Portland SlutWalkers Reveal Themselves (Even More)

by Jack Donovan on August 4, 2011

Recently, I had the pleasure of having some of the distressed damsels and hopeful he-men of tomorrow from the SlutWalk “like” my Facebook page, so that they could share their feelings about my article “How Many Lesbian Parades Does Portland Need,” as well as my response to some criticisms of said work, posted to QPDX’s official web site.


Elijah Daniel Raven Im liking your page so that I can tell you to suck my tranny cock, and shuve it down your jerk face asshole. kisses. hope you like the taste of my meat. ? :)

Sophia St James I fucking love you Elijah. Here’s the thing-> you (jack) thrive off of attention. If you had a boyfriend or lover, you might actually be able to enjoy life and not be so bitter and jaded. Your stories are completely inaccurate and lack true evidence. You take an entire article and twist 85% of it to fit your sad and sorry ‘agenda’. WE are not all lesbians who organized the event, get your facts right. For being a homo, you sure are uptight. You need some dick in your world dear one. There were male reporters at the event, in addition to the female ones. Again, if you’re gonna TRY and be an ‘author’ at least have your facts rights. If you knew anything about the event, you would know what it was REALLY about and why it was needed. You are a sad, sad ‘man’ who lashes out because you are truly not fulfilled in your own boxed in, closed off, outcasted world. I avoided putting my 2 cents in because you are not worth my time, however because you continually attack us for no reason other than to APPEAR larger than life and to add some kind of sorry ass meaning to your existence I chose to reply. You could never organize or be part of any worth while cause. That would mean you’d have to have a spine and actually have some tact. Oh… and I notice you closed the comments on your ‘so-called’ reply to Q-PDX. Nice one buddy. As far as our funding-> lots of the money came from community members. Q-PDX DIDN’T give us money (again, know your shit before you talk). The crowd at the event was filled with many different races, genders, and styles…. not just lesbians my dear Jack Donovan-> one who does not do their research before typing a hate fill rant. Children were present for simple reasons, instilling true and honest values is for every age. Our message was one for everyone to here. You have zero feelings or compassion for anything or anyone except your own sad state of affairs. Maybe you should go to ‘straight camp’ and leave the homo stuff to us. You clearly need your gay card revoked.

Sophia St James Oh-> and being assaulted, raped is not a laughing matter. Y’all are sick f#*ks for even joking about such things.

Dawn Lynnelle Higgins Dear Mr. Donovan: You seem to make a blanketed staement about everyone who was there and you are making assumptions you REALLY know nothing about. It wasn’t just lesbians there at this march, there were bisexual, trans, queer, and even straight women as well as straight, bisexual, queer, and trans men all standing together against rape. Rape is not a funny thing and rape does not discriminate, maybe if you were actually there you would actually not be making these types of bullshit statements. You sir, are a complete idiot who should turn in your queer card at the door IMMEDIATELY!

Leila Hofstein Rape culture does not imply that all men are pigs. It puts a name to the phenomenon that allows our young men be misogynistic and needlessly violent instead of thoughtful, mature and self-possessed while perpetuating the cycle of victimization for our young women.
The only people who think all feminists are man-hating pigs are the actual pigs themselves. You make REAL men ashamed to share a gender with you.

Elijah Daniel Raven To the men who were joking on here about rape…I get it, you HAVE NO IDEA what its like to feel unsafe, to have your body threatened, to have your life threatened, yes in Portland, it happens everywhere every 3minutes to be exact. My friend was brutally rapped last month, another by a cop 3 months ago. So You also have no idea how good it feels to march in solidarity and scream “NO” at the top of your lungs. You’ve never had to say no while fearing for your life.

Jack Donovan It’s interesting that two of you have said I should have my “gay card” revoked. However, Alley and Perry said I am part of their feminist queer community whether or not I share any of their values. Could you gals figure out where you stand on that and get back to me? I’d like to know where to send it.

Elijah Daniel Raven We can be friends, I just really want to change your mind on some of these matters, please stay as gay as possible, as it is the only redeeming quality I can see thus far.

Leila Hofstein Just shove it up your ass. It’ll save on postage.

Additionally, I received this email from one “Jeff Starring.”

reply-to jeff <[email protected]>

to jeff <[email protected]>

date Tue, Aug 2, 2011 at 4:35 PM

subject [JD - READER CONTACT: ] what

why do you care so much about the slutwalk? if you hate it why didnt you just go so you could wear your t-shirt? you know you are hiding behind your computer. be a man and stop being a passive little fuck.

It seemed confused to me that a man (presumably, one never knows) would challenge my manhood on behalf of a group of anti-patriarchal feminist women.

Despite their protests, the angriest person — who technically threatened to orally rape me — was a female-to-male transsexual. Not sure how that would work, maybe one of those strap-ons from Aslan, co-sponsor of the SlutWalk? Or maybe I got my acronyms wrong, and the FTM was an MTF. It’s not always easy to tell from Facebook photos. While I did refer to SlutWalk as a “lesbian parade” and at various other points, a “gay and lesbian parade” or possibly even a “a parade for hags and fags” I think the general gist of the article was that there was no need for another parade for queer exhibitionists in Portland, since Gay Pride 2010 happened about a month before the SlutWalk. Lesbians tend to consider themselves a part of the broader LGBTQI community. Bragging that there were also transsexuals and queers present is not a refutation of my claim that SlutWalk was basically a queer event, and not a grassroots effort attributable to everyday women.

At least two of the three organizers are still, to my knowledge, proud queer-identified exhibitionists.

Now, I will respond to a few of the concerns these spirited women have raised.

First, to our Hottentot Venus, the Lady Sophia St. James, Portland’s Sensual Sadist and Fetish Goddess Extraordinaire and “professional FemDom”–


Dear Ms. St. James,

I would like to thank you for your concerns about my sex life. I cannot see how being single or celibate would invalidate my objections to your parade. For the record, I have been living with the same fellow for about 13 years now. As per the terms of our arrangement, I also have another fellow whose company I’ve enjoyed regularly for quite some time. Rest assured, my carnal needs are being tended to thoroughly. I’ve never had much of a problem in this area, so your assumption that I do is off target. Is it possible that your assumptions are based on faulty logic? My home life is a happy one, and while I have no interest in your “queer” culture, I do have as active and rewarding a social life as I can manage in the free time I have available.

Regarding the “facts:”

1)      The two articles I saw in the two Portland weeklies were both written by women, and both weeklies (the Mercury and the Willamette Week) are proudly left wing. If your event was covered favorably by any heterosexual men who do not self-identify as liberals (who would be, it can be reasonably assumed, biased in favor of your cause), please do forward a link. Otherwise I think it is safe to conclude that your event was covered favorably by those who were predisposed to support your cause. That’s OK. The media has never really been objective. Objective journalism has always been more of a myth for the gullible than a reality. It’s a game.

2)      Your web site proudly announced that QPDX was sponsoring your event. In most cases, sponsorship implies the donation of funds. If they did not financially support your parade, they were your primary promotional partner—along with the strap-on company and the vegan strip club. I must confess that I fail to see how this kind of sponsorship makes the event less lesbian or “queer” oriented.

3)      Prior to writing about what I expected to see at the Portland SlutWalk, I did look at photos of other slut walks. Having now seen the photos from Portland SlutWalk, I see very little difference. The majority of people in attendance appeared to be openly lesbian, gay or trans. If there were hoards of average soccer moms and outraged accountant dads bussed in from the ‘burbs, it is strange that they weren’t deemed of particular interest by those documenting the parade.

4)      I’d also like to say that Perry’s article about me was also riddled with factual errors. The first being that I am the “principle writer for THE SPEARHEAD.” In fact, I am merely an occasional contributor — you’ll see that W.F. Price, the heterosexual father of two who founded the site, has something like 808 posts to my 49. The verbiage attributed to me in the article was also his.

As I briefly mentioned, I’ve been trying to give back my gay card for years, Ms. St. James. I even wrote a book about it (the first run sold out but it is available on Kindle). I think it is also available through several libraries, though I somehow doubt it would appeal to your tastes. I am anti-feminist, and anti-trans, and I believe that the majority of gay and queer advocacy organizations are self-perpetuating institutions and symptoms of inevitable Western decline. Alley and Perry both insisted emphatically that I was part of their community whether I liked it or not. I disagree. If you agree with my disagreement, we have found some shared ground, and I can get back to the business of being an enemy of your community.

Thank you for mentioning that children were encouraged to come to your lesbian exhibitionism parade. I’m sure you won’t be surprised if I say that strikes me as inappropriate.

For the record, I do not accept comments on any posts on my personal web site. Internet commenting is usually cathartic but rarely productive. I’m a writer, so I like my writing time to be productive.

Finally, I find it inconsistent that you applauded Elijah Daniel Raven’s sexual assault humor, and then scolded others for using the same kind of humor.


And now to you, Ms. Hofstein,


“The only people who think all feminists are man-hating pigs are the actual pigs themselves.”


Are you an expert on identifying pigs, Ms. Hofstein?

This sounds a lot like the “I’m rubber and you’re glue” argument. You’re a crafty Fräulein.

I also find it curious that while feminists assert that men are not supposed to tell a women how she should behave, you are imply by your statement that I “make REAL men ashamed to share a gender with [me]” that you know what makes a man a “real” man and an “unreal” man. Transsexual feminist R.W. Connell wrote in Masculinities that twentieth-century research “failed to produce a coherent science of masculinity.” (Ch.3)  Would you disagree with this statement? Do you believe that there is a such thing as a “real” man and a lesser man? If so, how do you define a “real” man. Are you attempting to coerce or manipulate my choices or beliefs by holding the definition of masculinity hostage to your own political agenda?  Again, you are a crafty little thing.


Ms. Megan Elijah,

Of course I can’t comment on crimes about which you’ve provided no proof or information. Rape is considered a very serious crime in our culture, and is punishable by law. It is my duty to advise you to report any possible crimes to the appropriate authorities. Your statement that claiming that I “have no idea how good it feels to march in solidarity and scream “NO” at the top of your lungs” while correct, leads me to believe that SlutWalk is some kind of cathartic group therapy exercise for rape victims.

I found it a little disingenuous that you would say that we could be friends if I changed my ideas on certain topics.

Isn’t that like saying I would have to change who I am to suit some externally imposed standard?

Spearhead readers :

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how women associated with SlutWalk represent themselves. I’m not in the habit of getting into protracted Internet exchanges, much less sharing them in article form. However, the point of writing about SlutWalk was to show who these women are, and what they really believe, and make it a searchable public record. They are free to respond to my comments here, of course. I prefer finished replies, and if this discussion continues, I will respond again in finished article form.

SlutWalk is a flash-in-the pan trend, a feminist fad. In the big scheme of things, it doesn’t mean much at all. It is interesting because it sheds light on the many contradictions and hypocrisies of the modern feminist movement. These women are privileged members of a feminist society, but they are not elite east coast media feminists. These women are not Gloria Steinem or Hanna Rosin or even Jessica Valenti. They are the feminists on the ground, the worker bees of modern feminism. SlutWalk is a good opportunity to get to know these gals and see what they are all about.

And, in the spirit of the “This is What a Feminist Looks Like” campaign, well, now we have pictures.


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demirogue August 4, 2011 at 06:20

While perusing FB last week I came across the newest deviation of this mentality which is going topless. They want to protest the fact that men can walk around shirtless now while women can’t. What’s next, wearing see through panties in public? And they want to cry about rape? They need to cry but only because people said enough is enough and started to belt them on their asses.

Women need to be controlled and on a very, very short leash. They’ve been given every right, every option, every opportunity to be something and what do they do with it? Abuse and manipulate it with reckless abandonment and incessant demands.

The above doesn’t apply to all of them because many out there do exhibit some class but their brain dead sisters are ruining for them.

One other thing, watching the news last night the topic of Obamacare came up and in it is a provision where health insurance providers must now pay and provide women with birth control, medical care, and everything under the sun for free. That folks is the end of the health care system in the US. Not only will I not finance this piece of garbage legislation, I refuse to buy into the medical system on any level.

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finndistan August 4, 2011 at 06:21

Heh, I was waiting for this: The SluttyWalkers are in Helsinki.

From the newspaper:

”Probably nobody would dare to say that it was your own fault if you wore a miniskirt,” said Helsinki SlutWalk organiser Laura Hallikas. ”But there is an atmosphere in which women are divided into decent women and sluts.”

She also mentions judgement.

This gave me an idea.

You see, I do not judge sluts. i do not consciously favor decent women .

It just happens that I feel attracted towards decent women. Don’t know why, don’t know how, there is nothing I can do about it. I would really like to take a slut out to dinner and give her a ring, but somehow I do not feel the chemistry. something is missing, not there. the feeling is not right. The butterflies in my stomach are not flying. It is more lie hedgehogs in my stomach. Dunno why. I do not understand it because a woman is not responsible for her choices, things just happen to her, so why does this lack of attraction happen to me? Why, oh why do I feel the urge to chat up a decent woman? I do not want to, but it just happens.

Can’t call me “judging” now, can you, you SluttyWalkers.

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Maaldweb August 4, 2011 at 06:41

Hofstein, Elijah etc…I wonder what their ethnic background is… I assume they don’t eat pork and shellfish often ;-)

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Geography Bee Finalist himself August 4, 2011 at 07:12

I wouldn’t worry too much about these Slutwalk sows.

They have no redeeming features. None.

They cannot figure out that if you dress like a whore, you deserve to be treated in a disrespectful manner. Even conservatively dressed mentally retarded women can figure this out and conduct themselves with more propriety and intelligence than these Slutwalkers, the latter of whom who want to have it all ways, all the time. Mentally retarded, conservatively dressed women are smart enough to figure out that they cannot always get what they want all the time. Perhaps the Slutwalkers should be checked out for signs of profound mental retardation.

The Slutwalkers cannot hold a consistent opinion for longer than a man or woman can hold his/her breath underwater without oxygen tanks, so lets see if in four minutes the Slutwalkers bounce to another inconsistent opinion or throw their previous position overboard.

I am pretty sure people will grow tired of Slutwalk nonsense. Ideally Portland will only allow Slutwalks to be held in January to inconvenience the Slutwalkers, and with the stipulation that Slutwalkers will be on their own if they get hypothermia from a January Slutwalk, entirely of their own fault.

I bet Slutwalkers will want to preface “nature” with “father” from that point on, since we all know feminists do not want to put “mother” before “nature” since nature includes tornados, avalanches, tsunamis, hurricanes, and hopefully low enough temperatures during Slutwalks to give Slutwalkers hypothermia. Although the blame for the hypothermia would be on the Slutwalkers, they would want to blame nature, which does not have a brain.
Even mentally retarded conservatively dressed women probably have more of a sense of personal responsibility than Slutwalkers.

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Anonymous age 69 August 4, 2011 at 07:22

Nearly 25 years ago, there was one of the ad infinitum ad nauseum national campaigns on rape, saying it was the worst thing that could happen to a woman. I may not be a Rhodes Scholar but I do know pure b.s when I hear it.

So, I asked a number of women at work if that were true, that rape is the worst thing that can happen to a woman. Yes, 100% of them said, rape is the worst thing to happen to a woman.

Then, I asked them if they would give up their kids forever to avoid being raped.

100% of them said they would not give up their kids forever, to avoid being raped, one even offering to kick my butt for suggesting she was such a lousy mom that she would give up her kids just to avoid a trivial thing like being raped, thus proving that rape is not the worst thing that can happen to a woman.

But, they also showed their total lack of empathy for divorced men who experience what women view as worse than rape, but are supposed to come up, a big smile on their faces, billfold in hand, saying, “How much, darlin’?”

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Anonymous August 4, 2011 at 07:23

Portland slutwalk met at SW 3rd and Madison. Check on portlandmaps.com to see the rape statistics for that block. You will find the rape statistics for that block are “less than 1%.” The slutwalkers had a parade permit and police escort. Who, observing the slutwalk, was challenged in his or her thinking? What risks were they taking? There are parts of town where the rape statistics are more than less than 1%. But to have their parade at those locations might reveal something the slutwalkers cannot speak of. Similarly, Islam is quite clear that women are worth less than men and the slutwalkers could have had their parade go by a mosque. The slutwalkers confuse their own self-indulgence with social confrontation. I like self-indulgence but not confusion.

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Anonymous age 69 August 4, 2011 at 07:25

Historically, rape laws were intended to protect women of good character, from being sexually violated. In that era, it was presumed good women had sex in marriage. Rape laws were not intended to protect promiscuous sluts from one of thousands of sex partners, based solely on non-verifiable parameters.

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demirogue August 4, 2011 at 07:41

Amen 69.

Huffington does an article about college women who turn to prostitution for a living. They only do so because of the sexual revolution and the shameless promotion of loose women in society as being empowered. But the real value women had in the past was never between their legs. That was only one part of it but not the whole enchilada like it is today. And they do that to themselves.

So if their overvalued pussy is all they have to offer and only to certain men, then obviously we need a whole new set of laws to ensure the men they don’t want sexually are kept at bay with fear. Never mind the fact they want to flaunt their wares in those mens faces and expect a whole bunch of sexless guys to remain civil. It doesn’t make any sense.

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Poiuyt August 4, 2011 at 07:41

One sure thing these detestable walking sluts can’t see, can’t understand and can’t ever know, even if they had the minimum intelligence to care at all, is that the decades long coerced indebtedness, the state borowing, the state taxing and the state redistribution of other peoples monies at gun-point, on which they and their entitlement minded patrons, handlers and supporters engourge themselves, is comming to an end.

The increasingly large and ballooning social, moral and economic costs of sexist police states, their ideological machines and their genderist institutional apparatii have irreparably broken the treasuries, the currencies the banks and the cultures of the peoples subjected to it as a political ideal … And these hugely devastating structural costs to prurient states practicing the genderism and sexism, on which unattractive slutwalking fools are able to day-dream, work-free, responsibility-free and accountability-free, are simply no longer sustainable.

As our old freind Paul Elam has maintained right from the start of this debate, the best medicine is that for all interested men to judiciously and conscienciously find a corner for themselves in which to survive the stark, desolating malaise of these lands and simply shrugg it. In other words men are correctly advised to abandon all and every of their natural and good instincts to do anything at all about these viciously cannibalistic societies of feminism that have adopted the ideology of sexist, institutional genderism and let them burn themselves to the ground.

Even Anders Brevick of Norway can be credited with being correct in his observations surrounding this femaleist pandemic and the spreading political disease of marxist liberalism, even though he is to be rebuked for taking the wrong cureative actions to solve it.

Its no different in either Scandanavia, Norway, Canada, USA, UK, Europe nor Astralia. All concerned men are invited to shrugg it.

And if it need be asked again, the so be it :- “why should only a half of the entire populations by gender of any society or any nation, be the ones soley obligated to produce something of value, when all other categories of the other half, if they so choose, are to be allowed and permited to live as cannibals on all that is good, on all that is produced and on all that is of any value, Why ?”

So that these walking sluts can walk all they like. Their excesses and the excesses of their patrons, their handlers and their supporters have brought about grave social, moral, legal and economic consequences of a fundamental and epoch changing kind. Changes that even they, now at the heighest point of their drunken stupor and excessive self indulgence can’t ever imagine or know about.

If any man or other concerned vigilante has ears, then let him hear… Do not do a single thing about this god damned genderist shithole to save anything. Let it collapse morally, socially and economically of its own volution, its own greed, its own fecklessness, its own amorality and its unbridled enimity and hatred towards its own males as boys, husbands and fathers !

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Opus August 4, 2011 at 08:08

I detect that – once again – it is slut-baiting season. Slut-baiting is an increasingly popular sport, where the object seems to be to get the lesbians and their confused male friends to respond to the taunting of men like Jack Donovan. It is cruel and should be outlawed as a Hate-Crime. A slut however always takes the bait and can provide hours of fun twisting on the hook on which they are impaled by those who laugh at their costumes and jeer at the sexual style. These sights can only be seen in democracies and should be on any sight-seekers list, as slut-shaming will surely be outlawed before too long.

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Norm August 4, 2011 at 08:15

Feminism isn’t going to give up it’s ill gotten gains easily. It peaked in the 90s, but maybe the Slutwalk will be their “Jumping the Shark”.

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knuckledragger August 4, 2011 at 08:17

…we let ‘em drive, we let ‘em vote, and this is what we get.
Ridiculous to even offer attention to another excuse to dress like a whore, goof off in public, and not bring me a beer.
Any man worth his salt should fire any skank who was “sick” from work to attend this nonsense.

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Rus August 4, 2011 at 08:30

First post i didn’t read since discovering this fine site. It’s just… mud slinging with feminists? Why the hell?

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Will August 4, 2011 at 08:56

Quote: Demirogue:
“health insurance providers must now pay and provide women with birth control, medical care, and everything under the sun for free”

Women are the BIGGEST users of Health Care BY FAR.

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SingleDad August 4, 2011 at 09:04

@ Anonymous 69

Nailed it, knocked it outa the park….nice.

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SingleDad August 4, 2011 at 09:13

Rape is now the extra tax women charge men if some how their unsatisfied with whatever arrangement was made before or after any encounter in or outside of marriage.

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Firepower August 4, 2011 at 09:15

Feasting off the rage of these fascist liberals may be fun, but it accomplishes nothing.

Entertainment accomplishes nothing.

wtf – do you EXPECT liberals/feminists to suddenly “see the light” of our argument and join us?

Face reality: liberalism must be eradicated.

Back to your fun n’ games of giggling at them.

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keyster August 4, 2011 at 09:22

They’re high functioning children with sexual power and they don’t want you to forget it. They’re outraged that just because a young woman dresses and acts in a sexually provocative manner, that she might receive unwanted attention from young men that don’t appeal to her.

She should be able to dress like a street whore and abuse alcohol to the point of delerium and they feel compelled to lecture us on how that doesn’t mean this is an advertisment to be sexually harrassed, sexually assaulted or heaven forbid raped. Gee, I would have never known otherwise.

In other words if you see someone dressed as a clown, that doesn’t necessarily mean that person should be laughed at, disrespected or is even in a “funny mood”. On the contrary this could be a very serious and mature clown, merely on his way home from work. Ignore the round red nose.

They want the “RIGHT” to dress as sexually provocative as they want to without being constantly annoyed by lowly beta males. They’d prefer you not “sexually victimize” them, unless you’re hot and they’re into you, then it’s totally OK. They want pussy begger young men to abide by a self-imposed filtering process; know their place among the exhalted sexually empowered woman.

Remember this: She didn’t bother to get dressed up for the likes of YOU. Her hope was a worthy athelete or Hollywood star might notice her and talk to her; not some weak, pathetic loser with a little too much liquid courage under his belt. That’s what they’re protesting.

“We’ve got the sexual power, the power of consent, the gate keeper of the holy vaginal crevice. See our bouncing propped up cleavage, our long legs and glorious ass protruding from those heels? You want it don’t you?
….ha, ha, ha…you can’t have it because I SAY SO! Because I have THIS power over you, lowly little man. Bow down to me and beg me a little, I might even let the others see me talking to you, without calling the cops.”

Women know no other way to control men but through their sexuality.
And that’s because it’s easy for them to do and it works.
This isn’t feminism, it’s flaunting female sexual power in the faces of men.
Yet further proof how cognitively dissonant these urban hipster types are.

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MSFM August 4, 2011 at 09:55

demirogue August 4, 2011 at 07:41
Amen 69.

“So if their overvalued pussy is all they have to offer and only to certain men, then obviously we need a whole new set of laws to ensure the men they don’t want sexually are kept at bay with fear. “

True, and the program is moving along as planned.

“Never mind the fact they want to flaunt their wares in those mens faces and expect a whole bunch of sexless guys to remain civil. It doesn’t make any sense.”

Sure it does, if you see the big picture.

The actual slut walks, while worthy of discussion regarding their purpose and a good laugh, are largely distractions.

The “sluts” and their “sisters of oppression” are nothing more than useful idiots. They are having fun at everyone’s expense, acting out like children running naked in a candy story, but their actions are serving an agenda.

Women are being “empowered” by the government, media, and other nefarious forces to do whatever they want and the “average male” needs to sit down, shut up, and take it; like a slave.

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Skeptik August 4, 2011 at 09:56

It gets tiresome being sexually harassed by being flashed at by half (or even less than half) dressed idiots.
These ‘proud’ sluts are no better than this stereotypical figure –


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MSFM August 4, 2011 at 10:05

I made the mistake of clicking on the photo link provided.

My favorite; the guy holding a sign displaying a modern day version of the Medieval mace (baseball bat with spikes) and the subtle message;
“No Consent, Get Bent.”

These deranged White Knights with a cause present the most immediate danger to the non-assimilated “average male.”

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keyster August 4, 2011 at 10:31

I will be posting a movie I made on Elam’s YouTube as well as on his new site, (music licensing issues!)…on SlutWalk/Denver. The “organizers” there were three rather homely lesbian/feminists, (two of whom claimed to be “victims of sexual assault” or men touching them and calling them names).

They brought in several males as “supporters” or people meant to handle security should there have been any rowdy “dudes” hitting on any of the scantily clad “sluts”. They actually imagined announcing and publicizing an event called “slut walk”, would incite all kinds of harrassement and attention from uncontrollably horny young men…so they had “trusted male friends” (ie – white knights) on patrol for ” sexual violence” incidents.

Turned out just like every other SlutWalk. Anti-climactic, male sexuality shaming, victimhood rabble-rousing, claiming back some sort of “power”, interspersed with a lot of oddly dressed people standing around and then a very uneventful walk around the block.

Truly a “jump the shark” moment for today’s feminism…
…yet Women’s Studies curriculum keeps them lingering on.

Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 31 Thumb down 4
Firepower August 4, 2011 at 10:44

Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

Poorly-rated. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 15 Thumb down 39
Slicer August 4, 2011 at 11:09

I thought the tolerant gays preached diversity and open mindedness but it seems they resort to collectivism and closed mindedness when “one of their own” doesn’t conform with their agenda. They are hypocrites. The typical collectivism displayed by feminists and gays is a by product of the fact they are weak individuals and seek safety in numbers.

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Paradoxotaur August 4, 2011 at 11:34

I do not agree that the majority of slut walkers have sexual power, in fact I think it’s just the opposite. They know they’re fat, ugly trolls who can’t attract the attention they want/need any other way. It seems that in most slut walks, there are at least one or two hotties that are featured in the photos, and that the fatties are trying to enhance their SMV by association.

Regarding whether general perceptions regarding “rape culture” might be changing, Ann Coulter published an essay yesterday about FRAs and media stupidity in believing serial false accusers, how the initial story gets 1500 words, the retraction is buried, etc.

Here’s a quote illustrating her writing style: “How do you go from total amnesia to deciding that you were the star of your own Lifetime made-for-TV movie? I don’t remember offhand what I was doing last Tuesday, but this does not automatically lead me to assume I was gang-raped.”

Link: http://townhall.com/columnists/anncoulter/2011/08/03/media_halliburton_paid_dick_cheney_to_commit_rape_in_iran/page/2

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Firepower August 4, 2011 at 11:49

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Poorly-rated. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 11 Thumb down 35
ThisEntireExchangeIsSad August 4, 2011 at 11:49

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Poorly-rated. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 10 Thumb down 58
Anti Idiocy August 4, 2011 at 11:50

“What’s next, wearing see through panties in public?”

If women want to go topless and wear see through panties in public, it’s fine with me.

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Just Don't Give a F#$% Anymore August 4, 2011 at 11:55

One of the greatest feminist sins was to cast all women as “good” and to cast all men as “evil.” In society, every man is considered a psychopath. It can be argued that being a man is a criminal offense. What we are experiencing in society is similar to the Salem witch hunts. I always roll my eyes when I hear fraudulent statistics given by feminists. If we were to believe the feminist myths, we would all know a male who is a sexual sadist. How many sexual sadists do you know?

I am sickened by the notion that a woman’s safety is more important than a man’s safety. Almost everyone in our society would do anything to make sure not one hair is every harmed on a woman’s head, even if it meant turning our society into a police state. Almost no one in our society would do anything to make sure not one hair was harmed on a man, as evident by the extremely high number of male suicides, the millions of men who have died in war, and the thousands of men who are homeless.

The hardest part of being a man is realizing you are on your own. We men won’t get any freebies in this life. The world is a cold and lonely place when you realize that no one gives a f#$% because you were born with male genitalia.

Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 42 Thumb down 9
only known as Joshua August 4, 2011 at 12:01

Slutwalk should be named schmuck walks. I noted that women who participated in these walks are idiots.

Who would want to see tube sock like breasts , flapping in the wind. or look at portly women filled doughnuts and excess junk food

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CyclotronMajesty August 4, 2011 at 12:14

The responders have popular belief that (falsely is associated with psychology and psychoanalysis). That if you are appalled at homosexuality and feel it is a malformative maladaptive sickness – then you ARE homosexual.

I dunno where or how they exactly they came to this brilliant revelation… and especially supposing that other homosexuals are just as appalled at their perversions as anyone – find it a very queer situation indeed.

However, I’ve been told (by a psychiatrist) but don’t fully understand, that it has apparently something to do with the subconscious. Apparently people who are against homosexuality ARE actually homosexual themselves, but just hiding it in their subconscious by means of conscious will to be against homosexuality…

Apparently (i’m assuming) if you are a true heterosexual, you are not bothered or disgusted by homosexuality, you think it’s OK, natural upright etc. But if you are homosexual I’m not sure if it means that you had to go through this stage of apparent self-loathing or not, or if it just applies to the political and social enemies of the LBGQT whatever group in order to infuriate them endlessly.

Either way it’s very convenient ad-hominim tactic to the gay agenda. Only problem is they are undermining the character of their opponents by joining forces with them. An rather suicidal and unconvincing maneuver I should think .

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Opus August 4, 2011 at 12:17

Slut Walks are the bargain basement, closing-down-all-stock-must-go, sale for local womanhood. The protestations of (non-existant) attention are merely attempts to raise their sagging SMV. Even Betas and Omegas do not seem able to raise sufficient interest (now that they have computer Porn and X-Box to play with). How they would love the attention of some hood from the local ghetto to show interest – one can imagine the boasting that would go on in the Frat House later. How dare that policeman draw attention to the fact that even half-unclothed no one is prepared to force their attentions on them.

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Seamus the Classicist August 4, 2011 at 12:31

The truth is: prostitution should be legalised so that straight men don’t have to be subjugated to a “relationship” for sex.

Until then, there are strip clubs.

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Troll King August 4, 2011 at 12:31

Holy shit, this is just too damn good.

Please, everyone write this up and spread the message.

Hugo Schwyzer, the male feminist who lectured and spoke at atleast one slutwalk and also wrote a piece for the “good” Men Project about how he was complicit in helping a skank cuckold a man has been caught in a lie by Susan Walsh of Hooking Up Smart.

Hugo said that “Ted”, the guy who is likely raising Hugos child, was ok with the decision and projected responsibilty onto the decieved man. Susan Walsh is now claiming that she was contacted on Facebook, about a Tweet that Hugo criticized her over, by a man who is claiming to be “Ted”.

It is possible that this is a troll but he didn’t want her to publish the info and claims that Hugo, Susan Walsh said she saw the emails, was still contacting his wife while they were married. “Ted” also claims he found out in 2001 and divorced her several years later. So many lies that this scumbag male feminist might be caught in.

I really hope Ted comes out and publishes his story.

Here is a reddit post on it with the links.

Hugo, like all mangina feminists, is a real piece of shit.

Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 17 Thumb down 4
Troll King August 4, 2011 at 12:39

Also, no wonder he supports the slutwalks. Those skanks are probably the only women he can get. I don’t use this word against men much, but he is CREEPY!

Here is one of his posts on it.


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Jim R. August 4, 2011 at 12:40

Jeff, you kicked their asses! You sir are a real man. Keep up the good work soldier.

Like or Dislike: Thumb up 1 Thumb down 4
Paradoxotaur August 4, 2011 at 12:45

@ThisEntireExchangeIsSad: “it’s likely to not be reported to authorities. Many reasons: embarrassment, shame, and fear, are some.”

Since “desire for attention” is reliably one of the top reasons false accusers give for making false rape accusations, it’s difficult to believe your assertion. While it may be true that only 55% of rapes of women are reported, several other studies support the conclusion that at least 80% of rape accusations are false (~>65%) or unfounded (15-20%) (note to the mathematically challenged: these data are not mutually exclusive). Thus, Mr. Donovan should not be accused of victim blaming, as it would be more accurate to characterize it as false-accuser blaming. Personally, I have know true rape victims who were not at all shamed, embarrassed, or fearful (why should they be?), others that treated it as a trifle (details in a former post), and other wanna-be “victims” who are the polar opposite of your assertion, who confabulate a story solely for the attention it brings and the imputed increase in their sexual desirability.

Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 15 Thumb down 8
Just Don't Give a F#$% Anymore August 4, 2011 at 12:54


Are you aware that most men of domestic violence at the hands of women do not report the violence that was inflicted upon them?

You should start living in the real world.

Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 33 Thumb down 7
somerandomdude August 4, 2011 at 13:11

“Yay gamerkidz! Shake your fist and yell at The Screen! That proves you’re gaining real, live virtual ground.”

So tell us what you’re doing about it, Firepower.

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ThisEntireExchangeIsSad August 4, 2011 at 13:20

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XS August 4, 2011 at 13:40

This line jumped off the page for me:

“Children were present for simple reasons, instilling true and honest values is for every age.”

Yep, get them when they’re young and socially condition them to toxic narcisstic logic.

Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 19 Thumb down 5
I'mdonewastingmytimeonthis August 4, 2011 at 14:13

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DCM August 4, 2011 at 14:16

‘demirogue August 4, 2011 at 06:20

………They want to protest the fact that men can walk around shirtless now while women can’t. What’s next, wearing see through panties in public?……
……..Women need to be controlled and on a very, very short leash….’

‘Anti Idiocy August 4, 2011 at 11:50

“What’s next, wearing see through panties in public?”

If women want to go topless and wear see through panties in public, it’s fine with me.”

Yes, women actually do need stronger controls than men — even the weak men who mistakenly believe that by spoiling and encouraging childlike females they will get more pussy.

Truth is, women are emotional and slightly stupider than men.

However, they should be able to go topless where men can. It won’t be what they or many men think. In a short time it will no longer have the surprise value it does now that many take to be it’s universal impact. Men will look at tits, evaluate them, and not be overly excited just as they do women’s legs. Legs weren’t exposed through much of the 1700s and 1800s and probably before. Once they were it became an accepted norm in less than a decade. On the other hand, men will not cease to be interested in tits any more than men are uninterested in legs.
Feminists and manginas will be left as angry and frustrated as ever, especially since obnoxious and hideous feminists won’t get any more interest from quality men than they do now — and that’s an important element in feminist showoff parades, which are their “beauty” pageants.
The real problem is lawyers who profit by social disorder and politicians who use it.

Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 20 Thumb down 7
SingleDad August 4, 2011 at 14:51

@ I’mdonewastingmytimeonthis

How did you fit “domestic violence”, “sex work”, “slut walk”, “sexual assault”, “rape” and “hate speech” all in one short post?

Are you really Danielle Steele?

Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 15 Thumb down 6
Uncle Elmer August 4, 2011 at 14:59

Will : Quote: Demirogue:
“health insurance providers must now pay and provide women with birth control, medical care, and everything under the sun for free”

Women are the BIGGEST users of Health Care BY FAR.


Tell me about it. Since my import bride arrived three years ago she has been to the doctor dozens of times.

I have only been to the doctor once since then, when I had a scary lump on my scrotum that turned out to be a large zit.

When she’s fighting with me I clutch my chest and act faint, which makes her ballistic “I told you to go to the doctor! You never do anything! You never do something done!”

It’s charming the way she mangles English.

Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 15 Thumb down 8
Paradoxotaur August 4, 2011 at 15:08

@TEEIS:”Is that like somebody saying something racially derogative then turning around and saying they aren’t racist because they have black friends?”

No, no it’s not. Maybe someone else feels like explaining this to her?

“Because you “know true rape victims” you think that everybody feels the same way they do or that they have the same reaction as others?”

I apologize for not making my point sufficiently clear for you. I do not think everyone has the same reaction as others, in fact, my point was that some women don’t have the reaction that YOU apparently think they should have.

“Did you tell them that it was their fault for wearing what they were wearing? And did you also inform them that their accusation was likely false?”

Absolutely not. If you had better reading comprehension, you would understand that in each case a rape occurred and that your comment above is really stupid, even for a feminist. Your comment seems to be nothing more than a feminist canard that’s trotted out every time rape is discussed. In the first instance, it was a violent, brutal rape. The perpetrator was arrested, convicted, and locked up for a very long time. No one that I know of (based on her telling of her story) suggested any part of it was her fault or treated her with anything but dignity and respect. In the second case (and I apologize for those who have already heard this), a woman I cared about very much was describing her first sexual experience- she was travelling through Europe with a girlfriend and they met a tall, handsome, exotic Swiss man who invited them to a party and to spend the night. She got baked, fell asleep, and woke up with him on – and inside- her. I was beyond angry and yelled “You mean he RAPED YOU!!!” to which she replied “Mummph. When I realized what was happening I decided to lie back and enjoy it.” And no, I don’t expect any other individual to respond in the same manner, but if some did, it might explain why not all rapes are reported.

“It’s unfortunate that you feel this way.”

Oh, now it’s about feeeeeeeeeewwwwings? I didn’t discuss my feelings, so how do you know what they are?

“your statistic of 80% of rapes being false is quite off. What misogynistic website did you retrieve that from?”

I’m sorry, but this is old news. If you want to better educate yourself on these matters, you can start with Charles P. McDowell, 1983 et seq. or Dr. Warren Farrell’s The Myth of Male Power, Chap. 14, 1993 (featured in the sidebar ->). Like I said, old news.

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MWPeak August 4, 2011 at 15:12

Pictures of slutwalks always induce in me two distinct reactions:

*I want to find a monastary away from the world and spend my days in quite solitude contemplating how wonderful life is as a single, chaste man.

*I want to take a shower.

Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 23 Thumb down 5
Snark August 4, 2011 at 15:14

“Well, if most crimes involving domestic violence, sexual assualt/rape weren’t perpetrated by men against women, it probably wouldn’t be an issue, now would it?”

Plenty of non-issues have become ‘issues’ for no reason other than women’s incessant complaining.

“As a man,”


“I see a bunch of other men whining and boo-hooing because their inferiority complexes are so threatened by women, they can’t stand it.”

If I had an inferiority complex, and women were threatening it, I’d be grateful to those women. It seems they would be doing me a favour.

“So the only realistic option is to spew a bunch of non-sense bull that is really nothing more than hate speech.”

Yes, that may be your only realistic option.

“Also, more people love Danielle Steele than they do “Jack Donovan”.”

This matters, because truth is decided according to which speaker is most loved.

You narcissistic twat.

Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 27 Thumb down 6
Mr. Freeze August 4, 2011 at 15:31
SingleDad August 4, 2011 at 15:47

@ MWPeak

Are the slutwalks really “anti-aphrodisiacs” to turn other men off to the stank taco?

Sea monkeys do it.


Like or Dislike: Thumb up 1 Thumb down 4
P. Gibson August 4, 2011 at 15:49

sluts ?

Fuck them.

end of story.

maybe not. I’m still going….

There’s no dignity in trying to educate half of the population (men) with your fucked-up views of comportment of the object called “SLUT”.

I have a feeling that if I advertised my cock as widely as women feel the need to advertise their paltry assets to make a “statement” of some kind, that I’d be in a small minority, and would likely also be incarcerated for indecent exposure.

Tits and cleavage seem to be everywhere; it’s how they sell shit, including themselves.

As it turns out, cock doesn’t sell nearly as well as vagoo and tits – (see “exploitation and object-like handling of feemales”.)

Throughout history ADMEN and ADwimminz have proven over and over again that objectifying women sells stuff. It happens now (boooooo fucking Whoo) and will continue to adorn our webpages, newspapers, and magazines. And whether you like it or not, women will always be the bait…an object!

A slutty object sometimes. And the sluttier they come, it’s more likely those that use these slutty object for commercial gain will likely profit handsomely.

And This profit from sluthood isn’t likely to change anytime soon.

Fuck the double-standards out of them, I say.

The slut is the most objectified – (is this a word, even?) – object and not human touch accessible – thing in history, I’ll wager.

And for every feminist there’s a slut waiting to have her business looked into.


One step forward is met with two steps back, sluts.

And you’re trying to convince others of your “femininity”? Yeah, I see.


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Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c) August 4, 2011 at 16:05

I like how women say “you should show respect for women” when they are the BIGGEST pottymouths around.

How much “respect” do women show ex fathers and husbands like me? LOL!?

Liars and hypocrites. Pretty much all western women.

Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 22 Thumb down 8
CyclotronMajesty August 4, 2011 at 16:40

LOL. We are being criticized for hating again.

This is the part where we are supposed to work overtime trying to convince everyone that we do indeed not hate women, gays, fuckbag manginas and all the rest of them.

But lets try something new:

Lets just forgo that bullshit and just admit it.

WE are ALL misogynists!

Get over it.

I’m not offended of the fact that you mention I might hate you.
I’m not ashamed either.

Just a suggestion. ;)

Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 13 Thumb down 10
buggeroff11 August 4, 2011 at 17:48

Female responsibility & accountability ZERO
What a bunch of truly dumb bitches. If you want to walk down a dark ally dressed like a slut or not, bad things are going to happen to you..duh!
We ALL would like to be safe wherever we go, gee wonder why that has never been the case.
We have tits & a fanny (i think) so the rules of the universe do not apply to us. We are not responsible for our actions ….errr bloody men thats the problem.

Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 14 Thumb down 6
Royce Geist August 4, 2011 at 19:19

Great article, those responses to them are classic, keep up the great posts.

Like or Dislike: Thumb up 6 Thumb down 3
freebird August 4, 2011 at 19:32

The goal is to retain perpetual victimhood.

Most often I suggest to these wimmin outraged by the rapes that never happened, to ARM themselves, and be responsible for their own safety.

(Cricketts chirping)

Like or Dislike: Thumb up 8 Thumb down 4
Charles Martel August 4, 2011 at 20:29

Jesus, Jack, did you have to include the “now” link? What the hell? Just as well my daughter wasn’t around when I clicked on that.

Like or Dislike: Thumb up 4 Thumb down 1
Jack Donovan August 4, 2011 at 21:42


I am also glad that your daughter was not in the room to see that “now” photo, but from a tactical standpoint I’d be pleased to see EVERY feminist article in the world accompanied by that picture. Because an obese woman massaging her strap on penis is about the most appropriate image that I can think of to capture the spirit of feminism.

That guy August 4, 2011 at 22:18

Wow, what a screaming bunch of harpies. There doesn’t seem to be a single well thought out idea or sentence in any of their posts.

Like or Dislike: Thumb up 11 Thumb down 3
Skeptik August 4, 2011 at 22:21

@Seamus the Classicist August 4, 2011 at 12:31

The truth is: prostitution should be legalised so that straight men don’t have to be subjugated to a “relationship” for sex.

Until then, there are strip clubs.

The fact is prostitution of women IS already legalized – only not in the form you’re imagining.
It’s not called prostitution though. That would be entirely too obvious.
Like many other instances in our current Orwellian feminist times it goes under a euphemistic double-speak term “relationship”

I agree there are strip clubs though. Very public ones too.
They’re called slut-walks.
But to be fair the slutwalks are just one extreme edge of a continuum.
Try going ANYWHERE in the west without being bombarded by women shoving their sexuality center stage.
Billboards, TV, internet, magazines, movies etc etc.
You go wimmin! Gotta keep those men with sex drive in a state of CONSTANT desire which we can exploit for profit eh?

Back to the slutwalks – Too bad if you don’t want to be sexually harassed by having tits, ass and crotch shoved in your face at every turn (in broad daylight and public!) but just want to go about your business.

Like or Dislike: Thumb up 7 Thumb down 5
evilwhitemalempire August 4, 2011 at 22:33

The Dow plunged over 500 points today.
Now is the perfect time for the MRM to extend itself.
Lots of idle, angry men looking for someone or something to blame and there’s gonna be a lot more to come.

Like or Dislike: Thumb up 5 Thumb down 6
evilwhitemalempire August 4, 2011 at 22:49

“We’ve got the sexual power, the power of consent, the gate keeper of the holy vaginal crevice. See our bouncing propped up cleavage, our long legs and glorious ass protruding from those heels? You want it don’t you?
….ha, ha, ha…you can’t have it because I SAY SO! Because I have THIS power over you, lowly little man. Bow down to me and beg me a little, I might even let the others see me talking to you, without calling the cops.”

Well that’s certainly what they want to think they’re doing and what they want us to think they’re doing.
But just look at most of them.
Feminism isn’t bitch/goddess/destroyerism.
It’s bitch/goddess/destroyer wannabeeism.

Like or Dislike: Thumb up 7 Thumb down 3
Robert August 4, 2011 at 23:46

Want to piss off a slutwalker? Point at them and laugh or, just ignore them

Like or Dislike: Thumb up 10 Thumb down 3
E August 5, 2011 at 00:06

Seamus the Classicist

The truth is: prostitution should be legalised so that straight men don’t have to be subjugated to a “relationship” for sex.

A prostitute charges $200.
That’s a damn good deal considering the alternative: paying at least $200,000 for this thing called a marriage.

Contrary to what feminists may say, they are NOT against the idea of men paying for sex. What they are against is men paying fair market value for sex. They are more than happy for men to pay highway robbery prices.

Like or Dislike: Thumb up 13 Thumb down 4
Auntie Pheminizm August 5, 2011 at 00:42

Funny how so-called “tolerant” folks seem to always be judging everyone and everything other than themselves. And harshly.

They are the same people who laugh whenever men are falsely accused of rape, have their genitals maimed, lose custody in divorce, get saddle with 23 years of child support for kids they never wanted, etc.

Where is the march filled with ordinary women who are “responsible”? I guess they can’t find even ONE participant.

Feminuts think ANY critique of feminism is unfounded. They consider anyone who finds errors, hypocrisies, inconsistencies in their movement “evil.” We are not to notice that they have zero empathy for men’s lives. Or that they want rape of women considered horrific, but laughingly wish any male who critiques them to be raped…in or out of prison.

So how can it be that female circumcision is horrible, but male circumcision no big deal?

Why should men care about people who don’t care about them?

And the obvious: women forever tell men the “right” way to approach females. They never think that females are equally and fully capable of approaching men, too.

Of course, doing so would mean their facing rejection. Apparently, tough-feisty-equal wimmin can’t handle that. Easier to blame men for not meeting their unspoken “needs.”

Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 17 Thumb down 5
Auntie Pheminizm August 5, 2011 at 01:14

MGTOW should not mean hetero men going without sex. “Game,” in some ways, empowers pussy. Do we REALLY want guys to learn how to pick up sluts? It’s like eating only at greasy spoon diners, then complaining that the food sucks.

We have options.

Better to teach men how to spot and avoid sluts. There ARE millions of good women in the world. Few frequent clubs or go to places where they have to wear “bitch shields.” Guys need to go where they can meet women over time. That “time” will let men see how the women really are. Do you really want to wake up next to a skank who may get preggers or give you herpes?

It’s like trying to live off junk food. You can’t truly nourish yourself by eating fast-food. It takes time to find, prepare, digest good food. But if you think doing so “wastes” your time, you’ve got a problem. Men “going their own way” is good in that it lets guys get off the poon rat-race. It’s males refusing to play a game rigged in women’s favor.

Plus how many women do you really need in your life for sex? If you are pumping-and-dumping you are cynically short-changing yourself. And rewarding bad female behaviors. It’s telling yourself that you don’t deserve better.

How many close male friends do you need? Do you go out all the time trying to be buddies with every guy you meet? What happened to men’s “standards”?

Part of the problem is that we’re shamed out of having men as supporters. We’re told only women have feelings, only they can comfort us. That’s why feminists call men who have close male friends “gay.” It’s a threat to women’s Nurturing Monopoly.

We get sucked into false advertising. We are taught that we need women, but that they don’t need us. Well, if all men went on strike for even one day civilization would crumble. See how useful Cupcake is when the power goes out.

If you watch the news you forget that “news” is mostly negative. You forget reality, which is that most people are good, peaceful, helpful. Millions of people obey laws and drive safely every hour, every day. Yet we hear only about accidents. So we end up being stressed, depressed, and fearful…thinking the world is dangerous dog-eat-dog world. The truth is there is a helluvah lot more cooperation in the world than competition.

Find activities you like that women also attend. Do those activities because you innately like them. You will then have fun if you never meet any women. But it’s more likely you WILL meet women…and automatically have something in common with them. No need to use “lines” or do magic tricks.

In sum: if going one’s way means being alone and sad, what’s the point? It doesn’t have to be that stark. MGTOW really means refusing to put up with shit. And it’s shit that feminism spews. It was our good nature, however ms-guided (pun intended) that let the women’s movement metastasize. We didn’t want to believe women could be so narcissistic and misandric. They also counted on men being “gentlemen,” not slapping women who slapped them.

Who care if a zillion sluts snub you? All you need is 1 or 3 good women in your life. The rest can have their venom, cats, ice cream, and Oprah re-runs.

Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 23 Thumb down 5
Seamus the Classicist August 5, 2011 at 02:12


When a prostitute doesn’t get paid, she cries, “RAPE!”

Like or Dislike: Thumb up 7 Thumb down 7
joe August 5, 2011 at 07:52

Just a few things:

Isn’t everybody bored shitless with the whole slutwalk thing, by now?
I’m surprised OP is putting in this much effort anti-wise, but hey, whatever you think is worth the argument.
IMO It was a storm in a teacup from the get-go.

@Jack Donovan:
- But, if you continue to debate these folks you might want to bring up the very high incidence of prison rape in the USA, whose victims are mostly male. Maybe slutwalkers can be persuaded to carry a banner about that?

- You say you are “anti-trans”. I really don’t get that. Why is it an issue with you what other people do with their own bodies? What’s your rationale?

- The hypocrisy of one of your detractors threatening to orally rape you was so fucked up, I still can’t believe it.

- I did find it amusing how very confused your attackers were by your being gay. As though your sexuality automatically defined your politics and philosophy. The “hand back your queer card” shit was totally fucking absurd.

- Also, on one of the links someone claimed a woman is raped in OR every three minutes! That’s 20 rapes an hour. 480 rapes per day. 175,200 rapes per year. Multiply by say 50 years. I make that 8,760,000 rapes in a population of 3.8mil people, if half are women (1.9mil) that suggests that on average EVERY woman in OR is raped at least 4 times in her life. Which would make it 16 times worse for rape than anywhere else in the USA, even by the (frequently debunked) 1 in 4 claim often advanced by feminists.
I only mention this, as it demonstrates the tendency of rape lobbyists to make shit up wholesale. Which helps no-one (including actual rape victims) and harms many (especially men).

Like or Dislike: Thumb up 7 Thumb down 2
joe August 5, 2011 at 08:13

@Seamus –

A prostitute cheated by a client should be crying “theft” or “fraud”.

And if we’re going to have coppers and courts they should pursue that and “make her whole” through financial remedy against the theif.

The sooner prostituition is decriminalised world-wide the better.

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Firepower August 5, 2011 at 11:35


“Yay gamerkidz! Shake your fist and yell at The Screen! That proves you’re gaining real, live virtual ground.”

So tell us what you’re doing about it, Firepower.

Why, I’m documenting ALL the REAL live ACTUAL accomplishments you’re group is making, kid.

Like ALL the MRMwalks.

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finndistan August 5, 2011 at 12:15

Blogplugging, not the kind of plugging the OP was suggested todo:


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Jack Donovan August 5, 2011 at 17:06


Re: “Anti-trans” – if we were looking at it from a libertarian perspective, I really don’t give a shit what other adults do to their bodies. Whatever.

However, “trans” is also an ideology that involves changing the rest of society to make a very small percentage of people feel like they are “OK.” I am also against the ideological psychologists who encourage children to think of themselves as “trans” and try to mainstream them as whatever gender they “think” they are at 8, 10, 12, 14, etc. I consider that child abuse. I also believe it is damaging to society to start creating 3rd sex spaces, or making everything more androgynous, so that transpeople can feel more included. RW Connell, who I mentioned, has obviously fantasized about being a woman his whole life, but he was also taken seriously as an expert on manhood (or the meaninglessness of manhood) and his ideas have been disseminated throughout college courses, etc.

Trans ideology, especially in women (FTMs)–as can be seen in the comments of some of the SlutWalkers above–is also an outgrowth of feminism. It is a woman “proving” that she can “pass” as a man, thereby devaluing manhood and moving us closer to the gender-neutral society that feminists say they want. So yeah, on the individual level if some drag queen wants to save up enough money for some breast implants I don’t care at all. He/she’s on its own. But when they classify it as a necessary procedure and attempt to force taxpayers to pay for it via state health plans (Portland does this), that’s an entirely different matter. The US economy is a plate being balanced on a stick by a circus clown, and we need to pay for some dude to get his dick cut off so he can like himself? Fuck that.

Jack Donovan August 5, 2011 at 17:09


“Isn’t everybody bored shitless with the whole slutwalk thing, by now?”

Oh yeah, it is totally boring. But useful and accessible.

Jack Donovan August 5, 2011 at 17:10

If they keep throwing out rope, I’ll keep helping them hang themselves with it.

Jack Donovan August 5, 2011 at 17:19

Here is the wrap up.


And then you know what SlutWalk did? SW stomped down the street, all sexy and shit, covered in sweat and glitter, and shouted and chanted and raged and thumped it’s way to the north park blocks. Starting out with about 200 hundred people, I turned to Sterling about halfway through, (almost) naked on the street, untouchable and safe amidst the crowds, and said “look around”. Hundreds of people, cheering and shouting, were behind us. SlutWalk took downtown. SlutWalk took tourists. SlutWalk took the food carts and strippers on the corner. SlutWalk gathered groups of frat boys. SlutWalk took Burnside. We were filling street block after street block by the time we turned the corner to the North Park Blocks, a sweet cascade of skin, of colour, of joy.

We should probably keep in mind that a group of people dressed as superheroes on bicycles will also get cheers from people in Portland. Scantily clad women are kind of an easy sell. That doesn’t mean a lot of people bought into their bullshit. All of the drunken frat boy types I know would clap and laugh.

mgtow August 5, 2011 at 20:52


SlutWalk. A worldwide phenomenon. Coming to a city near you.

Hail to the sluts!

(No. It is not just ‘Western’ countries.)

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Quartermain August 6, 2011 at 14:23

I would rather see the group of people dressed as superheroes on bicycles.

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Eric August 6, 2011 at 15:25

“It doesn’t make any sense”.

That’s because you’re thinking logically. Remember, that our feminocentric culture teaches that women are the ‘owners of sex’ and have a ‘right to their own bodies’. Also, that men ‘are only interested in sex’; hence that’s all any female needs to ‘give’ to make a relationship work.

So, it follows that people with those opinions will both defend sluttiness and live in terror of rape. ‘Giving’ sex to random thugs is an expression of liberation; while another thug’s forcibly taking it makes the woman subordinate to a male—the modern female’s worst nightmare.

Also, monogamy is equated with ‘rape’ since it obligates the woman to stop whoring around with losers and commit herself to a real man in a committed relationship. This is why they’re always ending relationships because they ‘feel trapped’. But they never turn down alimony or child-support, since monogamy, according to the same logic, made them a victim and entitles them to compensation.

The more I think about American women, the further I move away from them!

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Eric August 6, 2011 at 15:27

I noticed that none of your Facebook critics brought up the FBI statistic that 1 out of every 4 reported rapes turns out to false. Maybe you should suggest to these ‘community-spirited’ activists that Portland should hold a rally and demonstration on behalf of the falsely accused?

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Anonymous Reader August 7, 2011 at 08:35

That’s because you’re thinking logically. Remember, that our feminocentric culture teaches that women are the ‘owners of sex’ and have a ‘right to their own bodies’. Also, that men ‘are only interested in sex’; hence that’s all any female needs to ‘give’ to make a relationship work.

Very good insight. The irony is, this reduces women to “life support system for sex organs”; it makes them sex objects, which is the very thing that feministas back in the 1970′s raged against.

So, it follows that people with those opinions will both defend sluttiness and live in terror of rape. ‘Giving’ sex to random thugs is an expression of liberation; while another thug’s forcibly taking it makes the woman subordinate to a male—the modern female’s worst nightmare.

Another good insight. Let me add to this the “acting out” aspect of the Slutwalks, a definite “Look at me! LOOK AT ME!” property that is shared with the Gay Pride events. It’s like a glaring neon sign that says “I am very insecure, look at me and affirm that I”m OK” over and over again. People who are actually proud of what they are, secure in their own skin, would not need to parade down a major street demanding that others look at them.

And so the best thing to be done regarding slutwalks is to ignore them. Oh, make note of them: especially collect images of slutwalkers, in order to ensure that one never, ever makes the mistake of actually hooking up with a slutwalker. But don’t pay attention. Don’t bother with their facebook page, if someone brings up the slutwalks in conversation just change the topic dismissively…make a clear attitude of disapproval (not condemnation, they thrive on that), the sort of frame one has towards a childish temper tantrum.

Because that’s what these events are. They are temper tantrums.

Note the way Donovan’s fan club writes. There’s more than a little display of passive-aggressiveness at work, and even the putative men write in a catty way like high school girls cutting each other during lunch. Maturity? Ability to reason? Any clue at all about reality? Nah. Just “I want what I want when I want it”, which pretty much sums up feminism and several other modern political movements.

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J.J. August 7, 2011 at 09:26

To: Anonymous age 69

“So, I asked a number of women at work if that were true, that rape is the worst thing that can happen to a woman.”

Careful, brother. MRA + Workplace = Unemployment.

I am speaking as a man who was laid off and out of work for several months.

“Yeah, he was asking questions about rape, and if it was the worst thing that could happen to a woman…”

“… It made me kind of uncomfortable.”

They will sell you down the river in a heartbeat.

Protect your income.

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pork bloating August 7, 2011 at 19:33

The protocol perversions and semantics games that American law enforcement are now engaged in to “manufacture Empowerment rhetoric” for the gender-feminist community are un-constitutional.

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pork bloating August 8, 2011 at 08:11

It is the organized perversion and “manufactured statistics” practices of American law enforcement that has “Empowered” these gender-feminists to a disproportionate level.
“Break the misinformation and manufactured statistics Alliance” between American law enforcement and gender-feminist quack-ademics; and you will have stopped the flow of agitation propaganda that gender-feminists use to “Inflame” their way to Empowerment.

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NWOslave August 8, 2011 at 08:38

Slut walkers, too funny…Apparently women are completely unable to control their sexual urges to entice a man sexually by any and all means. Seriously ladies, keep it in your pants. Learn a little self control.

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DominatrixFromWallSt August 12, 2011 at 18:08

Beta males can be soooooooooo annoying.

Perhaps the time has come to outlaw ALL sexual advances from males. We’ll choose the guys we want, the rest of you can become gay, play video games, or get drunk watching NASCAR.

If beta males were “fixed”, most commenting on this blog would feel much better.

No means NO!

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feminist August 16, 2011 at 06:05

my God, everyone condoning the article on this page is an emabrrasment to nature

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yami August 16, 2011 at 06:14

wait, so you guys are angry because women are saying that rape is wrong and protesting against people that say it isnt?
is everybody stupid?
newsflash, everyone: rape has always been wrong.

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David K. Meller August 28, 2011 at 17:21

So, “women”–or is it “sluts”–or is it “slutwomen”, or is it the more feminist “womyn”? Oh, hell I will just call them “bitches”–b’s for short– and have done with it!

So now that the b’s have everything their own way, they can use the courts to throw men out of work at jobs and professions that they have spent their entire adult life at, in the name of ” fighting discrimination”, they have the RIGHT to clutter up workplaces with their out-of-wedlock brats, they have the RIGHT to shatter a man’s life on a whim–call 9-1-1 and charge “domestic violence”, they have the right to divorce on a whim, also alienating him, in most cases for a lifetime, from his children, they have the RIGHT to bankrupt him by keeping him out of HIS home, often the one that he has spent years paying off the mortgage on, they have the RIGHT to dress as provocatively as they please, with any undesired–although entirely predictable and even inevitable–consequences shifted onto any nearby men…

Is there a pattern developing here? Are these feminist b’s getting TOO much freedom? Has their so-called liberation gone too far? Maybe it is time to assume that the answer is a thundering YES!

Fairminded and intelligent men, and the women who love us–and still depend upon us–are waiting for us to publicly challenge the demands of the slutwalking (their word, not mine) b’s!

I humbly, but firmly, offer my men’s list of counter demands:

1) A woman’s manner, dress, demeanor, or state of sobriety should be taken as a recognised legal defence to alleged “sexual harassment”, “date rape”, “acquaintance rape”, “marital rape (which laws should be repealed anyhow), and other forms of so-called rape which do not involve direct coercion and violence.
2) the history–taken under oath–of a female plaintiff must be considered by a grand jury before any indictment for rape, sexual assault, harassment, may be handed down.
3) Acquittals of defendents must be paid for by the plaintiff.
4) Has the defendent any history of false-rape or harassment charges? This should at least be made known to the court and to the defence.
5) The same standards of “lewdness” and “obscenity” be applied to those b’s as they are to men, with appropritate police action being applied to b’s who violate local or municipal statutes.
6) a bar, tavern, disco, etc, is no longer required to admit unescorted or single women, yet be held responsible for their safety once they are admitted and flaunting their sexuality like so many alley cats! They will be held harmless if they toss the b’s to the streetcorner where appropriate streetwalking laws may take effect.
7) b’s bringing cases of harassment, so-called “rape” etc. lose all right to privacy regarding their medical history of STDs.

Have fun, b’s!!

These very modest measures won’t end the problems imposed by ungoverned women’s sexuality by themselves, but they may allow a return to civilization as more sober, refined, and mature judgement prevails.

David K. Meller

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Mad December 29, 2011 at 12:41

All of you pathetic little creatures that have the audacity to call yourself “men” need to shut the fuck up and stop whining about how you can’t get a woman to look at you. Your tiny penises and lack of sexual release do not give you the right to take your anger out on women who are sexually liberated. Clearly you have no respect for your own mothers or sisters, or any other women in your lives that you claim to respect. Grow some actual balls and “man” the fuck up. Just because a PERSON – male, female, transgendered, WHATEVER – dresses in any way they CHOOSE to, does not mean they are providing any kind of signal as to their sexual availability.

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WarWithoutEnd August 7, 2012 at 12:43

A lot of the bickering going on here revolves around a very old problem with human expression: that on one hand, you should have the right to dress however you want but that on the other hand, people will judge you by what they see. It goes back and forth. The feminists are RIGHT that they should be able to wear whatever they want and not be raped. But the men are RIGHT in observing that there are certain ways of dressing that give people the impression that you don’t respect your own body or yourself.

I once knew a punk who decided to buy a suit and wore it around and he discovered that everyone treated differently…even when he had a mohawk. That suit made him “respectable” and so people greeted him and called him “Sir” and showed respect. When he went back to the leather jacket and boots, it was back to “Dude” and language that derided him instead of respecting him.

It’s also well known that women are far more aggressive with male strippers than men are with female strippers. Men often sit there and study the stripper, trying to memorize every contour and movement for when the jack off later, whereas woman will rush up and try to yank g strings off, cop a feel. And those naked men are supposed to be stoic and not be bothered by women grabbing their balls. Jack often seems to encourage a certain amount of stoicism in men, yet here is a situation where stoicism works against the man. So what’s the solution? Many men on here condeming women who bare legs and boobs as “sluts” and “whores” but…do you not enjoy looking at beautiful females? Would you prefer to live in the Middle East, where everything except their eyes are covered? I see tons of self contradiction in feminist philosophy but then I also see it in the men’s movements. The hypocrisy is widespread on both sides. Surely you folks can see that this will render EVERYONE completely miserable?

Meanwhile, I think of tribal societies where everyone is practically naked and they don’t seem to have this kind of problem.

I have some questions for you all: How long must this continue? What do you want from this? Men and women against each other, slowly escalating, will not render any benefit for either gender in the long run. Women and men do need each other. Going to war with each other will not accomplish anything productive. Instead of trying to “win”, wouldn’t it be better for everyone to try and work towards a solution that allows everyone freedom and happiness?

Men who can’t get laid because their dicks are small are still human and deserving of love. Women who are fat and ugly are still human and deserving of love. Nothing will be resolved, no situation will improve, as long as folks on both sides just mock and sneer at each other. I would like to think that everyone feels better about him/herself by having intimate relationships, -than by ridiculing others. The majority just want to judge and condemn. Few desire to understand and figure out how to make things better for ALL of us. Millions of people are suffering from loneliness and depression partly because they must endure living in a world full of hostility.

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