented’ the immaculate conception of Mary.

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freebird March 27, 2012 at 14:48

Oh yeah, the menstrual blood drinkers, it was just a matter of time.

Here I had thought satanism had already bought into that sickness.

Well thats one ‘sacrament’this feller is gonna pass on.

Godless heathens,they only worship State power/money.
Jail for those who say differently!

The blue knights will enforce any law that the wimmins councils produce.
(including ‘religious’ laws)

Bow willingly, or if you resist,unwillingly.

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Oddsock March 27, 2012 at 14:54


“The Catholics did this a long time ago when they ‘invented’ the immaculate conception of Mary.”

I think you will find it has been happening in many other areas centuries back. E.g. Mother Nature and Mother Earth are depicted as Male in many earlier religions. I believe there are figures carved into the wooden church furniture of ye olde days showing a man as Father of Nature etc.

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reficul March 27, 2012 at 14:57

ha – this one is good:

“feminine qualities such as… holistic thinking”

Since when holistic is a synonym of myopic and solipsistic?

Seems like I need to catch up with the most recent linguistic inventions…

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Rebel March 27, 2012 at 15:11


You are one among many who can see beyond the immediate environment. The collapse of the economy will have repercussions beyond imagination. At least, that’s what I perceive. And if the war against Iran ever breaks out, then watch out…

The feminists are gloating about men’s demise and failure in society and the increasing number of jobless men. The fools! They don’t understand that their own demise is around the corner.

If the dollar ceases to be the world’s standard, then the American standard of living will take a big plunge. That event might just be around the corner. Prepare.

Soon, feminism may become the least of our worries..

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keyster March 27, 2012 at 15:20

“However, the idea of a female god, dripping her vagina juice all over the planet may be appealing to some…LOL!!!”

This is precisely how the ancients explained the odorants of low tide.
Was that a misogynist thing to say?

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Atlas March 27, 2012 at 16:04

This is a bit OT:

As if we need more examples of the “pussy pass.”

and a warning, she is a three-bagger for sure!

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woggy March 27, 2012 at 16:24

“There have been goddess cults throughout history in certain times and places. Often, they are accompanied by ritual prostitution.”

Feminism IS a goddess cult, and ritual prostitution is overseen by the pimps in the seat of government.
It’s not that Joe Biden, for instance, really wants ascend the marble steps of Temple Vajayjay on bloodied hands and knees – no, he just makes use of the temple whores to subvert and distract the masses of men who’ve been led to believe that a relatively brief stay within the sacred chamber comes at the price of gyno-worship and self loathing.

In a sense (a very real and practical sense) worship of the Goddess has been with us for a generation or two.
It’s obviously in mainstream culture, but it’s also present – no, PREVALENT in Christendom as well.
Porn re-inforces the object of worship while making proscelytes of the very young.
The unwashed gents who cannot, in any way, shape or form render due sacrifice at the temple gates are treated to slutwalks – with even the most hideous mudbound “goddess” demanding that these men cast downward their eyes when in the presence of the least worshipworthy bearers of the goddess chamber.

I sincerely hope that the Priestesses are busily carving their stone (or is it plastic) idol right now, preparing to present the one, truly worshipped goddess of our time, for all to see, during Passover and Christian Holy Week.
Let the subversive tactics, having long been the tactic they thought they needed to employ, be damned.

That could be our only hope- in a manner of speaking.

Millions of men are too dull witted – too obsessed with satisfying their glandular urges while laying claim to gutted piety- to let the truth sink in and cease being the Goddess’ minions.

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MRAwesome March 27, 2012 at 16:24


I demand that you apologize to MRAs for your continued denigration of their activism. Two MRAs in particular that you still owe an apology to are Masculist Man and Angry Harry (the most accomplished MRA of them all).

Masculist Man did a good job of running you out of here for a while, but I see you are back trolling again. He’ll come back to teach you a lesson if you don’t apologize pronto.

My comment will get more net upvotes than yours, so you know what the sentiment here is.

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Anonymous Reader March 27, 2012 at 16:45

Kali is the perfect goddess for feminists. In one part of the legend, during a battle, in a fit of vicious temper she kills her own consort.

Ragnar, thanks for that link to the Fisherman and his Wife. It demonstrates that in some ways, there is no NAWALT, but exactly the opposite: AWALT.

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dicipres March 27, 2012 at 17:10

” I think this next wave is about the integration of feminine spiritually with feminine sexuality and using our voices in a way that is true and in alignment with our feminine wisdom. ”

She uses the word feminine 3 times that one sentence, maybe she she learned it from the smurfs, who use “smurfing” as a verb to describe all actions.

BTW: she seems to have an intellect appropriate of a smurf as well. What is the definition of “feminine spiritually”, “a way that is true” and ” feminine wisdom.” The article is a collection of feel-good adjectives such as “divine” (3 times), “spiritual”, (5 times), “feminine” (11 times) and BS statements such as “Every time a woman stands for what she believes in, it empowers all other women around the world.” (What if she believes that wives should submit to their husbands?).

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Firepower March 27, 2012 at 17:11

Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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Anonymous Reader March 27, 2012 at 17:26

” I think this next wave is about the integration of feminine spiritually with feminine sexuality and using our voices in a way that is true and in alignment with our feminine wisdom. ”

She uses the word feminine 3 times that one sentence, maybe she she learned it from the smurfs, who use “smurfing” as a verb to describe all actions.

Well, heck, let’s try it out.

I think this next wave is about the integration of Smurfian spiritually with Smurfy sexuality and using our voices in a way that is true and in alignment with our Mama Smurf wisdom.


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Attila March 27, 2012 at 17:39

No fembots welcome at this gathering!

Hay Hay!

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David Collard March 27, 2012 at 17:42

Most people do indeed think of God as He. Even feminists. It often surprises me to hear otherwise agnostic, liberal, and even feminist-minded people refer reflexively to God as “He”.

I sometimes wonder if a lot of liberal and feminist rage is directed at men because of this male image of God. Most of what liberals and feminists say seems to be motivated by a misplaced misotheism. They hate God for being God, for being Father, and they displace their hatred onto the nearest male. A lot of liberal slogans and goals seem designed to provoke the male principle. “Watch me leave my husband, abort my child, change this child’s sex, sleep with this other woman, campaign for single sex marriage, demand that Daddy pay for my contraception, demand that Daddy pay for my lifestyle … and now, call God a girl.” It is rebellion against the Natural Order, like the Sin of Eve, the first feminist.

Do you think there were no feminists in the crowd crying out “Crucify Him!”?

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Mickey T March 27, 2012 at 18:05

Off Topic-

I just heard that Jane Fonda is scheduled to play Nancy Reagan in a new movie.

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Anonymous March 27, 2012 at 18:18

I don’t need to read the rest of the article past the three paragraph idiocy from her.

There is a reason why G-d is viewed as male and it isn’t because the Patriarchy decided that a male god would make those women easier to control. The male domain is of producing something new and giving it to either one person or to a community of people. Since we can not give anything to a deity, and He gives to us, how could he be female?

But this lady, who has probably never studied any kind of theology, and certainly nothing beyond Christianity, would absolutely know that.

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Lovekraft March 27, 2012 at 18:46

Saw a youtube video a while back outlining the satanic imagery of pop culture, notably the GaGa, Madonna, Aguilera etc. Use of upside-down crucifixes, the color red, animalistic movement. Chilling considering how widespread it is (sorry for mentioning Madonna guys, really).

I also recommend you watch the movie “Antichrist” by Lars von Tiers starring Willem Dafoe which examines the origin of female-male hatred.

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Eric March 27, 2012 at 18:49

“The only thing standing in the way of complete feminist domination is to remove the patriachial religions.”

This is yet another example that feminism is nothing but a copy of Marxism—in fact, Marxist Socialism is the origin of radical feminism. Marx’ sock-puppet, Frederick Engels, said once: “The three forces standing in the way of world Socialism are religion, the family, and private property.”

I recently read a Communist manifesto, written by another Bolshevik agitator about 100 years ago, titled ‘Woman’. This is probably the Socialist blueprint for what became radical feminism. The psychopath who wrote it called for such ‘reforms’ as no-fault divorce, legal abortion, limiting the number of children per household, and (of course) free daycare and public education, beginning from age 3 to age 18.

The Communists made it clear that children were the property of the State, and by destroying the family, children could would have no blood-ties regarded higher than the Soviet Commonwealth. They hate organized religion for the same reason. Whether a man is religious or not, or whatever his views on monogamy, it has to be admitted that all major religions teach that man’s duty to God and the family supercedes his duty to the State. Obviously, that can’t be reconciled with Socialism.

And feminist antagonism towards Capitalism, private property, and the free enterprise system generally is well-known. I’ve heard more than one of these affirmative-action advocates cheering the ‘inclusion of more women in the work force,’ pointedly followed by rhapsodies on how impending feminisation of the whole Capitalist system would bring to it more feminine elements of ‘co-operation and compassion’ (read: ‘wealth distribution’ LOL).

So, with those things in mind, I leave to everyone’s imagination as to what this ‘Feminist Utopia’ would look like put into actual practice. A lot of universities and many government bureaucracies (heavily dominated by feminists) are showing everyone the tip of the iceberg: speech codes, hiring quotas, strict ‘sexual harassment’ guidelines, political correctness; sensitivity-training and re-education; these are sneak previews of the impending Reign of Terror.

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Lovekraft March 27, 2012 at 18:50

@ MrAwesome:

re Firepower.

I am not sure of his value here, and it is not my place to decide such.

But I do know that he is of a one-track mind, and nothing you will say will get him to change his tune.

Best to ignore until he comes up with more substantial arguments beyond “the battle is lost, let’s blow something up then.”

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Lovekraft March 27, 2012 at 18:55

Amazing. I just found this Globe and Mail article via reddit and the insight in the comments section indicates how the manosphere is quickly becoming mainstream.

The article is typical middle-aged feminist career-woman attempting to describe how men think and feel.

It is the comments section that will astound you. Youtubers Barb is mentioned! Unbelievable 6 months ago.

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Eric March 27, 2012 at 19:03

A lot of the author’s gushing about ‘spirituality’ reflects another cultural mythology (of very recent origin, BTW) that women are somehow presumed to be inherently more spiritual than men. Notice all the garbage flooding the bookshelves during the last few years about ‘rediscovering the divine feminine’; in everything from the pseudo-Christian fantasies of the Gnostics to various revisionism of ancient/classical goddesses.

The ancients didn’t see things quite this way, at all. It’s true they worshipped goddesses (and had priestesses as well), but every ancient culture that I know had a Pantheon headed by a male god and national religion headed by either the king himself or a high priest. The reason priestesses were employed, as oracles mostly, is because the ancients connected spiritual and sexual energy in a way we do not today. The female was a pliable oracular conduit in the power of a male diety, therefore. That was the basis behind many myths of Jupiter cohabiting with human women, &c.

As for the supposed ‘Earth-Mother’ as the original deity, that has never been proven, although mangina-laden academics often repeat it as fact. The ‘Sky-God’ seems to the factor in anything documentable.

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TFH March 27, 2012 at 19:05


Unbelievable 6 months ago.

That’s right. And while there is no way to measure how much of this is due to flyer posting, I can tell you that since the start of 2011, the URLs@ Urinals campaign has had thousands of flyers posted, seen perhaps by hundreds of thousands of men.

If you want to see more awareness like this, post more strategically written and placed flyers!

All of you. Just spend a couple hours and do it. Seeing more pushback everywhere is a hugely satisfying reward.

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Tree March 27, 2012 at 19:15

I have come to a revelation,
about Revelations (book of the Bible)

Mark=Greed (in thoughts or in deeds)
Locusts=violent extremists (terrorist, and not all are muslim)
Great Prostitute=Feminism

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L March 27, 2012 at 19:17

God doesn’t have a gender dumbasses.

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GT66 March 27, 2012 at 19:36

What is sad (and typical) is rather than create something of their own (which you would think would be a breeze for these intellectually superior, empowered feminists brimming with grrl powrr), they go the lazy and parasitic route and hijack the money, organizational structure and authority of an established belief that already did all the hard work to create a following.

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Firepower March 27, 2012 at 19:45

Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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Brendan March 27, 2012 at 19:51

It’s really all just more rebellion against “Daddy”.

Feminism is all about women with daddy issues. The ultimate “daddy issue” is an issue with God. It’s the desire to rebel against daddy and his rules about his daughters.

Female goddesses have, in a majority of cases, been fertility cults, because femaleness is associated, by men and women alike, not with “nurturing, compassion and a holistic outlook”, but rather with sex (hence temple hookers), fertility and children. Pantheons featuring male and female “gods” were, in reality, patriarchal as well, because the “head” gods were male, generally speaking. Here and there were scattered fertility cults (like Isis, the goddess of motherhood and fertility), but most religions developed along a patriarchal line. Usurping that to create a vaginal spirituality is essentially just another expression of “Daddy” issues.

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LastCrucible March 27, 2012 at 20:28

“Feminism is all about women with daddy issues. The ultimate “daddy issue” is an issue with God. It’s the desire to rebel against daddy and his rules about his daughters.”

That about sums it up.

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imnobody March 27, 2012 at 20:54

This has already been tried. This book provides examples when feminists tried to replace Christianity with a female religion during 70s and 80s.

The book is written by a traditional Christian women who is against feminism and female theology. An enlightening read.

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Aharon March 27, 2012 at 21:18

If something makes a womyn feel good then it becomes right and true for her in a factual sense. If something makes a womyn feel bad then it is wrong and false factually. A professor once said in class that people are not rational creatures; they are instead rationalizing ones.

Feminists have been pushing their divine feminine into religion for forty plus years. This isn’t anything new. They have made headway into feminizing and liberalizing Christianity and Judaism.

Even the ‘ultra’ Orthodox Jews, already far too kiss-ass in over-valuing womyn’s decency, have been weakening their traditional values and perceptions even further. I have never known them to admit it and maybe they can’t being unbalanced and uninformed social-conservatives. I do not trust organized religious orders and their clergy/ministers/rabbis etc. I prefer to worship God on my own and in a way that I can relate too.

Neither life nor religion come with a detailed ‘one-size-fits-all’ road maps that are appropriate for each one of us since we are all unique. Maybe thats part of the spiritual challenge we are handed: to take responsibility for ourselves and create and draw-out our own spiritual road-map back home to Him.

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Aharon March 27, 2012 at 21:27

“The end of feminism according to; The Fisherman and His Wife”

@Ragnar, thanks for the link it was a very good story. I don’t think most modern womyn would get it.

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Anonymous March 27, 2012 at 22:10

American gender raunch guy is more annoying than Lara. He says nothing of value but enjoys trolling with buzzword bingo. Please ban him.

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cyclotronmajesty March 27, 2012 at 22:29

Sorry. The Goddess cult has nothing to offer… this will not get any worse than it already is. Besides goddess cults have tried to throw revolutions before, they usually succeed then every gets laid and society collapses and eventually people forget about it and return to more workable models.

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Omnipitron March 27, 2012 at 22:35

@ Dicipres and Anon Reader

Well done guys, probably the best way to take the steam out of their sails. When viewed in a manner such as that, and correctly I may add, it shows how ridiculous many feminists actually look.

Smurfy ;)

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Omnipitron March 27, 2012 at 22:37

@ Aharon

They don’t get it because they don’t wish to. Sadly, womyn don’t wish to look at the truth of their situation. To accept that a man is more valuable in the economic sphere is to accept their out limitations in said sphere.

They would rather we all have nothing than see that…unless they fell the consequences that is.

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Omnipitron March 27, 2012 at 22:38

‘unless they fell the consequences that is.’

Meant feel.

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stonelifter March 27, 2012 at 23:36

We know God is male because he loves His children.

Love is way beyond a woman’s ability

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Rob March 28, 2012 at 00:16

TFH Said


Unbelievable 6 months ago.

That’s right. And while there is no way to measure how much of this is due to flyer posting, I can tell you that since the start of 2011, the URLs@ Urinals campaign has had thousands of flyers posted, seen perhaps by hundreds of thousands of men.

If you want to see more awareness like this, post more strategically written and placed flyers! –TFH

Yeah, because we’ve all seen men show up here on these websites going “holy crapola! I picked this URL off the top of a urinal, and now here I am, getting smarter!”

How many times has TFH claimed this crap, and how many times have you actually seen someone say they arrived from from a sticky note posted above their pisshole?

And after “The Prophet” attacked everyone else in the MRM for their lack of results, when you ask him for proof of results, she can offer none except for the claim of “hundreds of thousands” that none of us has ever heard of!

God, this guy.

He just simply didn’t do his due dilligence!

Here is one old-timer telling him the score

“Let me give this idea a Triple Yawn. YYY.

This was done in the 80′s, first by Bob Sides, so of course the manginas had to destroy him. Manginas in the MRM, I mean. Amazing how things never change, just the faces.

Anyone who was an adult in the US in the 80′s heard of Bob Sides. He was everywhere. I am not saying you paid any attention, because I am well aware you didn’t.

Still, if you want to give it another try, I’d say go for it. Some of this “repeating what didn’t work before” is good for you. It is much better to do ineffective things that have already been proven not to work, than to do nothing at all. At least I think so.

And, if there is an unexpected abrupt change in mangina mentality, you will be on top of it. — Anon68

Here is another that is even better.

“It might be useful to have one site that sort of ?indexes? other sites in the Manosphere. Have ?Father?s Rights? sites under that section, MRA sites under a different section, etc. That way when someone comes to that site, they won?t be exposed to the deep end until they are ready for it. Also, when they are ready for it, they?ll have an easy way to get to the meatier sites.

Also, if we could have small stickers with the URL of that site and nothing else on it, that we could stick to wherever men will hear it.

Yea, but the 80?s were 20- 30 years ago
It?s a completely different world now
people are starting to wake up

I’ve been at this longer than AA68, and I knew Bob Sides. And, yes, men dreamed of flying for thousands of years before the Wright Brothers figured out how to do it.

But, AA68′s point still stands – the history of the MRM pretty much boils down to
1. some guy wakes up one day to the fact that there is a problem,
2. loudly announces that no one has ever done anything,
3. looks around for anyone doing anything and proceeds to climb on his back and say “you’re doing it wrong, you’re doing it ALL wrong!”,
4. tries a bunch of lame half-assed attempts at something which has already been done to fucking death, but he doesn’t realize that because he never bothered to look at what had been done before,
5. meets a new girl, gets a blow job, falls in love, and forgets that there ever was such a thing as the MRM in the first place –

rinse, repeat, ad nauseum.

There have been literally thousands of “one sites that sort of ?indexes? other sites in the Manosphere.” Their Time To Live ranges from a few hours to a few years, with about 6-18 months being a pretty good average.

Here are a couple that have been around for several years –

Now, why have so many sites come and gone, and so many here never heard of them? See items 1-5 above. Making a site requires 3 things –
1. someone has to build it,
2. someone has to populate it with content, and
3. someone has to promote it.

Of all the men’s sites which have been built, in 99.999% of all cases, all 3 above ended up being done by one man, until he got tired, until he got sick of hearing “you’re doing it all wrong”, and until he got totally sick to death of dealing with guys who were just chock full of suggestions for things for some other guy to make happen.

The problem with the MRM is not lack of leaders, it’s lack of followers and men who will do anything other than bitch about what they don’t like.

When we built we had a simple saying – “To suggest is to volunteer.” In other words, either shut up and shovel some fuckin’ gravel, or just shut up.

Want to make a difference? Then do something other than tell other guys what they “should” be doing to make your life better. And, if you really want to make a difference, do something effective for a change – like studying what has been done before, understanding why it didn’t work, and coming up with a plan that is actually better and actually implementing it.

This “publicize a URL” is a good idea. It was a good idea the first 1,000 times it was tried. It is still a good idea. But, it still won’t work unless guys stop talking about it and actually doing it.

Everything you see which has been accomplished so far has pretty much been done by one man operating as an “Army of One” – guys who got fed up with the perpetual argument and mental masturbation and comparing dicks in cyberspace that characterizes so many men’s sites, and just went out and shoveled some fuckin’ gravel, their own way.

The 3 sites I listed above are the work of only 3 men. One man set up the hosting plan, registered the domain name, installed the first 2 instances of a CMS, and populated the first one. Another man came along and said “I want to do something” so the first man handing him a CMS shovel and said “go for it.” That 2nd man was Fedrz, and and are his work and his work alone.

Now, 1,000 men posting URLs above urinals is a pretty good idea (wow, why didn’t someone like ever think of putting their URL on things like bumper stickers?) IF there is a good site at the end of that URL that organizes the content and the messages in a coherent fashion. Any of those 1,000 men interested in taking on the job of developing that “one site that sort of ?indexes? other sites in the Manosphere”?

Even the Spearhead is basically the work of one man – Bill. Oh sure, there are several “contributing authors”, and some have contributed money so Bill doesn’t have to pay for everything out of his own pocket. But, he bought the domain, installed and maintains the CMS software, and generates at least 95% of the content. He’s pretty committed, but still one day guys might come here and find no new content and discover that Bill has succumbed to “MRA burnout.” It happened to Lee at the dontgetmarried forum a couple of years ago – as severe a case as I have ever seen.

As of now, the longest lived on-line MRA in the history of the world is AngryHarry. But, I can tell that even he is burning out. He has pretty much said everything there is to be said, and said it again, and again, and again, until I am sure that even he is getting sick of hearing himself say it.

You guys have the mess on your hands that you do because so few men 30-40 years ago did anything but gripe about the situation.

30-40 years from now, are guys just like you going to be griping that you turned out to be just like the guys you are griping about today?

All of you. Just spend a couple hours and do it. Seeing more pushback everywhere is a hugely satisfying reward. — Zed

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Rob March 28, 2012 at 01:15

All bow to the Fifth Horseman.

The GREAT prophet!

Good grief, Charlie Brown!

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MarcusAurelius March 28, 2012 at 02:08

As one who is in seminary studying to be a minister, I have run into these nonsensical feminist ‘theologies’ quite a bit in my studies. As the original article states they often begin with the history of the feminine in mythology and use this as a foundation for incorporating the ‘divine feminine’ into theology and doctrine. But as he says, this is a pathetic argument as most of the feminine cults were indeed glorified brothels. I’ve often used that line of argument myself in essays and papers against this sort of stupidity. What I find to be so ironic about this is that feminists go to the pagan myths to search for supposed female empowerment and all the while virtually ignoring women’s true role in the Bible and hence, theologically. Let me elaborate. If you want a TRUE grasp of the divine and the feminine according to Christianity, you have to look no further than to Mary, MOTHER OF GOD, the Theotokos. Is it not IRONIC that the Virgin Mary is an anathema to these feminist theologians? If you look carefully at where these ‘divine feminine’ theologies are coming from, it is from the Protestant base, who historically, and especially in the present, all but ignore the critical role of the Mother of God in salvation history. Have you ever wondered why Mary is hardly ever even mentioned by name in a Protestant church, let alone venerated? Historically one would say that the reformers feared she was becoming an idol in the Catholic Church. While this may or may not have been true, it has most certainly paved the way for this feminist mess today in all the major Protestant and non denominational churches today. Why? Because women do not understand their role Biblically, so they rush to fill it with something that they feel will empower them. Hence, they would rather Aphrodite as their model because it was the worship of their sexuality; rather than the Mother of God who reversed the sin of the original Eve by SURRENDERING TO GOD. When Mary said to the angel of the Lord ‘let it be done according to YOUR will’ she chose God over self, over the ego, reversing the original sin of the woman. But I say again: this is an anathema to the feminist theologian because we have Mary surrendering to the MALE DEITY. The surrendering of the ego is one of the things that ALL the major religions have in common at their core, eastern or western, and this is precisely what the feminist will not do. They would rather reinvent their own religion, or create their own false spirituality rather than bow to any deity. So feminist religion, then, at its core, has always been and will always be WORSHIP OF THE SELF. Rather than say ‘Let us make man in our image’ they say ‘Let us make God in our image.’ I would argue until I’m blue in the face as a seminarian that without a healthy Mariology in all branches of Christianity, feminist destruction will be the result. It is worthy to conclude my point with the fact that if you look at the churches that do have a healthy Mariology, the Roman Catholics (somewhat to a lesser extent since Vatican II) and ESPECIALLY the Eastern Orthodox Church….their policies are the most traditional and anti feminist…i.e. strongly pro life, against divorce etc. Compare an Orthodox woman from the old country to an american feminist ‘Christian’ and you will see something lacking in all their mega church minded counterparts….true piety. Why? Because they try to embrace the teaching of the Second Eve, ‘Let it be done according to YOUR will.’

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David Collard March 28, 2012 at 02:26

Good writers against radical feminists’ “theology” include Mary Pride, Ronda Chervin, Donna Steichen and William Oddie. These are writers from a decade or more ago. Feminists know damn well that religion is their biggest threat. There is nothing new in this. It is just the same old guerrilla war against the male principle, being conducted on all fronts.

Donna Steichen actually referred in so many words to the patriarchal responsibilities of bishops. Ronda Chervin is an interesting woman, an interesting personality, not one-dimensional. William Oddie is a serious scholar. Mary Pride is another ex-feminist turned SAHM. Fr Manfred Hauke on Why Women Can’t Be Priests is very Teutonic and thorough on men and women and their differences.

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Opus March 28, 2012 at 03:04

I am reminded of Xenophanes, who wrote, that if horses had hands and could paint then their God would look like a horse. It is thus no surprise that the Female God would look like a cross between a Saint and a Whore. Women (who are not married) tend to swing between celibacy and slutdom, (disgusted by the latter they seek redemption in the former) – their ultimate role-model being the stripper: “You can look but not touch and you are all perverts anyway for looking at me”. Is it any wonder that their favourite book is EatPrayLove.

My favourite biblical female (and what a choice!) is Mary Magdelene, the whore who wants to trade up – and deserves sympathy – no less! – for having ridden so many cocks.

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MarcusAurelius March 28, 2012 at 03:52

….Before I forget, I must GENTLY take issue with Uncle Elmer’s assertion that in SE Asia they worship the feminine form and that it dominates their temples and the like. While I am a Christian, I have been studying comparative religion for well over a decade, and I have a tremendous amount of respect and veneration for other religious traditions, chief among those is Buddhism. I have studied and read countless Buddhist scriptures and have meditated with Buddhist monks. To say that in SE asia they glorify the female form 1. I think it depends on which religion they are following, and if it is a sort of hybrid of several other, often localized or even tribal type worship. Hindus and even many sects of Buddhism are known to incorporate ‘local deities’ and the like into they system they follow. This probably accounts for a high percentage of where he has seen this. If they are strictly Buddhist however, a much different picture emerges. When I was in Java, Indonesia I went to the Borobudur Temple, the ancient wonder of the world. It was profoundly beautiful, and spiritually, I was overcome. I actually wept when I first caught sight of those magnificent Buddhas as the sun rose behind it. At Borobudur temple in SE asia you will indeed find carvings of naked women, some almost appearing to be either inviting or engaging in sex acts. But it is HARDLY a veneration. Indeed, all of these images are on the LOWER portions of the temple, depicting life with all its attachments: that which keeps us bound to the Samsara…the endless cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. You see images of battle, images of wealth and commerce….all keeping us entrenched in the Samsara. This is contrasted with images of the Buddha, usually shown teaching; trying to break us out of this endless cycle. As you progress higher in the temple, which is a giant Stupa; one reaches Nirvana and is freed from that cycle. This is why for centuries, Buddhist monks would climb this temple moving in a counter clockwise motion (to symbolize moving against the way of the world and Samsara) and they begin at the depths with these images of sensuality, then rise to the heights, free from them in a state of bliss without attachments. These symbolic acts and the way this temple was built sum up the true Buddhist view of sensuality. Many supposed westernized Buddhists are Buddhists in name only, and actually distort his teachings: that the highest form of life in the material body is one WITHOUT attachments, one who “goes from the home life into homelessness.” And the Buddha was very critical of the feminine form and sensuality. He often compared the beauty of a woman to a rotting corpse and warned his followers of THE IMPERMANENCE OF FORM. Let me quote directly from the Pali Canon: “And what monks, is the gratification in the case of form? Suppose there was a girl of the brahmin class of householder stock, neither too thin nor too fat, neither too dark nor too fair. Is her beauty and loveliness then at its height? Now the pleasure and joy that arise in dependence on that beauty and loveliness are the gratification in the case of form. And what monks is the danger in the case of form? Later on one might see that same woman at eighty, nintey or a hundred years old, aged, crooked as a roof bracket, doubled up, supported by a walking stick, tottering, frail, her youth gone. Has her beauty and loveliness vanished in the case of form? Monks this then is the danger in the case of form. Again, one might see that woman as a corpse thrown aside in the charnal ground, being devoured by crows, hawks, vultures and various kinds of worms….a skeleton with flesh and blood held together with sinews, a fleshless skeleton smeared with blood, disconnected bones scattered in all directions, here a hand bone, there a foot bone, here a thigh bone, there a rib bone….bones rotting, crumbling to dust. What do you think monks? Has her former beauty and loveliness vanished and the danger become evident? Monks this is the danger in the case of form. And what monks, is the escape in the case of form? It is the removal of desire and lust, the abandonment of desire and lust for the world of forms. This is the escape in the case of form.” So often times, when you see these images of beautiful women in carvings, or on statues in SE asia, if it is a Buddhist site like Borobudur, it is not a worship of the form, but is instead showing its emptiness!!

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Oddsock March 28, 2012 at 05:46


Yes, ego and attachment is the problem and I agree, as far as I am aware the female is seldom worshiped in SE Asia. There is even quite a few Buddhist teachings about the dangers of becoming intoxicated with the form of woman. Also why many feminists describe Buddhism as very sexist. Probably because its speaks the truth.

Hopefully someday I will visit Borobudur temple.

I hope all goes well with your studies.

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Art Vandelay March 28, 2012 at 05:57

The feminists are gloating about men’s demise and failure in society and the increasing number of jobless men.

I always found that curious, because real progress would mean everyone is doing better. You can also usually assume that when men do better, women do better as well. As we can see, the converse doesn’t hold true.

I think I’ll get started on the feminist version of the bible soon. I already have the outline for the New Testament. The “virgin” Mary had an abortion, The End.

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Pangloss March 28, 2012 at 06:26

Here is a fact (Rich Zubaty said it):
Masculine spirituality is transcendent. Feminine spirituality is immanent.
Transcendent is upward, vertical, outside of you, like in the monotheistic religions, the Father. Now you understand why feminists (and other ungodly ideologues like communists, and socialists) hate Jesus Christ and the rest of the Patriarchy as that word comes from the Latin word pater meaning father, of which Christ’s Father is the Highest in the spiritual food chain). Immanent is inward, horizontal, inside of you, and closely tied in to matter (and so: form, appearance), like Mother Earth. If you hear stuff like ‘G-d is inside you and in every other (living) thing’, you know what you are dealing with. True spirituality is and remains masculine in essence.

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Mr. J March 28, 2012 at 07:54


….On another note…

Ever notice how people refer to “cave men” but aren’t so keen to talk about “cave women”???

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Rob March 28, 2012 at 07:56

One of the biggest reasons why totalitarians like to have society led around by the feminine principle is because it is based in Relative Truth, like all things female, whereas males can sometimes, because of the differing nature of the way their brains work, see the Absolute Truth and keep us on the straight and narrow.

Don’t forget, females find their notions of right and wrong from the consensus of the herd. If the entire herd believes that 1+1=3, then it is right because the herd believes it is so. (See how women run after changing fashions, or how social proofing works in deciding what is a desirable man – the herd decides instead of the individual).

Some men, not all, will find the absolute truth and start boldly declaring, “BS, you silly cows! 1+1=2. It’s just the way it is! I don’t care how much you argue against it!” It is almost always men who arrive at this conclusion, not women.

It is in no way indicitive that all men will arrive at these conclusions, only that, because of the notion of “male extremes,” (ie. males inhabiting both the low and high extremes of IQ in greater numbers than women), more males will arrive at the Absolute Truth (a representative of God, thus man “being in God’s image” because he has better capability to arrive at the Absolute Truth than women do).

Totalitarian regimes do NOT want “the male principle” that attaches itself to the Absolute Truth to lead society because the Absolute Truth never changes, but would rather society be led by the Relative Truth of the “female principle.” This way society can be more easily manipulated to do the bidding of the elite leadership.

Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 27 Thumb down 3
American March 28, 2012 at 08:09

Rob, that is a pierceing observation, and there is some truth there.

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American March 28, 2012 at 08:10

Rob, i will add, Not All patriarchies are being broke equally.

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Rob March 28, 2012 at 08:48

The thing what most people fail to understand when they talk religion and Christianity is exactly where Judaeism “started.”

The first time God makes a covenant which starts the whole ball rolling, is with Abram/Abraham.

Who was Abram, and where did he live?

Well, depending on how you time-line the Bible, (count backwards from Jesus or count forward from Noah and the great deluge that physically occured 12,000 years ago during the Pleistoscene) he either lived in Babylon or in its predecessor, Ancient Sumeria. (Sumeria is the father of Babylon in the same way that England is the father of America).

The nature of these civilizations is important to observe, because both were heavily matriarchal as well as totalitarian, and had gobs of sex worship involved. Sumeria itself became the first successful civilization precisely because when they conquered other peoples, they did not abolish their religions, but rather adopted them. This made the conquered quite agreeable to remaining conquered.

Almost all of the gods in these civiliations involved sex, or had specific consorts who they bumped uglies with. The ancients often “played soap opera” with them, creating stories of betrayal, divorce, and so on with them. When they worshipped their gods, they often used sexuality to express themselves.

“God” from the Bible also existed in these civilizations. He was known as “El.” To understand this connection, first keep in mind that Abram was the son of an idol-maker. An “El” is a singular idol, and a table full of “El idols” would be called “Elohim,” which is the God referred to in the beginning of the Pentateuch. (The first books of the Bible). Btw, idol worship was not forbidden until Moses wrote the Pentateuch several centuries (or millenia) later.

“El” was known all throughout these civilizations. He was the God of Shem, son of Noah, ancestor of Abram. El was “the god of the flood,” and the Sumerians fully acknowledge the flood. In fact, Gilgamesh of Sumeria was the son of Ham, another son of Noah (who didn’t follow Noah’s God), and Gilgamesh was furious with El for destroying his ancestors with the flood and swore revenge against El.

At any rate, “El” was not a popular god in this culture because El was pretty much the only god that did not have a consort. In other words, since El was an unmarried MGHOW, the worship of El did not involve sex worship and had no female influence. People didn’t like that much at all.

When Abram left this civilization and went out into the wilderness to escape the wickedness all around him, he took with him The god of Shem, who brought Noah through the flood. Once in the wilderness, God makes a covenant with him – follow ME! I am the ONE true god (I am the Absolute Truth – MY truth is higher than all the other gods and their truths out there). It is the founding of Monotheism. Follow the one TRUTH I put in front of you, and put no other truths before me.

Abraham following “El” was specifically different than all other religions at the time, as it was pretty much the only religion that was not mired in sex worship and the relativity of the female influence.

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Rob March 28, 2012 at 09:18

correction: Gilgamesh was not the son of Ham, but the son of Cush, who was the son of Ham, who was the son of Noah. (I was one generation off) This connection comes because there is speculation that “Nimrod” in the Bible, who built the Tower of Babel, was actually Gilgamesh. The tower of Babel was built as a defiance against God and the flood, and of course, Gilgamesh was the great king who rebelled against the god of the flood. “Nimrod” merely translates into “The Rebel,” and is not actually someone’s name, and so it is speculated that calling him “The Rebel” instead of his name is a form of insult, like calling Obama “Big Ears” rather than by his name. The ancients also refused to say God’s name in returning insult.

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Rob March 28, 2012 at 09:51

Lol! Sorry to keep rambling, but…

Furthermore, when one looks at the ancient Hebrew texts (not neccessarily the Bible), it becomes even more clear how much this “anti-female-influence” is part of the patriarchal religion founded by Abraham.

The ancient Hebrews banished even the mention of female goddesses/demons from their texts (including the books that ended up in the Bible). When Moses kept coming back and finding the people worshipping the male god known as Baal, the odds are that they were also worshipping his female counterpart (who I believe was called Ashtaroth). There is never mention of this in the Bible, but, in the surrounding cultures, if you worshipped Baal you also acknowledged the existence of his goddess lover. Likely, when Moses got angry about Baal worship, it also involved some form of sex-worship.

In the ancient Hebrew texts, you will find all kinds of underlying “misogyny” towards the female influence. In the texts which did mention goddesses & demons, the most evil ones are always the females.

Also, you will find that the names “Sodom and Gomorrah” are the only two cities mentioned that are in the “feminine,” like how languages such as French have “masculine and feminine.” In other words, the two most wicked cities ever known to man – that were so evil that God wiped them from the face of the earth, are also the only two cities in the entire region that are in the feminine.

There is much evidence of what was going on back then. They were very much trying to stamp out the kind of nonsense that the female’s relativity brings into religion. Small wonder matriarchal religions have so much sex worship in them, as sexuality is the #1 sphere of influence females possess.

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Lovekraft March 28, 2012 at 11:56

@ D Collard

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Lovekraft March 28, 2012 at 11:58

those authors sound interesting. Any chance of you providing a more detailed synopses?

Also, have you read Vilar’s “The Manipulated Man” yet?

Here’s the link:

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Rusty March 28, 2012 at 14:16

Female leadership and excessive goddess worship and is a marker of cultural decay. Carthage, as I understand, was what we would recognize as liberal/materalistic/feminist and was infamous for its child sacrifices. Rome was a trading competitor but they were also a healthy, patriarchial society who were appalled at their rival’s brutality. Ergo, Carthago delenda erat. Considering that our own women have tortured and sacrificed so many (millions?) babies, and considering that our women are in the highest positions of authority, and considering that the goddess movement is still growing, I’d say we are in serious diva doodoo.

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Attila March 28, 2012 at 16:52

Truly enlightening discussions here — where else but in The Spearhead?

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Eric March 28, 2012 at 17:04

Good observations that you and David Collard made. Freud and others theorized that children’s first concept of God relates to the father-figure (not the mother). Psychologists since his time have shown a direct correlation between a person’s attitude towards God and his attitude towards his or her father. Obviously, given the intransigent hatred most western female feel against men (especially father-figures), that they would hate the idea of a paternal God as well.

Of course, there are exceptions, people become theistic or atheistic after reasoned reflexion and study as well. But the whole ‘Return of the Goddess’ movement is too illogical to be a product of such philosophical speculations. Like everything else, it’s based on hatred of men.

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crella March 28, 2012 at 18:08

“If you want a TRUE grasp of the divine and the feminine according to Christianity, you have to look no further than to Mary, MOTHER OF GOD, the Theotokos. Is it not IRONIC that the Virgin Mary is an anathema to these feminist theologians? If you look carefully at where these ‘divine feminine’ theologies are coming from, it is from the Protestant base, who historically, and especially in the present, all but ignore the critical role of the Mother of God in salvation history. Have you ever wondered why Mary is hardly ever even mentioned by name in a Protestant church, let alone venerated? ”

Because she was a virgin (practiced sexual restraint) and bore a baby she was suddenly impregnated with …Mary violated the holy feminist principles of unrestricted sex and abortion.

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David Collard March 28, 2012 at 18:11

Most feminists have grown up and into the realisation of how little their sex has achieved intellectually. It bothers them, more than it bothers most women. Because their own values are strictly intellectual, it must hurt them to realise how both their bodies and minds lack the power to fertilise, to be seminal.

They feel their impotence keenly, and do not assuage this with the normal feminine desires for a man and for children. They are pitiable, really.

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Joe March 29, 2012 at 00:36

The Fisherman’s wife:

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David Collard March 29, 2012 at 02:51

“Women are “exalted” in advertising when they are the smart ones and the ones telling dumb men how things work. Lots of ads do this. ”

That is reverse psychology. Everybody knows that men invented just about everything, but it is polite to pretend that women are smart too. It is a form of condescension really.

There was a notorious ad a few years ago that had a wife patronising her husband about a computer that their daughter was using. As I said to my wife: a guy certainly invented it; the husband probably paid for it; all the wife did was sneer.

You would think that women would eventually realise that they are being played …

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crella March 29, 2012 at 03:48

What I wonder is why, when women get spiritual, do they start paddling in blood? Recent weird trends of menstrual blood painting, tampon art, placenta eating and lotus birth just squick me out.

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stonelifter March 29, 2012 at 03:53

thanks for the posts, they are well worth reading

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American March 29, 2012 at 06:21

Crealla, then their was that lesbian feminist artwork at ???Harvard?? a few years ago, where that nasty barbaric diva used an aborted fetus smeared on a canvas as her artwork.

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Eric March 29, 2012 at 13:57

That dovetails historically into our earlier discussion about Chivalry. In the past, Mary and female saints were held up to women as role models. Chivalry used to imply reciprocity on the part of women; and the feminine elements of the Church were the ideal to which women tired to obtain, while the old-fashioned knights cultivated masculine qualities. You can see how closely today most females resemble their own ancestors! When people complain that ‘Chivalry is Dead’ they should remember that it died out in women long before it started disappearing in men.

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LBK March 31, 2012 at 17:30

When the Muslims take control of India they will put an end to the Tantric cults.

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Wudang April 1, 2012 at 03:37

The manosphere really needs to look into all the goddess worship stuff and new age feminst stuff because it is rampant within alternative circles and abused massively to make men in those circle into subserviant self loathing betas who think everything wrong in the world and in any relationship is a mans fault. The goddess beliefs are coming creeping in through the sread of yoga and mediation and since those are fast growing the goddess beliefs are fast growing so we need to work on counterarguments and getting the real facts out there. Since there is so much fantasy and plain lies involved it is quite easy to mount attcaks on this.

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Ted April 2, 2012 at 00:33

“The manosphere …”


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Fire May 1, 2012 at 22:04

we should never have let women become so stupid…. thats what happens when you dont encorage children to act like adults.

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Truth August 24, 2012 at 16:30

sexist femminists have not won… they just have a tempaory edge…. in the end Men will win.

the thing about women is…. they are weak…. limited in use… dependent on males…. and often rely on our pity to make it in life.


thus eqaulity will evtualy win.

becuase men are smarter and more cappable… look at the evidence to suport my idea.

women?… all we need is a relalstic sex robot that looks like a hot girl… and women would be worthless over night.

in the end… .men will win…. becuase all it takes to break womens hold is a freaking sex robot… then men wont take sexist womesn crap any more… and we will just take our eqaul rights as women cry.. and force women to pay us back.

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Bharatiyaa September 10, 2012 at 00:27

No need to look to ancient cultures, I’m a Hindu and we have retained our worship of both male and female deities for thousands of years, right up until the present. One is not superior to the other but they work together. Our female deities serve as role models to us women and the male deities serve as role models to our men. However, its true that if you worship a goddess it doesn’t mean you will respect women more, or if you worship a god (male) you will respect men more. Respect for others depends on the individual and how he or she was raised by her family and the local cultural norms.

Ultimately Divine Source is genderless but manifests in gendered form, both male and female. This is the yin/yang, positive/negative charge of the cosmos.

I’m happy to see that the good things in my culture like yoga, meditation and ayurveda are being so enthusiastically adapted by Americans.

We should all take the good and leave the bad of all cultures.

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