Latest Feminist Triumph: Black Family Finally Destroyed

by W.F. Price on June 24, 2011

When feminists first set their minds toward the destruction of the family, they focused their attacks on the most vulnerable segment of American society: African Americans. Eleanor Roosevelt, notorious feminist icon, put a great deal of effort into creating the social programs that ultimately eroded the black family as early as the 1940s, but the killing blow was matrifocal welfare programs put in place during the Johnson Administration. Rather than focus on keeping black men employed and able to provide for their families, Johnson passed the Civil Rights Act with full affirmative action for women (white women benefited from affirmative action more than anyone) and created a welfare system that rewarded women for illegitimate births and single motherhood. As black men were cast off, rootless, America’s remedy was to build an enormous incarceration industry. Today, the primary form of “welfare” for black men in the United States is the criminal justice system.

Now, in an article trumpeting the feminist victory over the black family, Laura Speer of the Annie E. Casey Foundation reminds us, as though we need to be told, that it isn’t the 1950s any longer:

We’re moving toward an acknowledgment that we’re living in a different world than the 1950s, where married or two-parent heterosexual couples are now no longer the norm for a lot of kids, especially kids of color…

Of course, there were men who saw this coming from the beginning. Dr. Thomas Sowell, a libertarian economist and senior fellow of Stanford’s Hoover Institution, was an early critic of government programs that he saw as creating exactly the conditions that prevail today. Born into a poor black family in North Carolina, Sowell served in the Korean War and managed to bootstrap himself into Harvard, where he graduated magna cum laude. Overcoming his naive, youthful embrace of Marxism, he eventually became one of the foremost critics of government intrusion and social engineering.

I was delighted to find the following video, in which Sowell eviscerates a do-gooder white feminist on camera back in 1980. Although it is fun to watch him destroy her in debate, it is sad to see how much of what he predicted has come to pass.

Congratulations, feminists! You have finally succeeded in destroying “patriarchy” in one segment of American society. With one third of young black men under some form of penal supervision and well under 50% growing up with their fathers, you really have something to clap your hands about.

Next target: the white working class.


Firepower June 24, 2011 at 10:17

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The Trend June 24, 2011 at 10:25

The white do-gooder welfare apparat’chick’ comes off as patronizing because she is. I have been railing against the incentives government hands out to incent the least qualified parents (poor minority high school dropouts) to have the most kids.

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Visionary June 24, 2011 at 10:31

Because the exception doesn’t prove the rule.

By the time the white working class is successfully “targeted and destroyed”, there will be no free easy admissions to college, and certainly no monthly checks.

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PeterTheGreat June 24, 2011 at 10:33

“I don’t know how giving away trillions of dollars in welfare and free college admissions can destroy blacks”

It is the rules and regulations that destroy. The black woman could get the money only if she divorces her husband and has no man living in the household. A direct reverstion to matriarchy with Big Brother as the putative “sugar daddy”.

So black males became superfluous, and the women dominant. Everything blacks have today is based upon government handouts, quotas, or affirmative action.

It is difficult to believe today that there was a time, pre-1954, when the black family was stable and had good morals.

W.F. is correct that this is the template that the feminists and their femidaddy’s are using to destroy the white majority now.

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Elusive Wapiti June 24, 2011 at 10:48

Great article by Welmer. Agreed that the next target is working class whites. The assault has already begun with affirmative action policies that penalize poor or poorly connected whites, as Ross Douthat opined last year.

“I don’t know how giving away trillions of dollars in welfare and free college admissions can destroy blacks”

Here’s how: by destroying their free and independent spirit, and substituting a degraded spirit of dependence in its place.

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greyghost June 24, 2011 at 10:54

It has also caused black women to view black men with contempt. I had a guy I worked with talk to me about this last night. Outside of the black community white women ,mexican women would smile and say hi and greet but black women hell no . It was interesting to me hearing it from him.

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Mr. J June 24, 2011 at 10:59

Another component to destoying families is to get men’s heads filled with inane crap like “professional” sports and car races so they don’t think or take any relevant actions politically and elsewhere.

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joe June 24, 2011 at 11:02

@firepower – it’s been done in Britain. The result has been the feral underclass of “chavs”. Check out the Jeremy Kyle Show on Youtube and shudder with horror.

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Firepower June 24, 2011 at 11:07

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MWPeak June 24, 2011 at 11:11

Fascinating. All the lady in the video can talk about is employing and empowering black women. She does not seem to give two shakes about black men. It’s the same ol’ Marxist song and dance. Destroy the family by destroying men.

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Firepower June 24, 2011 at 11:17


@firepower – it’s been done in Britain. The result has been the feral underclass of “chavs”. Check out the Jeremy Kyle Show on Youtube and shudder with horror.

Britain always had a lower class of whites, the same race as the upper class Eaton types. That’s been going on for centuries.

Cockneys, residents of Whitechapel and others were always around to fill the sailors’ ranks of the Royal Navy or work in the slavish cotton mills of the 1800s. Indentured servants to populate American colonies.

As Britain foolishly imports Pakistanis, Haitians and Africans, this new terror will make Chavs seem as quaint as Irish Gangs of New York seem to us, today.

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Firepower June 24, 2011 at 11:21

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CashingOut June 24, 2011 at 11:26

I don’t know how giving away trillions of dollars in welfare and free college admissions can destroy blacks, but not Thomas Sowell or Walter Williams, but I’m willing to listen.

No, you wouldn’t. The reason welfare destroyed many Black people and not men like Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Ben Carson, Gerald Lawson, Bill Cosby, and others is because all of these men had the epiphany that at the end of the day, they were solely responsible for their success or failure, not any community, racial bloodline, or genetic destiny. They didn’t quit because they were supposed to, or everyone else was, or all of the statistics said they should have failed. They took responsibility for their own lives for their own sakes, and made them into something worthwhile. This is something that only men can impart to other men.

You would never understand this, because every third post from you may be summed up as follows: “Holy shit it’s grate to be wite OMFGLOL,” followed up with statistics that are anywhere from incomplete to questionable to just plain out wrong. If our situations were reversed, you would be out on the corner selling crack simply because it was expected of you.

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Firepower June 24, 2011 at 11:42

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Denis June 24, 2011 at 11:47

Read the fucking article!

“Rather than focus on keeping black men employed and able to provide for their families, Johnson passed the Civil Rights Act with full affirmative action for women (white women benefited from affirmative action more than anyone) and created a welfare system that rewarded women for illegitimate births and single motherhood.”

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Traveller June 24, 2011 at 11:48

Reading this post and the comments about the welfare that destroyed blacks is ridiculous and offensive for the people who actually worked first person to earn those welfare money.

So blacks need welfare and when they receive it, it is still wrong? Sure, they will be still victims.

Always victims, like feminists. Who do you try to convince. And of course no one of you concluded if welfare is bad let us stop it.

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The Trend June 24, 2011 at 11:52

@ Firepower:
Now tell me: how giving away trillions of dollars in welfare and free college admissions can destroy blacks.

Dr Sowell just did. And not just blacks- anybody. Anything you subsidize you get more of- in this case ignorance, illegitimacy, laziness.

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Society is Screwed June 24, 2011 at 11:54

While I generally agree with Price’s articles, this one just doesn’t do it for me.

Black guys are not (and have never been) more victimized by feminist policy than whites. Saying as much only gives blacks even more reason to have their (bullshit) grievances with whites. It’s bad enough a lot of blacks still can’t get over slavery (which didn’t even directly affect them anyway) so adding even more (unjustified I might add) fuel to the fire is idiot as well as untrue.

There was never a Violence Against Black Women Act that specified only black women be protected from (and can also use the state to bully and abuse) their black spouses.

However, there WAS (and is) a non-racist (but very sexist) Violence Against Women Act where ALL men, regardless of race, have and are being bullied by the state daily.

If we really wanted to go down the race path, white guys could easily start talking about how they are not a ‘protected’ group and are screwed over by affirmative action in the workplace. But to be honest, dividing and conquering amongst men is not the solution to uniting men and bringing about real change: to protest against ALL feminist policies for the betterment of men, women and children.

Where feminist hate is concerned, it disregards color. Red thumb this comment if you like, but the words I speak are true.,,

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Firepower June 24, 2011 at 11:55

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dragnet June 24, 2011 at 11:58

Silly Welmer! Don’t you know the feminists had nothing to do with the demise of the black family??!?! The blame falls squarely on the blacks themselves!! Because they have low IQ!!!

Now when the white working class family is destroyed THAT will be because big government and feminism is to blame. That’s right—whenever bad shit happens to white people, external forces are to blame. But when bad shit happens to blacks, it’s because they have low IQ and too much testosterone!

(At least that’s what HBD blogs and my flawed, incomplete reading of The Bell Curve told me…)

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Denis June 24, 2011 at 11:58

@WF Price,

Why do you have an affinity for maintaining the presence of obvious trolls with no purpose other than to detract from the seriousness of the problems facing men today.

What is the purpose of this site?

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anonymous June 24, 2011 at 12:02

Last time I checked, white men get divorced and are abused by the system MORE than blacks because there are simply MORE whites in America than blacks.

If anything, MORE white men are getting affected by feminist laws (like VAWA and the corrupt FC) than any other race of man. Same goes for Canada, UK, Australia (all the feminazi countries).

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Leif June 24, 2011 at 12:04

First rule of economics: if you subsidize something, you get more of it.

Subsidization is a form of rewarding behavior. Taxation is the opposite, and is a form of curtailing behavior.

Want to reward single deadbeat moms for having kids out of wedlock? Subsidize them and give them free money.

Want to reward illegal immigrants?
Subsidize them and give them free education, healthcare, easy citizenship, etc.

Want to reward disastrous schools that have a failing education model?
Subsidize them and give them more money.

All of the above will encourage more single moms, illegal immigrants, and shitty schools.

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Firepower June 24, 2011 at 12:06

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Ryu June 24, 2011 at 12:12

The feminist article that you’ve cited really, is designed to trumpet the fact that most kids are non-white these days. I suspect that this will make some people very happy – when whites are gone, there will be no more racism. The US will soon enjoy the prosperity that South Africa and Zimbabwe enjoy.

It stands to reason that white women should have benefited the most from affirmative action. When America was 90% white, with roughly half of that women, there would be more white women that minorities of either gender.

It does not benefit TS to indulge in conspiracy theories. Soon, we will read of Church’s Chicken being owned by the KKK, and grape soda being poisoned with sterility drugs. If one is going to claim that feminists have specifically targeted black families, one needs proof. It’ll take more than one or two sentances to do this. Similarly with the prisons, to house all the dispossesed blacks. This isn’t Coast to Coast AM.

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Lazy June 24, 2011 at 12:22

Great article Welmer but we have a very long time for people to appreciate this truth. I already told my Dad about this and he just laughed and said it couldn’t be so. You see, the people of LJB’s time are still around; they’re the oldest of the boomers and they have a lot of wealth. This Great Society project of theirs will take a few more decades to unravel, just as they are about to die. Think of Nicholas Kristof, who is a young boomer. He is the resident Mangina of the New York Beta Times; a White Knight who goes around the world trying to save women. So you see, the elites are encapsulated in their own SWPL projects, and nothing will stop time until they are on the cusp of death. I still don’t know if it is stubborn pride or sheer ignorance which blinds them to the 70% illegitimacy of black children, all as a result, ironically, of Great Society programs and feminism.

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evilwhitemalempire June 24, 2011 at 12:22

“I grew up in an era with a LOT more discrimination, poverty, and a lot lower teen pregnancy than today.”


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Firepower June 24, 2011 at 12:23


The feminist article that you’ve cited really, is designed to trumpet the fact that most kids are non-white these days. I suspect that this will make some people very happy – when whites are gone, there will be no more racism. The US will soon enjoy the prosperity that South Africa and Zimbabwe enjoy.
For the first time, minorities make up a majority of babies in the U.S.

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SingleDad June 24, 2011 at 12:37

I believe the end game is lowering the population, with automation, less need for prols, that’s what the Powers That Be ™ have announced via puppet and ex vice president fat Albert Gore.

How better than to give princess all the toys and Hagen Daz she can eat and tell her “boys are creepy”.

The longer this goes on the less respect I have for the ability of women to mature and the happier I am that I’m not burdend with one of these child-harpys.

Remember: Thomas Ball’s immolation, he gave his life for your children.

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SingleDad June 24, 2011 at 12:58


Todays CNN

According to this prostitute, the family court causes prostitution….if you can’t stand the lies scroll to the end she says it’s because she didn’t have her dad in her life.

Remember: Thomas Ball’s immolation, he gave his life for your children.

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keyster June 24, 2011 at 13:09

Great book that documents the failure of the “Great Society”.

A never talked about consequence of Affirmative Action is how the black female has become such a coveted employee by large “diversity sensitive” companies. She’s known as the EEOC “two-fer” in HR circles. No experience, no qualifications, no problem, we’ll find SOMETHING for her to do.

Why would you waste an Affirmative Action hire on a black when you can hire a black AND a woman all in one? Oh and bonus points if she’s a single mom, a veteran, and handicapped. The bruthas don’t stand a chance.

Where the black population is going, the whites are in the midst of following. In a few decades we’ll both be the minorities to the browns, and also their financial and social burden. SIESTA TIME AMIGOS!

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W.F. Price June 24, 2011 at 13:15

@WF Price,

Why do you have an affinity for maintaining the presence of obvious trolls with no purpose other than to detract from the seriousness of the problems facing men today.

What is the purpose of this site?


Frankly, I just try to speak for myself in the articles. I’m not sure it’s appropriate for me to moderate comments much on my own content, as that blurs the distinction between writer and reader, but I know some people don’t care much for this attitude. In any event, it simplifies things, so it’s either very limited moderation (as per comment policy) or no comments at all, and a lot of people like to comment, so I’ll stick with the former.

Albino Separatist June 24, 2011 at 13:17

Time for stupid questions:
Now tell me how having a majority of white men in power can destroy the white middle class?

Now tell me how eliminating competition from school and making everyone feel good about their uniformity can disadvantage boys?

Now tell me how equality can be a bad thing ?

Your only problem is the fact that you can never see black men as victims, which is amusing if you can discern the fact that white men are targets of the government.Even more amusing knowing that women cannot see men as victims.But then again sexism is guaranteed if you dehumanize men, therefore isn’t racism guaranteed if you don’t see another ethnic group as human Firepower?

I love how you can’t quite fathom how humans would grow lazy if everything was handed to them, while simultaneously being told they were victims (after a long era of segregation and slavery).Guess you never heard about spoiled brats.

How many men do you see waking up from their mangina nature individually?Most had to be divorced or treated like crap to understand that women were not as advertised.Yet it’s pretty obvious to some of us.

But, since I didn’t answer your fantastic question, I will just say this.
White women being the main beneficiaries of welfare and affirmative action:
Has there been any change in their attitude in the past decades?
Can I build a family with a white woman with my eyes closed?
Can I marry a white woman without fear?
Are white women more hardworking than anybody else?

Isn’t it sad to always have to compare yourself to others to feel good about yourself, you know, like a woman would do?

I wouldn’t have to say all that if you were honest and recognised that what this man did is not usual for most people.But you become emo everytime someone says that blacks had it bad.

“Now tell me: how giving away trillions of dollars in welfare and free college admissions can destroy blacks”
The Master shows the moon, the silly man looks at the finger.

PS:Your use of passive aggressive sarcasm needs work.

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Firepower June 24, 2011 at 13:40

Albino Separatist

Time for stupid questions:

Boy, you said it. And lots of them, too.

How many men do you see waking up from their mangina nature individually?Most had to be divorced or treated like crap to understand that women were not as advertised.Yet it’s pretty obvious to some of us

By this example of your reasoning, you expect a Black Renaissance any second now – after all those years of “abuse.”

All you apologists have convinced me. Giving too much welfare, Section 8 and Affirmative Action made blacks victims.

It’s time To Right The Wrong.
Cease this pernicious plague of government handouts, affirmative action, Section 8 housing and preferential treatment calculated to keep blacks down. End ALL of it.

Then – to rapidly re-balance the scales – handicap only white people with welfare, scholarships, preferential hiring and mortgage assistance money.

Even though my ancestors weren’t here during slavery, I’ll volunteer to take $10 Million and be kept down to quickly make up for all those lost decades.


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Quartermain June 24, 2011 at 13:44


The mention of LBJ, made me think of this article:

Worth a read.

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Una Salus Victus June 24, 2011 at 13:47

Some of you lot need to obtain a copy of “Black Like Me” to fully understand what happens when one race is wholly and utterly subjugated by another and the generational effects that can have over time. Once you have read that book, the next book to read is titled, “The Burning” which depicts the story of how the Black part of Tulsa, OK (The Black Wall Street) was systematically burned out by the Whites across the tracks. Jealousy and racism, not to mention yellow journalism, was at play here and the important part of this entire story is that it was but one of a great many. While you are at it, google “Sundown Towns” and discern the true meaning of that phrase.

Even Malcolm X stated that the core problem with the Black community was welfare, which provided reward for non-productivity. Free money has proven to be the great destabilizer throughout modern history. Another example: look at what happens to most people who become instant millionaires through the lottery. Their lives tend to go completely off the rails.

I’ve had to come to grips with this, but the fact remains that within the MRA movement, an undercurrent of racism remains unmolested. It reminds me of an old Japanese legend: Two men who are mortal enemies find themselves upon the same sailing vessel. The vessel is beset upon by a great storm. In order to survive the storm, both men must come to one another’s assistance. When the storm has passed, the two men return, once again, to their original position of hatred for one another.

This has already happened within the feminist movement and their relationship to Black women. They are only partners when it suits the movement as a whole. Ironically, for all the enmity the MRA holds for feminism, the same issue is presented here.

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JHB June 24, 2011 at 13:55


Don’t underestimate the impact of family breakdown on a man’s life.

I once worked for a contractor for a state Department of Corrections talking to parolees all day, and encountered some crazy shit. When people get arrested, it usually isn’t because they’re EVIL, it is because they’re young and stupid (as most young people are) and undisciplined.

For example, one guy called telling me his 14yr old nephew stole his gun and robbed a Chinese delivery guy for 50 bucks. $50.00! Now that kid is screwed for life. Why? It wasn’t because the kid was black, it was because the kid had NO FATHER to kick his ass. This is a complete contrast to Indians I have known who were terrified what their fathers would do if they received anything less than an A- in school.

Another example from that crazy job — I was talking to this young black dude on parole, who, after his release, agreed to stay at his girlfriend’s place. The crazy bitch knew she had this poor guy by the balls and was trying to fight him, screaming at him, throwing shit at him. He called up, almost crying, and didn’t know what to do because his parole officer was off duty for the weekend. He was supposed to stay put because he didn’t have permission for “movement,” and if he left, he could go back to jail. I told him I feel for him, I know he’s getting screwed, but don’t do anything back to the woman, because as a young black man on parole, he’ll be the one our system screws. This is how our “progressive” system screws over men, especially men who don’t have fathers in their lives to back them up.

So why the fuck do you want the government to continue to empower women through subsidies and other behavior, while removing fathers from their son’s lives by making them superfluous? Are you fucking crazy?

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doclove June 24, 2011 at 14:34

Remember the Old Nursery Ryme:
Humpty Dumpty sat on a high wall
Humpty Dumpty took a great fall
And all of the king’s horse’s
and all of the king’s men
could not put Humpty Dumpty back together again!

I see no sollution to this other than our former and current ruling elites through either foolish short sightedness or malice causing a huge collapse which will result in violence, death and despair; and, I wish it weren’t so. Great article Welmer! I’ve thought the same as you have posted here for a long time. The Black community and Black males in particular have suffered more from feminism, Marxism and the welfare state than anything else in the USA. Sadly a majority of Blacks keep voting for more of what’s destroying them more than any other American racial population , and they have been the most destroyed by this.
Black’s are even being ruined or run out of places by idiotic immigration policies and practices because the immigrant will work for less money because somehow he either must or can afford to. So now blacks have a harder time getting a job, but they seem certainly in most of their leadership and probably in their general population to not be anti-immigration which would make the most sense for them because who wants to compete against someone who is cheaper to hire and whom the satatistics reveal have higher IQs. Most immigrants to the USA are Hispanics. Hispanic, Southeast Asian, Central Asian, South Asian and Middle-eastern/ North African IQs fall between White European Gentiles and Blacks. White European Gentiles are lower than Northeast Asians who are in turn lower than European Askenazi Jews. This does not imply that every European Askenazi Jew is smart or that every Black is mentallyretarded because there are geniuses and dullards in every race.For the record I’m a White European Gentile.
We can argue whether or not IQs are 100 % genetically determined or 100% environmentally determined or are somewhere in between. My question to the White Nationalists and Human Bio-Diversity folks is this? Do you think if the American Black community wasn’t such a matriarchy, had almost 100% successful marriages, had almost 0% illigitimate childbirths, and either a Patriarchy or genuine equality that they wouldn’t narrow the education gap, the crime rate, the jobless rate and every other negative social indicator to the Hispanics and Whites even if their Black human brain IQs are 100% genetic? Might they not even perform better without their virulent matriarchy and all it’s negative effects than Whites or Hispanics ? I believe they would at least narrow every negative social pathology to Whites and improve on every positive behavioral attibute.

Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 21 Thumb down 11
doclove June 24, 2011 at 14:45

Whoops. I should have said in my last sentence of my last post: I believe Blacks would at least narrow every negative social behavior in comparison to Whites and improve on every positive behavioral attribute possibly surpassing Whites even though they have lower IQs even if these lower IQs are 100% genetic.

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Rebel June 24, 2011 at 14:53

“It has also caused black women to view black men with contempt.”

Which is totally ridiculous and self-defeating: who, in God’s name, even takes a second look at a black woman? They are unattractive, obnoxious and intolerable.

Therefore, those women are cutting themselves off completely from male companionship by feeling contempt for men of their own race: NOBODY ELSE wants them!!

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Larry June 24, 2011 at 14:53

I have been reading this site regularly for months now but have never felt compelled to comment until reading this article. This whole “liberals are the real racists” and “free money and societal preferences hurt blacks” nonsense has invaded every aspect of formally non-pc political movements and think tanks. I noticed this tripe popping up on conservative websites several years ago and it is sad to see it now invading my new favorite site.

Black men are not the “victims” of anything but their own poor choices. As Firepower pointed out, if trillions of dollars in taxpayer money give-aways and affirmative action is oppression, then you can “oppress” me anytime. The real victims are WHITE males who work hard everyday to pay freeloaders who sit on their butts and whine about “racism.” The real victims are WHITE males who are increasingly being pushed out of higher education to make way for “diversity.”

I am still paying off almost $90,000 in student loans for law school – despite having one of the highest LSAT scores in my class and graduating college with a 3.75 GPA, I got no scholarships or financial assistance. Meanwhile, every black male I went to law school with got a free ride despite barely meeting basic admission standards. Please explain to me how they were oppressed.

I wasn’t aware that there were racial restrictions on welfare. Anyone of any race can choose to be a freeloader and a ward of the state if they choose. Yet, strangely, the majority of white children are still born in wedlock and the vast majority of white men are law-abiding citizens, whereas over 70% of black children are born to unwed mothers and the majority of black men will serve prison time at some point in their lives. Why is that? If there were racial restrictions on welfare, the premise of this article might be worthy of consideration, but there aren’t.

Please nip this race card nonsense in the bud.

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Troll King June 24, 2011 at 14:57

Fairly good article ….but.

I gotta say that I am somewhat sick of the black v. white crap.

Sure, if you go to the coasts you will see more black men in poverty and more black families that are matriarchal. If you go to the fly over states then you will see more white.

A black friend of mine and former boss, who grew up in Watts in California, came back home to his fathers house here in TN and looked around and was amazed. He thought where he grew up was poverty stricken until he saw this area. He told me that the crappy HS he went to was 100X better than the crappy one I went to and mine was far from the worst around here.

He actually got involved in trying to help the mostly white kids because he felt bad about it. He told me he thought it was because of so few kids actually getting out of the home towns. He got into sports and even went to the olympics. Many of his classmates went into arts and music and film and even if they didn’t become movie stars they still made a decent living, or the ones who didn’t join gangs did. Apparently his HS, and he is in his 40s now, had great programs and still does because the ones who made it out of the area re-invested into the school.

Now, I have only been to the top part of California but I have been to NYC and I wasn’t impressed by Harlem at all. Hell, Hillary Clinton has a office there. I figured I would see drive bys and shit, instead I saw what looked like a normal city block.

The HS I went to literally had atleast one pregnant girl in each class I had. The majority of kids didn’t have a father around, I found it easier to count on one hand how many intact families my friends were in than single mothers because they were so few. These days I don’t talk to anyone from that HS but most have kids with one or two different girls. Many are in jail or dead from drugs or suicide.

All this black v. White stuff is simple to understand. It is divide and conquer. Hell, around here the two groups who have intact families are the arab/persians and the hardcore religious whites. The hispanics have some but not much and neither do the asian groups. It is slightly better in the upper middle and middle class areas, but not much better. A good half or more of those intact families are second marriages.

IDK, I just find much of this non genuine. I think that the powers that be are playing both groups against each other, while creating the problems that both groups face and it works. Humans have a in group v. out group mentality. It keeps us distracted all the while giving them more ability to rob us and consolidate their own power.

How about some articles on the fly over states and white poverty. Shit, they actually shut down a walmart near a grovery store that I used to work at, near where my grandma used to live. WTF, since when does Walmart shut down a store. Especially a store in a more middle class/upper middle class area? Oh wait, they claim on the news that unemployment is 10% but that is a average. They combine the areas with 25% unemployment, which isn’t even counting all the underemployed or single mother or disability and so on, with the other more well off areas that are 5% unemployment which again doesn’t count people hiding in college or living at home and so on.

That video is awesome though.

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Anti Idiocy June 24, 2011 at 15:10

Mr. Price, you are a damned good writer. You can say so much in so few words. In writing, conciseness is power.

Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 17 Thumb down 5
doclove June 24, 2011 at 15:35

To sum up my position succinctly, I believe each individual’s IQ, social saviness or athleticism is between 50 to 80 % genetic; however I’m open to the idea that I’m wrong because Science and Scientists will change their mind as well as say what they are expected to say or want to say for their own individual agendas rather than the truth. So I do believe in Human Bio-Diversity and genetic racial differences. However, IQ isn’t everything the HBD crowd claims it to be because there are other factors such as environmental and individual choices as well as group choices being made. That said if someone is genetically poor in one area, he can be more competitive in another area if he is wise about how to be more competitive. He can narrow the discrepency between a genetically superior person and even surpass him if the genetically superior person is doing the wrong thing. Blacks weren’t much more crimanally inclined than Whites before the 1960′s for example. What I’m saying is if the blacks tried to play it smart like the did in the early part of the 20th century, and not dumb since then, they could get better educations, have lower crime rates and narrow the gap between themselves and Whites on every negative behavior and every positive behavior. They might even be better than Whites if they tried hard enough and long enough if the Whites stopped trying to do well by themselves. What I’m trying to say is that on average Blacks weren’t so different from Whites prior to 1960 as they are today. I believe that each race is capable of breeding itself to be genetically better or breeding itself to be genetically worse. Prior to the mid 20th century both Blacks and Whites were breeding themselves to be better. Thomas Sowell rightly noted once that Blacks narrowed the gap more quicklyvis a vis Whites in the early 20th century, than later on before Affirmative Action giving single mothers money from the government really started in full force in the 1960s. Besides, this is a site about the injustices done to men due to misandry. It’s best to concentrate on how to end misandry than bicker about race on this site.

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Quartermain June 24, 2011 at 15:45


Did you know that Firepower and Dragnet like to go fishing and drink beer together.

Like or Dislike: Thumb up 6 Thumb down 10
doclove June 24, 2011 at 16:00

I second Larry’s opinion. Don’t be fooled by the divide and conquer our elites have inflicted on us. Although I believe different racial, ethnic and religous groups have a tendency to fight eachother and I wish they wouldn’t, I acknowledge the truth rather than the pretty lies. We should help our race out when appropriate to do so. We should help the other’s race out when appropriate to do so. We should help our own gender when appropriate to do so. We should help the other gender out when appropriate to do so. We should above all seek to do what is right.
I understand your aggravations at the Blacks and believe that they as a group have done more to harm themselves than any other race has done to them including we Whites especially since the 1960s. I truly believe we Whites have tried to help them since the 1960s to little or no avail because it was the wrong kind of help needed. I think blacks should stop crying racism when there isn’t any hatred of them or better racism involved. That said, Welmer is right that misandry has done in the American blacks badly and they either refuse to see it or can’t plus we Whites are up next to be done in even more by misandry and we White men will suffer even more than we have already. I know that the media and academia as wll as our own government and big business is more anti-White European Gentile than anti-Black. Misandry is a bigger enemy than racism against those of White European Gentile Descent and I say this as a man and as one of White European Gentile Descent. If misandry and the matriarchy in the black community were finished off, most of their problems would go away and at least half of the problems we White European Gentiles have with the Blacks would go away too.

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Maaldweb June 24, 2011 at 16:04

Sorry but this is bullcrap.

The welfare state and affirmative action exist because blacks have time and time again proven they are unable to compete adequately with whites and east asians in society. Liberals do understand that but they think they can correct it by boosting blacks through affirmative action and create an illusion of “equality” of the races.

Of course the disfunctionality of blacks in western societies is mainly due to genetic reasons. They are at the bottom of the social ladder wherever they go (USA, UK, France etc), it is just that in US they have the “excuse” of slavery.
In UK blacks, indians and chinese faced some discrimination when they entered the country as immigrants, but indians and chinese worked hard and succeeded, hell even Pakistanis managed to improve themselves in the UK. The only race that still massively indulges in crime and refuses to work is the black race.
Same thing in Africa, the “evil white imperialists” surrendered their african colonies to the native blacks. The result? South Africa and Zimbabwe have been turned into insane asylums and failed states…

I have traveled extensively in Europe, all EU countries are full of immigrants from various races who do low paying jobs. The only immigrants you will NEVER see working are the blacks they live of the money supplied by the humanitarian NGOs.

The solution is the separation of the races, blacks should not be brainwashed again to compare their achievements with white and east asian achievements. It only hurts their ego and community. They should have their own standards.

Last but not least, it is too late for the black community to moan about feminism. Back in the 1960s when they were wrecking the US with their “civil rights” they allied themselves with the cultural marxists, the feminists, the homosexuals and the jewish bankers who supported all these movements. The main target of all of these groups was the white heterosexual male.
That alliance should never be forgotten…

Thumb down my comment all you want, it won’t change a bit of reality.

Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 35 Thumb down 25
doclove June 24, 2011 at 16:21

Most Blacks I meet never seem to understand that their poor lots in life is due much more to misandry than racism these days and has been so since the 1960s. They also can’t seem to understand that talent, education ambition, social class and living off one’s forebearers inherited wealth and guidance has more to due with Whites greater success than racism of the past and especially today. I know that Blacks sided with the feminists, Marxists and other assorted useful idiots and their malicious manipulators in the past. That said I’m willing to help a black person fight misandry if he wants my help and I’ll take his help on the same even if we disagree on everything else; and I advise others to do the same. Let’s rid ourselves misandry against men and let’s also rid ourselves anti-White European Gemtile racism too.

Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 27 Thumb down 3
doclove June 24, 2011 at 16:24

I also agree that Blacks should learn to work to genuinely improve eachother more often than they already do and should learn to leave Whites in peace, but most of all should get rid of misandry and their idiotic matriarchy most of all!

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Una Salus Victus June 24, 2011 at 16:31

As a Black man, I am always amazed at the extreme lack of empathy and utter lack of ability to objectively look into another’s situation as I tend to find within others. I grew up upper-middle class but could see that there were great rifts between me and others of my race. I sought out the answer to that and learned that the history of Blacks in this country contributed greatly to what is going on today. Forget slavery, that ordeal was far too long ago to be of any great consequence today. The Jim Crow era has a lot to do with what is currently going on. How many were broken under its yoke who then turned around and instructed the next generation on how to act and never to try?

It’s absolutely laughable how some of you think that you just KNOW what the issue is and refuse to look upon it with any sense of objectivity. I have long been saying this but it deserves another go, “Ignorance and racism are intimate partners”.

Rain down upon me with more of your drivel men. I already expect as much.

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Maaldweb June 24, 2011 at 16:42


You want to help blacks and I understand that. Whites have always been altruists, from the colonists who thought that they ought to help blacks through education and christianity to the liberals who thought they could help blacks by giving them money and boosting them through affirmative action.
You know I used to have relatives in South Africa, they were telling us that the fall of Apartheid would be a disaster for blacks because they are like children and unable to govern themselves. Well they were right.

Blacks have been the recipients of welfare for decades and mind you, NOT only in the US, the same thing has been happening in Europe with the black immigrants. Now US blacks tell us that welfare and affirmative action destroyed them (no calls for the immediate stop of such programs though).
I find it funny, but I understand white liberals must be going crazy when they hear that.
So the real question is: what do blacks think whites should do to help them?
Can they at least answer that?

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doclove June 24, 2011 at 16:44

Gentlemen, famlies are the basic building block of any society or civilization. Families have been broken in ours. Now it’s most broken in the black community most of all. Families have been broken due to misandry and this has hurt chidren more than even men. Patrirchies(and maybe genuine equality) are stronger internally than matriarchies because of better morals and social cohesion and the desire to improve the society and civilization. Patriarchies(and maybe genuine equality) are also more likely to survive external threats and violence than matriarchies. Hence our society and civilization is being set up for failure and ruin as it is being run today for this and other reasons. If we ever re-established the Patriarchy especially a benevolent patriarchy like we had from 1789 to 1920 in the USA or a more or less equality from 1920 to 1965 like we had in the USA we would solve most of our problems today including racism, specifically anti-White European Gentile racism, be that learning to live together or learning to live seprately in a racially peaceful manner.

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Larry June 24, 2011 at 16:49

People who want to blame the breakup of the black family on the welfare state are simply ignorant of black history. The” traditional” familywhich has long characterized European and Asian culture is only a blip on the radar screen of black history. For thousands of years, blacks in Africa lived in matriarchal societies. Food was abundant so women did not have to rely on men to provide for them. Thus, women living independently and giving birth to multiple children by multiple men is the norm for black society and always was except for a brief period of time from approximately 1865-1965.

Go to Africa today and you will see the same situation that you see amongst blacks in this country – illegitimacy as the norm and rampant crime and restlessness amongst the male population. Most of these countries have no welfare state and, in fact, their governments cannot even provide a safe, stable society. Yet, we see the same familial patterns that we do amongst blacks in America. So, doesn’t it seem more likely that the root cause of the breakup of the black family is a general regression to a societal norm rather than the welfare state?

I agree with one thing though – in a sense, blacks are victims. They are “victims” of being used as propaganda tools by any group seeking to gain public favor. For decades, liberals accused conservatives of being “racists” for being opposed to the welfare state. In recent years, conservatives have accused liberals of being “racists” for supporting the welfare state. Apparently now some in the men’s rights movement want to accuse feminists of “racism” as well. Can we just stop calling everyone “racist” please?

BTW: “multiculturalism” or “diversity” or whatever you want to call it is every bit as deadly as feminism and both are being pushed on us by the same cultural Marxists for the same reason – to destroy Western civilization.

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doclove June 24, 2011 at 16:57

@ Maaldweb
I’ve had South African and Rhodesian(Zimbabwe) friends and aquaintainces in the past. You’re right that the end of Apartheid has screwed both Blacks and Whites as a whole more often than the opposite, and it probably would have been better leaving it in place. Their civilization is crumbling despite what the idiots say. I told them that it would have probably been best to seperate the races into different countries with the Whites helping out the blacks as much as they could but with the blacks understanding that any help given would be limited as the Whites weren’t going to destroy themselves. We could give them better access to education by sending teachers for example, but these teachers would need to not only be protected vigorously from harm by them but the blacks would need to genuinely try and learn from us. They need to understand that even if we gave them all we had and destroyed ourselves doing it, it still wouldn’t do them any good unless they were genuinely willing to help themselves.

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LastCrucible June 24, 2011 at 17:05

Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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doclove June 24, 2011 at 17:12

@ Larry
I always thought the Blacks in Africa more patriarchical harems with one man impregnating several women while many men went without, but with mostly monogomous marriages and familiesEven so illigitimacy is higher in harems than it is in societies which strictly enforce monogomous one man and one wife arrangements. To a large extent this has happened in Black USA and is starting to happen in White USA with “soft harems” Nonetheless a patriarchical society in which most men are married to one wife with their children are superior to patriarchical harem societies which in turn are superior to matriarchies because of better internal social cohesion & improving the common and individual good and better ability to protect itself against external threat.

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doclove June 24, 2011 at 17:22

Gentlemen, I say it is more important to rid ourselves of misandry than bicker about race because although women are generally speaking more important for the continueation of the human race than men because one man can breed with several women even if most other men don’t, men are more necessary for the continuation of civilization for its maintainance and improvement. If men are being maligned then our civilization is doomed. Trust me ladies and gentlemen, civilization is only a thin veneer and when it’s gone you don’t want to know how horrible life will be without it. This is why men are necessary–it is for the good of civilization. Without civilization it’s going to bad for all, but it’s going to be worse for women than men, and it’s going to be worst of all for the children.

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doclove June 24, 2011 at 17:55

@ Black Folks here
You may not always like what I have to say, and that’s fine; yet, you know I’m of White European Gentile descent and an American man. However, I try to state the truth as I see it not as I or anyone else wants to see it if I can. I also try to be as helpful as I can. Some of what I’ve stated emotionally bothers me, but it’s better to look at the truth harsh as it is strait in the eye than to aver one’s eyes to the pretty lies which are ultimately more destructive no matter how wonderful they seem at first. Look, there was a time in history which the world looked at Europeans especially Northern Europeans as a mess and they were right to do so. Every other race has gone through this at least once, and now it’s your turn. It’s your races chance to either to succeed or fail. Noone would have predicted that the Whites would have risen to the top a thousand years ago, but they did between approximately 1500 and 1950. There’s no guarantees in this world that blacks can improve for the better, but there’s always hope. It will take you a long time, but it is possible that you can do it unlike some of the detractors here say. It will probably take a few or several generations. As always, setbacks occur before you can move forward again. You probably won’t be alive to see the good results. However for the sake of your descendants, it’s important to take those steps no matter how small they be in the right direction. Have grounded faith and well executed plans. You Blacks may even come out on top of the world some day like we Whites did. Sadly, my own White European Gentile Race is in decline. A lot if not most of my race’s decline is our own stupid fault. I want what is best for my race, but most of my race doesn’t want what’s best for itself. No race just like no individual is perfect, and each has its strengths and weaknesses. I wish you Black Folk well.

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Demosthenes XXI June 24, 2011 at 19:20

Mr. Price…thank you for substantiating my statement of several months ago. I have said this time and time again; I have warned you all that what was being done to African American men and the African American community was a preview of what would be done to mainstream America.

Fifty years ago, white women were deathly afraid of African American men; afraid of being raped, robbed, or otherwise assaulted. Now that fear has been spread to all men, and especially white men. In the past, stereotyping and discriminatory behavior targeted African American men and began limiting opportunities and now the same is happening to white men today. African American male children in the past were being conditioned toward a disdain of education being a viable path toward prosperity and today that idea is being spread to white male children.

Lo and behold; look at what is happening today. Feminism has turned you white men into “niggers” just like me and mine; how does it feel? Sucks, doesn’t it? Look at what has happened to the African American male; unless something changes, that is the future for all men in this country.

The men’s rights movement can’t make the same mistake that feminism made by marginalizing the needs of non-white, non-cis-gendered women. The movement needs to address the needs of men of color and gay men as well as white males and all of those concerns need to be brought under one umbrella.

As the saying goes, ” we can all hang together or we can hang separately.”

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Simon June 24, 2011 at 19:35

Dear God, that video is depressing. So all this was known and understood well ahead of time, and nobody in power had the sense to change course. Disgusting.

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joker June 24, 2011 at 19:50

Interesting. I hadn’t certainly made the connection between the current black society and the feminist development model, but it makes a lot of sense. This opens the possibility of studying african american society as a microcosmos for future adjustments.

I believe that, deep into their very hearts, black women love their pimps and wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s sad to see that these alpha crimelord / warlords (there is not a big difference, really) have a very low short term vision and tend to simply enjoy the wealth that they indirectly received. They need a Dimitri Medvedev in order to muster an impressively feral, darwinian society on their own.

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Mista Thang June 24, 2011 at 21:30

I find it humourous and amusing that Firepower’s posts are being shielded; reading them, this poster makes objective points. I feel that so many of the people here are only fixated on gender issues to the point that it is the only issue to be accounted for. Little do they know that gender AND race overlap and most (if not all) of the time go hand-in-hand. A taboo truth.

Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 19 Thumb down 6
Ghost of Tom Ball June 24, 2011 at 22:22

It’s the perfect plan for women. They get to go to college for free so that they can have the “college experience” which translates to drunken orgies with alpha males. After they have been knocked up in the stud farm they can sit back enjoy the handouts. The more successful/manipulative of them can have their alpha spawn raised by ultra-feminized beta chumps who will be the icing on the cake of welfare. They can use them for room/board/travel/daycare until they divorce him and take him for everything he is worth. Health care will be free, retirement is free, they wont have to scrimp and save for anything so they can focus on what important in life, being catty to each other, showing off their success, spending as much time and money on clothes and cosmetics (just watch any one of those “real housewives” shows).

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sharp June 24, 2011 at 22:23

My contribution:

As a white man it disgusts me that EVERYONE ON PLANET EARTH is eligible for affirmative action in America except men of European ancestry. Honestly, if it were just blacks born in America who got some type of AA for college, fine, I could even live with that although I understand the arguments against that too.

But EVERYONE ON PLANET EARTH, or people of color if you will, get a preference over me? This is a disgrace and needs to stop. “Progress” to progressives is eliminating white men.

The funny part is I think I’m actually eligible for some type of diversity inclusiveness treatment because I’m Swedish, Italian, and Spanish. My grandmother was from Spain and that part makes me special I guess. I DON’T WANT IT.

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greyghost June 24, 2011 at 22:33

Damn firepower you must have had a sex change or are dressed in drag tonight. Because you just high jacked the article and made yourself the center of attention just like a damn bitch.

Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 23 Thumb down 15
goldenfetus June 24, 2011 at 22:45

White Nationalist here. I don’t hate all Blacks, or hate any of them for BEING Blacks, and I have no problem seeing Blacks as victims when appropriate, or extending a helping hand as I can. So help me understand something: did these laws and policies and programs specifically target Black women? I mean is there explicit language that targets them for government ‘benefits’, or do they simply take disproportionate advantage of welfare? If Black families were as strong as people claim, and they were not specifically targeted, then what besides their nature can explain their disproportionate dependence? I don’t know of anything that prevented Whites from using these programs.

I’m ignorant on this one and genuinely want to know if my reasoning is flawed. On the surface this does seem to be a matter of Black nature. Looking at Africa and Haiti and any other place they occupy in great numbers, stable monogamous family life does not seem to come naturally to them.

Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 23 Thumb down 8
goldenfetus June 24, 2011 at 23:11

About Zimbabwe:

I met this older White guy in Iraq who was born and raised there. He was part of the army that fought against the commie subhumans, and when the USA betrayed them he fled the country to – ironically – Denver! He told me he spent all the money he had for the ticket, and landed in the city without any contacts or resources beyond the clothes in his single suitcase. From there he built a life for himself, and is now relatively wealthy. He had some great stories. For example, he has a rather wicked scar on his shoulder/chest from where a responsible-but-misguided, upstanding Black citizen broke into his house, killed his friend, and shoved a hunting knife into his chest. Killings of this sort – and shelling villages – was apparently quite commion. In Iraq Ugandan contract-guards with AK-47s are ubiquitous. The first time he saw them he freaked out. He told me that in Rhodesia Blacks with AKs were automatically the enemy – I guess because it meant they were supplied by the commies. When he was 13, 2 of them wandered into his town and fell asleep on someone’s lawn. One of his friends grabbed a pistol and killed them, and was rewarded for it by local authority. Now I don’t know how true all of this is, but he was a soft-spoken gentlemen whose words had the ring of truth, so I have no reason to doubt it. I just hope we can stop the sickness of feminism from reaching and spoiling African paradises like Zimbabwe.

Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 25 Thumb down 5
Maaldweb June 25, 2011 at 00:01

What I understood from the comments of black commentators here is the following:

Blacks will use different excuses to different audiences to justify their criminality and low performance in all aspects of life.
When they speak to liberals they claim the problem is white racism and oppression. When they speak to MRAs they claim the problem is feminism and liberal policies. Furthermore they absolve themselves from all the blame. All the comments here by blacks have zero self-criticism and self-analysis, it is always the fault of whites, either liberals or “racists”, never their fault. Not even ONE message from a black person contains any traces of self-criticism… I find the above extremely dishonest.

The reality is that blacks are unable to function properly in white societies. Other races can (e.g. east asians) and in some cases they even outperform whites, but blacks cannot. Instead of finding excuses and either blame white racism (as liberals do) or feminism (as Mr Price does) we should stop any form of interaction with them. Up until now it is obvious that all white policies to help blacks have failed miserably.
For me the solution is total separation of the races and zero interaction between them. Let blacks form their own communities, culture, social hierarchy and let them reevaluate life and success according to their needs and standards. Such standards should fit their race and should never be a copy of those that exist in white societies. I believe that is the best thing for blacks.

Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 23 Thumb down 16
Timothy June 25, 2011 at 01:10

Topics like these are great at bringing out the inner hatred of blacks from even the most stoic white nationalist. They can’t accept the fact that the black family was destroyed awhile ago, just like the white family is currently being destroyed, because it destroys their sense of superiority. Even a few clearly emotional fueled arguments from normally rational individuals.

I honestly don’t see the MRM going far. Men seem to hate other men, even men within their own race and religion.

Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 21 Thumb down 13
evilwhitemalempire June 25, 2011 at 01:12

Handouts to blacks oppress whites ’cause it’s coming out of the white man’s pocket.
But handouts to blacks ALSO oppress blacks ’cause it’s like feeding a child only (and ONLY) junk food.
Firepower has a right to be angry that he’s paying for that junk food but not that he’s not getting to eat it himself.

Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 15 Thumb down 5
goldenfetus June 25, 2011 at 01:20

Topics like these are great at bringing out the inner hatred of Whites from even the most stoic egalitarian. They can’t accept the fact that the Black family is a historical aberration that they long to escape, just as the White family is persistent and natural, because it destroys their sense of oppression. Even a few clearly emotionally-fueled arguments from normally rational individuals.

I honestly see the MRM going far. Men seem to like other men, except those from other races and religions.

Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 15 Thumb down 16
Timothy June 25, 2011 at 01:25

Be careful, goldenfetus. Don’t fall for the same victimhood trap black people have fallen into.

Like or Dislike: Thumb up 5 Thumb down 13
goldenfetus June 25, 2011 at 01:39

In calling someone a victim you have to identify an event or force or person that is victimizing them. Blacks claim to be the victims of Whites. Looking at it objectively, however, Blacks have received MASSIVE uncompensated benefits from Whites. The NET effect of Whites on Blacks is MASSIVELY posititve. Blacks were originally enslaved and sold by other Blacks, then White people GAVE them freedom, suffrage, equal rights, and access to electricity, cars, airplanes, medicine, computers, space technology, basic sanitation, appliances, democracy, etc etc etc. Without White intervention America Blacks would still be waging tribal wars from lightless mud huts in Western Africa to capture other Blacks they could sacrifice to their killing mania, or to steal their yam stores. Now they get everything free from Whitey – things they could not produce themselves in 10,000 years – while Whites are disadvantaged and institutionally discriminated against in all their own institutions. Calling Blacks as a group victims requires an incomprehensible mixture of malice and mental retardation.

The NET effect of Blacks onWhites, on the other hand, is massively negative. They have destroyed every white city and neighborhood they were given access to, while polluting our culture and sucking us dry – taking advantage of White compassion. They kill us by the thousands and rape our women with impunity while the White media covers up for them. Objectively, Whites ARE victims of Blacks. There’s no other honest way to call it.

But that doesn’t mean I walk around with a victim mindset screaming for handouts. No, I just work harder to make up for all the green the Blacks steal from me.

These are just facts, and Blacks refuse to acknowledge them. The ONLY honorable, reasonable attitude Blacks can have towards Whites is one of sincere appreciation and deference. When they adopt that attitude en masse maybe then there will be peace.

Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 28 Thumb down 9
AndrewV June 25, 2011 at 03:34

Up here in the True North Strong And Free I saw this coming a long time ago.

I go back to a time where Blacks were so rare in Canada that people stopped to look when they saw one.

We had plenty of welfare queens then and we have a hell of a lot more now because if a woman was on welfare :

- Social services SEARCHED her apartment to make sure that no man was living with her.

- If she got a part time job that extra income had to be reported and the same amount would be deducted from her welfare.

- The MORE children she had the more benefits she received.

Right then I knew that this was not going to end well. You guys who were arguing that you get more of what you subsidize…. I believe you are correct.

The problem is people who have no family structure, and no engagement in the community they live in.

Everything else is secondary, race, IQ, culture or lack of it. All else is secondary.

As for what caused it, I have difficulty believing that the people who instituted these programs really understood what was going to happen.

It does make sense though, if you accept that many people, are educated far beyond their means to effectively utilize it, especially when they adopt an ideology and suspend critical thinking.

Once your basic premises are skewed, no amount of IQ is going to help you out of that trap. Instead you just make perfectly logical, internally consistent, and completely absurd conclusions.

You do not need to look beyond the comments here to see examples of that either.

Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 16 Thumb down 1
economics9698 June 25, 2011 at 04:26

72.3% of blacks are born out of wedlock last time I checked. About 32% of black males end up incarcerated.

Like or Dislike: Thumb up 9 Thumb down 5
Maaldweb June 25, 2011 at 05:52

@ all blacks here

with your behaviour (blaming whites for your failures, total absence of self-criticism etc) you merely reinforce the arguments of those who look down on you.

You refuse to engage in dialogue, you refuse to answer honest and straightforward questions, you refuse to do anything else other than smear legitimate criticism as racism. This is getting really boring.

I was taught that men take responsibility for their actions and that distinguishes men from boys and women. If you are the best example the black race can offer, then I am really sorry for you.

I know my comment is harsh but I simply cannot stand irresponsible people.

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Quartermain June 25, 2011 at 06:12

In all seriousness, after 50 years or so of top down imposed white guilt, one would be foolish not to expect blowback.

We’re sick of hearing about 3,500 blacks lynched over an eighty year period when more blacks are killed by black on black crime. We barely hear about how many Whites die from black on white crime.

We’re sick of hearing about slavery especially when is illegal in the White sectors of the world but still going on Africa. None of us alive have benefited from it.

We’re sick of hearing about White privilige from blacks who benefit from Affirmative actions, and SWPL’s who are full of it but keep it.

We’re sick of surly black co-workers who feel they have a right to take their bullshit on White people who didn’t do it to them in the first place.

We’re sick of being called bigots and xenophobes because we resent being displaced and supplanted by illegal aliens & treasonous employers.

We’re sick of being told we have no culture while other people do.

We’re sick of being told we have no right to pride in our heritage while others are encouraged to have pride if not conceit in theirs.

We’re sick of blacks insisting of parents are racist when they met or knew them.

We’re sick of blacks insisting all of our ancestors owned slaves.

We’re sick of of the word White being used in a derogatory manner.

We’re sick of being to suck it up while overs can say any hateful thing about us with impunity.

We’re sick of the collective guilt tripping coming from the schools, colleges, universities, churches, media, etc.

We’re sick of hearing about slavery, jim crow, the holocaust, etc.

We’re sick of one way conversation on this bullshit.

Repressed anger can be ugly.

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NormanD June 25, 2011 at 06:32

To all the people saying black people are inferior,
You are missing the real point. Feminism that destroyed the black family was a testbed for the white culture. There is ample evidence the black people were manipulated to get where they are now. Most African tribes before whites did not have a word for liar or deceipt. This was introduced by white culture. The manipiulation is still evident when you look at the way bankers have destroyed EVERY economy and still are. THe desire to control the world came from Europe and is the blueprint being used now. Read Albert Pike if you doubt me. Everything in the modern world is by design.
As for not being able tolive in the white world, how many times has a black person invented something only to have it stolen from them by a white person because black people wher considered inferior. BLack inventors have contributed to almost every major breakthrough in this modern world. Wasn’t it a black women who did the first open heart surgery.
When America was first founded it was black people who taught the colonists about architecture. Check the 1789 Treaty of Friendship with Morroco that is still on the books. Follow the masons back to Egypt. By the way, how did those black people build the pyramids anyway. Had to have an advanced knowledge of architecture and mathematics. also, who was it that taught Hippocrites about medicine? Where was the fisrt university in the world? Saying black people are inferior is shortsighted and plays into the hands of the master manipulators and lowers you to their agent.

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Quartermain June 25, 2011 at 07:45


Where did you get your information from?

Leonard Jeffries?

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goldenfetus June 25, 2011 at 07:58

I would refute you NormanD, but my comments are being deleted.

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keyster June 25, 2011 at 08:06

Sounds like you majored in African-American studies at an “accredited” university somewhere. You’re quoting almost word for word what they teach.

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