Gloria Steinem, Jane Fonda Call for Government Censorship of Rush Limbaugh

by W.F. Price on March 13, 2012

Prominent feminist Gloria Steinem and Viet Cong propagandist Jane Fonda, along with Robin Morgan, have issued a statement calling for the FCC to ban Rush Limbaugh from the airwaves for his speech. Comparing him to Josef Goebbels, they argue that Limbaugh’s speech is not in the public interest, and should therefore be banned from radio.

Limbaugh doesn’t just call people names. He promotes language that deliberately dehumanizes his targets. Like the sophisticated propagandist Josef Goebbels, he creates rhetorical frames — and the bigger the lie, the more effective — inciting listeners to view people they disagree with as sub-humans. His longtime favorite term for women, “femi-Nazi,” doesn’t even raise eyebrows anymore, an example of how rhetoric spreads when unchallenged by coarsened cultural norms.

Furthermore, they accuse him of hiding behind the First Amendment, and falsely claiming to be an entertainer, suggesting that the First Amendment wasn’t meant for certain forms of speech, particularly when feminists declare it hateful. In a shameless lie, the feminists say “this isn’t political.”

The rush to deliver a final blow to Rush Limbaugh may or may not bear fruit, but the initial sympathy Fluke and her sisters gained from the Limbaugh imbroglio will likely wear off in short order as feminists bare their totalitarian fangs. Respect for freedom of speech, political restraint and compromise are alien to them. Some have mentioned that we face a dire situation when females comprise a majority on the Supreme Court, and it certainly is starting to look that way. If Steinem et al are any indication of how women in power feel, we may see the US Constitution finally rendered absolutely meaningless in our lifetime.

I suppose, however, we could raise the stakes here. As I understand, there is no statute of limitations for treason, and Jane Fonda’s actions in Hanoi in 1972 certainly appear to qualify as treason. If Steinem, Morgan and Fonda want to use a technicality to silence Limbaugh, then why not finally hold Jane Fonda accountable for her crimes against her country? I understand the penalty for treason is harsh, and includes execution in some cases, but at her advanced age Jane Fonda would likely only receive some years in prison. An ordinary American man who committed treason would likely have faced severe punishment already, yet this arrogant traitor casts herself as a moral authority, and presumes to dictate what men can and cannot say on air.

Below is a photo of Jane Fonda saying things over the airwaves back in 1972:

Hanoi 1972: Jane Fonda, perched atop Viet Cong AA gun, gives interview for North Vietnamese state press

If feminists make attempts to censor men through government coercion, then surely they can face the consequences of their own crimes.

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