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by Featured Guest on September 10, 2011

A “sensational” weapon aimed at men

By Ken Knight

Everyone remember a man named Richard Jewell? He was the Security Officer who saved an untold amount of lives after he noticed a suspicious backpack in a public area during the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta Georgia, pointing it out and getting many people away from it before the device exploded. For doing his duty, the stocky Richard Jewell was rewarded with official suspicion following a leaked FBI “profile” pointing out how males such as he would typically pull a “false flag” event such as a fire or explosion then “save the day” by stopping it (or just saving lives) to become a “hero”. Jewell was questioned, tracked, searched, and harassed by Investigators of the domestic terror incident for months leading up to the eventual determination that another man by the name of Eric Robert Rudolph was responsible for the bomb placement at Olympic Park.

Up until that point and the Justice Department’s official release that Jewell was no longer a suspect, the man was utterly roasted alive in the news media from NBC to Jay Leno who jokingly referred to the wrongly accused man as “Una-Bubba” (comparing the overweight Mr. Jewell to the Unabomber) during one late night show airings. Some of you may remember what was broadcast about Jewell at the time, reporters remarking about the fact he was single and childless as well as living with his mother at the time when he was 34 years of age, highlighting his spotty career record and “failure” to become a Police Officer up to that point which was his career goal. The “trial by media” also ran what past employers said about him, the fact he had no girlfriend at the time, his fascination with Police work, etc. etc. Simply put, Jewell was an easy target despite the fact he did nothing wrong and saved lives, something he was later commended for by the Governor of Georgia in 2006 (one year before his death from natural causes). Richard Jewell was easy media prey because: 1) He was male 2) He was single and unattractive 3) He was a “loner” 4) Investigators pinned him as the “type” to commit such a crime.

The Olympic Park bombing and the defaming of Richard Jewell happened 15 years ago before the Internet became the beast it is now and the western media became even more vicious in its defamation of men in general, the situation far worse now with “sensation” carrying the day from CNN to Joe Sixpack, Boston to Budapest, Youtube to Facebook.

What do we have now and what have we seen up to this point but anything less than blatant SHAMING of men in the news whether (or not) rightly charged with a crime, infidelity, etc. whether the man is a famous movie star or some railway worker from Pennsylvania “threatening” his ex-wife. It is “sensational” to report not the facts of each story but the juicy stuff such as some guy’s allegedly “violent” past, his poor luck with girlfriends or lack-thereof, things he said in anger, crap his “friends” say about him now that he’s in the news, and even the word of ex-wives that typically paint him in a bad light no matter what he has (or hasn’t) done. The man in the news for the slightest accusation or “suspicion” is painted with a tar brush in blatantly biased stories that would make a 1940s Nazi propagandist drool with envy. Now my friends, name one female of the species who has been treated by the modern western media in such a way…..

Ken Knight is the Author of “THE MIDNIGHT SHOW~Late Night Cable TV Guy-Flicks of the 80s” and the new zombie-apocalypse novel “DIRGE”.

He is also a Feature Contributor at

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