Spooked Horse Trips, Insane Female Meltdown Ensues

by W.F. Price on August 5, 2011

A friend sent me a video in which a New York woman is party to an incident with a confused horse, who gets spooked by something and trips, taking a minor spill. The woman subsequently has a full-on meltdown one might expect from a little girl, replete with heaving sobs and accompanying hysteria. It’s shameful, and as a father it annoys me exceedingly to see a grown woman engaging in the kind of behavior that my five-year-old daughter has grown out of.

As you will see at the end of the video, the horse is fine. It was the horse equivalent of a guy falling on his butt while carrying something. Big deal. But it becomes the equivalent of a natural disaster to this hysterical woman. Sometimes, you’ve got to wonder how anyone can put up with contemporary urban American women. Without a degree in clinical psychology, you’re going to have your hands full.

Watch it here (she’s made an issue over copyright so I won’t embed).

You can see more of the fat lady’s psychotic antics here.

It’s really unbelievable.

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