Bill Bennet Responds to Feedback, Ignores Men, Bashes them Again

by W.F. Price on November 3, 2011

Bennet remarked that he received a fair amount of reader response from his recent piece excoriating young men for failing to “man up.” He says that he received responses from both men and women, and then proceeded to ignore what men had to say in favor of listening to the females:

My first CNN column on this subject identified what I think are the common problems with some men today: deficiencies in work, marriage and faith. The overwhelming response I received, from men and women alike, worries me.

Many women told me the problems are much worse than I described. They explained to me how they have to lower their standards to find a man. Young women, in particular, complained that men are dragging them down and holding them back. As one woman told me, if 60 is the new 40 for men, then 25 is the new 13…


After going on for some time about how bad the poor ladies have it, he lays into men yet again:

In developed Western countries, man has unprecedented freedom to chose, to a degree heretofore unknown, a life of his own wanting and design. A mere hundred years ago, man couldn’t afford to dawdle in limbo between adolescence and manhood; manhood was thrust upon him for survival. Today, more opportunity lies at his feet than ever. Yet with this increased opportunity comes increased confusion, and the response on the part of some men has not been encouraging.

Take the Occupy Wall Street movement, for instance. While diverse and scattered, some of the mottos and slogans on display are in stark contrast to the traditional and time-tested ideas of manliness. Instead of industriousness, responsibility and entrepreneurship, these men demand free college education, required living wages and greater distribution of someone else’s wealth. Rather than look inward and rely on their own self-sufficiency, they look for a handout. A man’s livelihood once depended on his hands, back and brain. Today, the government can do all that for him, if he lets it…

Mr. Bennet, if you are not a career government worker, what does the government do for you? Nothing! Young men have less economic opportunity than they had 40 years ago, they are far more likely to be thrown in jail, and they are legally discriminated against in both employment and education. The government has actively oppressed them, not only in the outside world, but in their own homes.

Young men are, objectively speaking, far less privileged than they used to be. This is what bothers women. Their men have been beaten down, and it’s always frustrating for women to be with men who occupy a lower social status than they do. It disgusts women, in fact, and Bennett’s solution is simply more shaming and blaming, which obviously won’t help matters at all.

Bennett is getting old, and will not matter much at all very soon. What’s important today is that younger men regain some of the self-respect that characterized the many generations of men who fought for their rights and built our nations. That will involve standing up to men like Bennett, and taking back our patrimony.

We owe nothing to these doddering old fools who sold us out for women’s approval and blowjobs from interns. It’s high time we shove these old bulls out to pasture, and we must stay vigilant against any younger men who would try to mimic them.

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