Waitress Reacts to Insult With Online Lynch Mob

by W.F. Price on October 14, 2011

Victoria Liss -- fat shaming avenger

Victoria Liss, a waitress at the ever-classy “Bimbo’s” Cantina (AKA Bimbo’s Bitchin’ Burrito Kitchen) in Seattle, flew into a rage after a customer not only neglected to tip her, but scrawled a note suggesting she drop a few pounds as well. Her response was to reach out to the sisterhood to form an online lynch mob, which quickly coalesced through the efforts of websites such as Jezebel and The Stranger. Soon, a man named Andrew Meyer was being tormented with thousands of nasty emails. However, in one out of the many errors with the mob’s approach, and probably the most egregious, it went after the wrong Andrew Meyer.

For a little background, Bimbo’s is located in the Pike-Pine corridor – the beating heart of Seattle’s freak scene – near the headquarters of The Stranger, across the street from the old dive bar The Comet (AKA The Vomit), directly above the subterranean, cavernous “Cha Cha” lounge, and next to the lesbian Wild Rose bar, where a man was once chased down and beaten with tools for fogging the windows and drawing a picture of a penis as a joke (the lesbians were not amused). I’m not going to say the people involved in that scene are a total loss, because I know a few of them personally, but they have a tendency to get carried away with their own, shall we say, “different,” view of propriety, and this time they went too far.

Ironically, our online gadfly, David Futrelle, recently took our very own Jack Donovan to task for venting about an obnoxious customer. Jack, who speculated that perhaps men may not be as good at dealing with abuse from customers, nevertheless did not name his customer, post her information online, or do anything vengeful at all. That didn’t stop Futrelle and his commenters from denouncing him for daring to write about how unpleasant the experience can be.

However, in the case of Victoria Liss, the insulted waitress, we had legions of feminists assisting her in an entirely disproportionate act of blind vengeance. Of course it’s a woman’s right to smear a man and attempt to destroy his life if he dares insult her! Why, the “fat shaming” alone is grounds for summary castration…

How many men would be so petty, so vindictive, and so morally depraved that they would launch a personal vendetta over a minor slight suffered in the course of a day’s work? Very few, obviously — such men would be instantly fired, and likely castigated by the courts (if not jailed) for harassment.

As for the victim, a man who just happened to have a certain name, we can hope that some compensation for the trouble is forthcoming. Although it is doubtful whether Liss has much in her pockets, according to The Stranger, bar owners may have been involved in the online lynching, and they likely have a little something to lose. Jezebel, likewise.

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