Equality, Feminism and the MRM in Finland

by Featured Guest on December 2, 2011

By Henry Laasanen

In this article I will describe the state of equality politics, equality discussions and the MRM in Finland. Some of it may come as a surprise to readers.

I am a 45-year old author who wrote “Female sexual power” (2008, Finnish only!), and I am currently writing a dissertation titled: “Men and equality: Why don’t men’s problems become equality problems?“. I am also the leading MRA and mating market blogger in Finland, having written hundreds of articles about (economic) theory of mating markets and men’s equality.

I have read (and link in my blogs) English-language manosphere sites for years: The Spearhead, Roissy, Susan Walsh, Dalrock etc. I have also read a big pile of men’s right’s literature, including Warren Farrell of course, scientific articles and various other writings.

Finnish “state feminism”

An easy way to describe equality politics in Finland is “state feminism”. In state feminism feminists work together with the state to promote feminist goals. A feminist state worker is called a “femocrat”. Feminists hold every important position in Finnish equality politics.

– Finnish political parties have mandatory “women’s organisations” with their own funding. Those organisations work for the same feminist goals (left and right wing parties together).

– In the equality unit there are 16 women (all feminists) and zero men. That unit is responsible for planning Finnish gender equality mandates.

– We have seven women’s studies departments, but no funding for masculist men’s studies.

State feminism is not a radical ideology. It represents “mainstream feminism”. Feminists in Finland hold absolute hegemony in equality politics, and that’s why they have no reason to shout out loud. That’s why we have no “Amanda Marcotte” of Finland.

Official goals of state “mainstream” feminism are the usual: 1) wage equality, 2) stopping violence against women, 3) promotion of women’s careers, 4) ending the workplace segregation, 5) criminalize buying of sex, and 6) to promote gender neutral childcare and education. Father’s rights (to have more time with children) are also promoted, but with “hidden” real agenda to promote women’s position in the workplace.

We have a very short history of MRM in Finland!

You may be surprised to know that the first real MRM book in Finland “Men without equality” was published as recently as 2007. In 2009 came Pasi Malmi’s masculist dissertation “Discrimination Against Men: Appearance and Causes in the Context of a Modern Welfare State“. The first masculist men’s organisation was started in the year 2009. That’s the short history of the MRM in Finland!

In the USA MRM literature has been quite popular since 1970. Lots of book’s, masculist men’s organizations and heated up debate. In the Finland feminists have dominated the production of equality between 1970 to 2000. In that time nearly everybody in Finland believed (men included) that feminism = equality. There were no competing ideas of equality.

Around the year 2000 MRM discussion started to become somewhat stronger online, and in 2006 I wrote my Master thesis in sociology: “Female sexual power: a critique of the feminist equality paradigm“. After that MRM voices have become stronger on the internet.

We have no critical discussions of feminism and equality in the Media!

Here in Finland we have thing called “konsensus”-politics, the idea of wide agreement on one principle, which originates from phenomenon called “finlandisierung”. With Russia as our neighbor, nothing negative was allowed to be said about Russia (in the past). That same “konsensus”-principle took hold of other areas of life as well. Here in Finland we have only one truth at a time, and for equality the “truth” is feminism.

In the USA you may grind teeth with radical “feminazi” writings. We have no feminazis (maybe one or two), which is – paradoxically – a catastrophe for the Finnish MRM: there are no critical discussions of equlity in the media, only feminist propaganda.

When you have absolute hegemony, you cannot win with critical discussions. That’s why feminists don’t participate in any public equality discussions in Finland (they only discuss with each other). There are no feminist blogs (one inactive) or feminist columnists (other than official propaganda) in Finland. In the British newspapers Guardian and Daily Mail there are gender debates every week – we have no gender debates, because feminism holds the absolute “truth”.

I (and the fellow MRAs) totally dominate the Finnish internet discussions regarding equality and feminism. There is no opposition in the internet, no feminists to leave comments in MRA blogs or forum writings. Sadly for the Finnish MRM, internet writings are just words without real power to influence equality politics. Media is to blame for the big part. Finnish media publishes only feminist propaganda and it ignores MRM critique.

MRAs struggle hard to get discussions going in the Finland. Our efforts have been futile – state feminism combined with the “konsensus” atmosphere is too strong. Even Sweden has more public equality discussions than Finland (thanks to Per Ström and Pelle Billing).

I will answer additional question about Finnish equality politics and MRM in the comment section.

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