Roissy’s Site Down — End of an Era?

by W.F. Price on July 28, 2011

Roissy’s blog, Citizen Renegade, appears to have been deleted by the author. The site contained hundreds of articles, many of them very well-written and thoughtful, and we can only hope that they are preserved in one manner or another. Roissy has a particular talent for iconoclasty and exposing the “pretty lies” that are so commonly served up to us for the falsehoods they are.

Although he most recently went under “Heartiste,” most of us know the author in the original “Roissy” manifestation, which is a reference to the French novel “The Story of O.”

Although Roissy certainly doesn’t owe anyone anything after all the work he’s put into the blog, I’m sure many of us are very curious about its sudden disappearance and are awaiting some news.

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