A Man Wants a Wife, Not a “Co-Worker”

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by Uncle Elmer on February 20, 2012

Recent big media essays have admonished men to choose “brainy” women over less-educated ones. While an intelligent, talented spouse is certainly desirable, efforts to push women into the career-force have created generations of females incapable of rudimentary home-making skills. It is no small wonder that the growing obesity epidemic has swollen along with the rise in women’s employment as millions of families make do with convenient preassembled synthi-food and hamburger franchise takeout. Working women don’t have time or inclination to purchase, prepare, and cook delicious home meals.  A steady feminist propaganda campaign has also cast women’s kitchen work at best as servile domesticity and casually, as flat-out paternalistic abuse. Men are also advised on what they want via “studies” showing that they prefer intelligence and education vs. “a good cook and housekeeper”, qualities that had allegedly dropped to the bottom of an 18-point scale “marital desirability” scale.

Like many of today’s men, I had developed a utilitarian food preparation system that while somewhat industrial, was economical and nutritious. With a bread machine, rice cooker, “crockpot”, and some decent knives I managed to keep food costs down while providing a diet far healthier than restaurant fare.

So when my ForeignBride finally arrived, I expected her to share equally in the house and kitchen chores. She had no such interests. In fact, we had quite a bit of argument before she relented and allowed me to warsh the dishes every night.

Like most Asians, she has a passion for food culture, but her enjoyment of cooking borders on art. And while every Viet restaurant in town has offered her a job on the spot because for some reason they know automatically that she is a great cook, I prefer she stay home and take care of the house. For me it is worth the reduced income to have a cheerful wife preparing great meals at home.

Rather than wax about the meaning of it all, in the spirit of a Forbes Stock Photo Gallery, I provide photos of her cooking here as a Spearhead Photo Essay :

A Man Wants a Wife Not a “Co-Worker”


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