It’s Time to Shut Down Women’s “Day Spas”

by Uncle Elmer on February 15, 2012

Fresh on the heels of the Super Bowl sex trafficking outrage, where tens of thousands of sex traffickers and their teenage victims descended upon Indianapolis to service debauched football revelers, concern is starting to mount about the proliferation of Ladies Day Spas.

Indianapolis police were stretched to the limit trying to control the rowdy crowd of Mid-Westerners and dealing with the wave of arrests during Super Bowl week, where an estimated 218 people were detained for such charges as underage drinking, public intoxication, and fake IDs. At least two sex trafficking victims were saved during the week-long sex-crime sweep.

In the latest twist to this saga, a growing chorus of voices is drawing attention to an unexpected contributor to the human trafficking problem : Women’s Day Spas. It is estimated that 100,000 to 300,000 men and young boys per year, many of them struggling from the recent “Mancession” and thus twice victimized, are trafficked into brutal, slave-like conditions performing massage and “facials” to privileged females enjoying new-found wealth in the ascendant Woman’s Nation.

A coalition of feminist and religious groups, flush with success from their selfless Super Bowl Sex Trafficking  Spectacular, has gathered in Duluth, Minnesota this week to draw attention to the Day Spa problem, and to brainstorm ways to attain funding towards outreach for the poor male victims. Law enforcement officials and regional politicians are expected to attend and engage the conference attendees with mutual strategies for combating this scourge. Conference organizers also urged people to “act locally” and report suspicious Ladies Day Spas immediately to National Human Trafficking  groups.

Because we all know what goes on in those places.

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