Texas Family Court Judge Revealed as Thug

by W.F. Price on November 3, 2011

The Honorable William Adams, a Texas family court judge, a man who has likely issued innumerable restraining orders, thrown any number of men in jail for arrears, ordered psychiatric evaluations of allegedly “violent” men and held the fate of many, many families in his hands, is in a great deal of trouble now that his daughter has released a video of him administering a prolonged whipping with a belt.

His daughter was caught illegally downloading music and videos for free, which may have prompted the judge to worry about his own job. Being angry about this is only natural, but putting the belt to a 16-year-old with cerebral palsy (including threatening to whip her on the face) is something I’m sure your average guy would pay for dearly if ever caught, likely with some prison time. Of course, Mr. Adams, being a family court judge, is fully aware of this.

What is truly deplorable about the video is not only the beating, but the fact that so many innocent, gentle fathers are terrorized in courts presided over by the likes of William Adams. The hypocrisy on display is a blazing indictment of American family law. The fact that American men are so often at the mercy of such brutal characters should give any family man chills. If the judge is willing to deal with his daughter in this manner, how could any men in his court expect any mercy?

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