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by W.F. Price on December 15, 2011

Now that I’ve finally finished up the latest (and hopefully last for a while — these things never end) round of my custody saga, it’s time to get on with things, so I thought I should let readers and potential contributors know what’s in store.

By now, The Spearhead has become well established online. As long as posting remains consistent, daily visitors run in the mid 3000s range, and RSS subscribers around 2,000. Page views are directly tied to the amount of content on any given day, and articles have reach that goes significantly beyond the site and occasionally influence larger, mainstream sites. Given the stability The Spearhead has achieved, I think it’s an institution worth keeping.

However, that doesn’t mean it can be neglected; it is a content-driven site that needs fresh material on a regular basis. So, having signed off on a new parenting plan last week and ended the recent uncertainty over my custody arrangement, which will allow me a great deal more time for editing work, I’d like to once again start putting effort into bringing new content to the site.

The Spearhead was founded to be an open platform for ideas, opinions and thoughts that are not commonly voiced in the mainstream. Aside from the focus on men’s issues and interests, it did not have a strict agenda or ideology — the point was to give men the opportunity to be heard. Conflicting points of view were perfectly acceptable, and with few exceptions were published.

This has bothered some people, who were frustrated that the site did not have a particular line or narrower focus, but from the beginning I’ve seen it as my job to provide readers not with indoctrination, or even ideological guidance, but rather engaging content. The value in the site is not in forging a consensus or political movement so much as in that it provides food for thought — mental fuel so to speak. Those who take issue with any particular article are always invited to write a cogent, civil response. I believe that progress is best made through dialogue and the open comparison of ideas.

The site succeeded in this effort for quite a while, but editing can be painstaking and time-consuming, and over the past months I’ve spent much of my time and effort drafting and editing court documents, negotiating and dealing with attorneys. Fortunately, this process is finally over, and now it’s time to start bringing more new content online again.

Thanks to previous effort, The Spearhead has a significant web presence now, and we won’t have to start from scratch, as in the beginning. Aspiring authors have a guaranteed daily audience in the thousands, and contributors with their own blogs can make a name for themselves and draw readers to their own sites with articles here. And, in addition to readers, the site offers editorial assistance and a significant SEO advantage.

So I’d like to invite more submissions and new contributors to enrich our content and provide readers with more thought-provoking material. The Spearhead offers a platform, and I can now provide much more assistance with editing and formatting (which often makes a crucial difference). If traffic stats are any indication, any renewed effort can only increase the site’s stature and lead to more readers, so I’m perfectly willing to put the work into it.

In the meanwhile, I’ll trim the list of contributors to streamline workflow, and start reviewing new submissions. Anyone interested in contributing may contact me and I will provide details and guidelines. I’m looking forward to getting the ball rolling again, and taking the site to new heights, starting immediately.

-W.F. Price

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