Portland SlutWalkers Reveal Themselves (Even More)

by Jack Donovan on August 4, 2011

Recently, I had the pleasure of having some of the distressed damsels and hopeful he-men of tomorrow from the SlutWalk “like” my Facebook page, so that they could share their feelings about my article “How Many Lesbian Parades Does Portland Need,” as well as my response to some criticisms of said work, posted to QPDX’s official web site.


Elijah Daniel Raven Im liking your page so that I can tell you to suck my tranny cock, and shuve it down your jerk face asshole. kisses. hope you like the taste of my meat. ? :)

Sophia St James I fucking love you Elijah. Here’s the thing-> you (jack) thrive off of attention. If you had a boyfriend or lover, you might actually be able to enjoy life and not be so bitter and jaded. Your stories are completely inaccurate and lack true evidence. You take an entire article and twist 85% of it to fit your sad and sorry ‘agenda’. WE are not all lesbians who organized the event, get your facts right. For being a homo, you sure are uptight. You need some dick in your world dear one. There were male reporters at the event, in addition to the female ones. Again, if you’re gonna TRY and be an ‘author’ at least have your facts rights. If you knew anything about the event, you would know what it was REALLY about and why it was needed. You are a sad, sad ‘man’ who lashes out because you are truly not fulfilled in your own boxed in, closed off, outcasted world. I avoided putting my 2 cents in because you are not worth my time, however because you continually attack us for no reason other than to APPEAR larger than life and to add some kind of sorry ass meaning to your existence I chose to reply. You could never organize or be part of any worth while cause. That would mean you’d have to have a spine and actually have some tact. Oh… and I notice you closed the comments on your ‘so-called’ reply to Q-PDX. Nice one buddy. As far as our funding-> lots of the money came from community members. Q-PDX DIDN’T give us money (again, know your shit before you talk). The crowd at the event was filled with many different races, genders, and styles…. not just lesbians my dear Jack Donovan-> one who does not do their research before typing a hate fill rant. Children were present for simple reasons, instilling true and honest values is for every age. Our message was one for everyone to here. You have zero feelings or compassion for anything or anyone except your own sad state of affairs. Maybe you should go to ‘straight camp’ and leave the homo stuff to us. You clearly need your gay card revoked.

Sophia St James Oh-> and being assaulted, raped is not a laughing matter. Y’all are sick f#*ks for even joking about such things.

Dawn Lynnelle Higgins Dear Mr. Donovan: You seem to make a blanketed staement about everyone who was there and you are making assumptions you REALLY know nothing about. It wasn’t just lesbians there at this march, there were bisexual, trans, queer, and even straight women as well as straight, bisexual, queer, and trans men all standing together against rape. Rape is not a funny thing and rape does not discriminate, maybe if you were actually there you would actually not be making these types of bullshit statements. You sir, are a complete idiot who should turn in your queer card at the door IMMEDIATELY!

Leila Hofstein Rape culture does not imply that all men are pigs. It puts a name to the phenomenon that allows our young men be misogynistic and needlessly violent instead of thoughtful, mature and self-possessed while perpetuating the cycle of victimization for our young women.
The only people who think all feminists are man-hating pigs are the actual pigs themselves. You make REAL men ashamed to share a gender with you.

Elijah Daniel Raven To the men who were joking on here about rape…I get it, you HAVE NO IDEA what its like to feel unsafe, to have your body threatened, to have your life threatened, yes in Portland, it happens everywhere every 3minutes to be exact. My friend was brutally rapped last month, another by a cop 3 months ago. So You also have no idea how good it feels to march in solidarity and scream “NO” at the top of your lungs. You’ve never had to say no while fearing for your life.

Jack Donovan It’s interesting that two of you have said I should have my “gay card” revoked. However, Alley and Perry said I am part of their feminist queer community whether or not I share any of their values. Could you gals figure out where you stand on that and get back to me? I’d like to know where to send it.

Elijah Daniel Raven We can be friends, I just really want to change your mind on some of these matters, please stay as gay as possible, as it is the only redeeming quality I can see thus far.

Leila Hofstein Just shove it up your ass. It’ll save on postage.

Additionally, I received this email from one “Jeff Starring.”

reply-to jeff <jeff_starring@yahoo.com>

to jeff <jeff_starring@yahoo.com>

date Tue, Aug 2, 2011 at 4:35 PM

subject [JD – READER CONTACT: ] what

why do you care so much about the slutwalk? if you hate it why didnt you just go so you could wear your t-shirt? you know you are hiding behind your computer. be a man and stop being a passive little fuck.

It seemed confused to me that a man (presumably, one never knows) would challenge my manhood on behalf of a group of anti-patriarchal feminist women.

Despite their protests, the angriest person — who technically threatened to orally rape me — was a female-to-male transsexual. Not sure how that would work, maybe one of those strap-ons from Aslan, co-sponsor of the SlutWalk? Or maybe I got my acronyms wrong, and the FTM was an MTF. It’s not always easy to tell from Facebook photos. While I did refer to SlutWalk as a “lesbian parade” and at various other points, a “gay and lesbian parade” or possibly even a “a parade for hags and fags” I think the general gist of the article was that there was no need for another parade for queer exhibitionists in Portland, since Gay Pride 2010 happened about a month before the SlutWalk. Lesbians tend to consider themselves a part of the broader LGBTQI community. Bragging that there were also transsexuals and queers present is not a refutation of my claim that SlutWalk was basically a queer event, and not a grassroots effort attributable to everyday women.

At least two of the three organizers are still, to my knowledge, proud queer-identified exhibitionists.

Now, I will respond to a few of the concerns these spirited women have raised.

First, to our Hottentot Venus, the Lady Sophia St. James, Portland’s Sensual Sadist and Fetish Goddess Extraordinaire and “professional FemDom”–


Dear Ms. St. James,

I would like to thank you for your concerns about my sex life. I cannot see how being single or celibate would invalidate my objections to your parade. For the record, I have been living with the same fellow for about 13 years now. As per the terms of our arrangement, I also have another fellow whose company I’ve enjoyed regularly for quite some time. Rest assured, my carnal needs are being tended to thoroughly. I’ve never had much of a problem in this area, so your assumption that I do is off target. Is it possible that your assumptions are based on faulty logic? My home life is a happy one, and while I have no interest in your “queer” culture, I do have as active and rewarding a social life as I can manage in the free time I have available.

Regarding the “facts:”

1)      The two articles I saw in the two Portland weeklies were both written by women, and both weeklies (the Mercury and the Willamette Week) are proudly left wing. If your event was covered favorably by any heterosexual men who do not self-identify as liberals (who would be, it can be reasonably assumed, biased in favor of your cause), please do forward a link. Otherwise I think it is safe to conclude that your event was covered favorably by those who were predisposed to support your cause. That’s OK. The media has never really been objective. Objective journalism has always been more of a myth for the gullible than a reality. It’s a game.

2)      Your web site proudly announced that QPDX was sponsoring your event. In most cases, sponsorship implies the donation of funds. If they did not financially support your parade, they were your primary promotional partner—along with the strap-on company and the vegan strip club. I must confess that I fail to see how this kind of sponsorship makes the event less lesbian or “queer” oriented.

3)      Prior to writing about what I expected to see at the Portland SlutWalk, I did look at photos of other slut walks. Having now seen the photos from Portland SlutWalk, I see very little difference. The majority of people in attendance appeared to be openly lesbian, gay or trans. If there were hoards of average soccer moms and outraged accountant dads bussed in from the ‘burbs, it is strange that they weren’t deemed of particular interest by those documenting the parade.

4)      I’d also like to say that Perry’s article about me was also riddled with factual errors. The first being that I am the “principle writer for THE SPEARHEAD.” In fact, I am merely an occasional contributor — you’ll see that W.F. Price, the heterosexual father of two who founded the site, has something like 808 posts to my 49. The verbiage attributed to me in the article was also his.

As I briefly mentioned, I’ve been trying to give back my gay card for years, Ms. St. James. I even wrote a book about it (the first run sold out but it is available on Kindle). I think it is also available through several libraries, though I somehow doubt it would appeal to your tastes. I am anti-feminist, and anti-trans, and I believe that the majority of gay and queer advocacy organizations are self-perpetuating institutions and symptoms of inevitable Western decline. Alley and Perry both insisted emphatically that I was part of their community whether I liked it or not. I disagree. If you agree with my disagreement, we have found some shared ground, and I can get back to the business of being an enemy of your community.

Thank you for mentioning that children were encouraged to come to your lesbian exhibitionism parade. I’m sure you won’t be surprised if I say that strikes me as inappropriate.

For the record, I do not accept comments on any posts on my personal web site. Internet commenting is usually cathartic but rarely productive. I’m a writer, so I like my writing time to be productive.

Finally, I find it inconsistent that you applauded Elijah Daniel Raven’s sexual assault humor, and then scolded others for using the same kind of humor.


And now to you, Ms. Hofstein,


“The only people who think all feminists are man-hating pigs are the actual pigs themselves.”


Are you an expert on identifying pigs, Ms. Hofstein?

This sounds a lot like the “I’m rubber and you’re glue” argument. You’re a crafty Fräulein.

I also find it curious that while feminists assert that men are not supposed to tell a women how she should behave, you are imply by your statement that I “make REAL men ashamed to share a gender with [me]” that you know what makes a man a “real” man and an “unreal” man. Transsexual feminist R.W. Connell wrote in Masculinities that twentieth-century research “failed to produce a coherent science of masculinity.” (Ch.3)  Would you disagree with this statement? Do you believe that there is a such thing as a “real” man and a lesser man? If so, how do you define a “real” man. Are you attempting to coerce or manipulate my choices or beliefs by holding the definition of masculinity hostage to your own political agenda?  Again, you are a crafty little thing.


Ms. Megan Elijah,

Of course I can’t comment on crimes about which you’ve provided no proof or information. Rape is considered a very serious crime in our culture, and is punishable by law. It is my duty to advise you to report any possible crimes to the appropriate authorities. Your statement that claiming that I “have no idea how good it feels to march in solidarity and scream “NO” at the top of your lungs” while correct, leads me to believe that SlutWalk is some kind of cathartic group therapy exercise for rape victims.

I found it a little disingenuous that you would say that we could be friends if I changed my ideas on certain topics.

Isn’t that like saying I would have to change who I am to suit some externally imposed standard?

Spearhead readers :

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how women associated with SlutWalk represent themselves. I’m not in the habit of getting into protracted Internet exchanges, much less sharing them in article form. However, the point of writing about SlutWalk was to show who these women are, and what they really believe, and make it a searchable public record. They are free to respond to my comments here, of course. I prefer finished replies, and if this discussion continues, I will respond again in finished article form.

SlutWalk is a flash-in-the pan trend, a feminist fad. In the big scheme of things, it doesn’t mean much at all. It is interesting because it sheds light on the many contradictions and hypocrisies of the modern feminist movement. These women are privileged members of a feminist society, but they are not elite east coast media feminists. These women are not Gloria Steinem or Hanna Rosin or even Jessica Valenti. They are the feminists on the ground, the worker bees of modern feminism. SlutWalk is a good opportunity to get to know these gals and see what they are all about.

And, in the spirit of the “This is What a Feminist Looks Like” campaign, well, now we have pictures.


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