As Feminism’s Poison Does its Work, Anti-Female Brutality Explodes onto the Scene

by W.F. Price on September 19, 2011

Feminists asked for a gender war, and sadly it is starting to look as though they got what they wanted. Repeated provocations against men, systematic discrimination against men, and state-sanctioned debt slavery are starting to have the inevitable effect. In a triumph for the feminist movement, men are lashing out violently against women, fulfilling the feminist fantasy of a gender war.

For feminism to exist as a valid movement, there must be violent conflict, so many of the efforts of feminists have sought to provoke just that. For example, in teaching that women must “take back the night” from men, women were encouraged to be militant against all males, which can only have unfortunate results, given the hands-down male superiority in combat. Women have further been encouraged to fight men in all areas of society rather than cooperate with them, which is guaranteed to create some violently anti-female men. Unsurprisingly, more mentally unstable and out-of-luck men are lashing out violently against women, just as feminists have always hoped for.

You see, for a feminist to justify her job there must be some degree of brutality against women. Gender war is essential to feminism. So, if you are a feminist, the hapless women murdered or assaulted by the damaged men feminists have created are necessary sacrifices for advancing the feminist agenda. It’s a pretty simple concept. Too bad for the girls who ended up on the wrong end of these men’s rage, but hey, if you’re a female senator or staffer it’s good business for your cause. And we all know that feminism has never been about the typical woman who lives a humble life, but rather the ambitious elite who want to have access to the big boys and big money on Capitol Hill and Wall Street.

Here are a few very recent examples of the results of the feminist gender war campaign:

Trucker murders hookers across South.

Florida man kills wife, shoots two pastors.

Arkansas man attacks courthouse.

Women’s best bet for security is not in denouncing and fighting men, as feminists would have it, but in cooperating with them and taking on their proper role. Feminists would willingly sacrifice women for their own power, but ordinary men will sacrifice themselves for the women in their families.

This is why the arguments one often hears that women are stupid and inferior sometimes seem to carry some weight — what woman would give up this natural protection for an uncertain guarantee of government support? Only a foolish, stupid, shortsighted one. But perhaps that is the point — the most economically secure, educated and privileged women in Western society rarely leave their husbands. It is overwhelmingly the hapless, unintelligent and disadvantaged who believe the lies about “empowerment” and strike out on their own, only to fail in the overwhelming majority of cases.

Disadvantaged women are truly the cannon fodder of feminists. For Machiavellian types, this is a net bonus, but for anyone with a shred of morality, it’s a despicable path to power. The United States will once again be a righteous society only when feminists are jailed for interfering with families, and their academic apologists are removed by security from their jobs in taxpayer-funded educational institutions. This would be the most humane course of action to take. Far more humane, in fact, than provoking men and women to physically attack one another, as feminists would have it today so that they can unleash state agents on confused and demoralized families.

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