Gender Neutral Baby Revealed: It’s a Boy

by W.F. Price on January 24, 2012

A British couple that decided to raise their child in a ‘gender neutral’ environment has finally revealed that the kid is a boy. This doesn’t surprise me at all. Knowing these kinds of nuts, it makes perfect sense that they did it to their son, because they usually try to make a point at the expense of a boy, and raising girls like boys is already common throughout the Anglo world.

They had the boy cross-dress, and when he tried to run around naked in the yard (little kids love doing that), they hustled him back in to hide him from the neighbors and gave him dolls. His mother is making him wear the girls’ school uniform, and won’t let him wear combat trousers.

Not long ago, gender identity problems in children were considered a mental disorder. There’s a reason for that. It can cause serious mayhem when puberty hits. It’s unlikely that this kid will think of himself as ‘gender-neutral’ for much longer, but if he walked into the girls’ locker room in middle school and took off his clothes, we all know what would happen to him. So does his mother, and I’m sure she supports boys being punished for such behavior.

This is why she doesn’t really believe in this garbage; she’s just using the boy to bolster her progressive cred. Pure selfishness at her son’s expense.

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