Employment Game Part II : Recognizing the Need to Change Your Approach

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by Featured Guest on June 16, 2011

By Elmer

In Part I we described the femocratized landscape facing men in search of work and its default process for humiliating decent chaps who don’t understand how the game is rigged. We continue now with Part II, which rips the lid off the secret body of knowledge known as Employment Game.

The basic concept here is to change your thinking from being a passive, hopeful job-seeker with hat in hand begging for a job to that of an active work monger. It involves learning techniques of salesmanship to open up work opportunities outside of the interfaces, now controlled by females, that you have been led to believe will land you a job.

In times of yore (well, in the modern age, a brief period between 1949-1979), a guy could scan the newspaper job ads, send in a resume or apply in person, and have a reasonable chance of attaining long-term work or even a career with benefits that could support a family. All of us know that times have changed for a lot of reasons, but the job search approach has remained essentially the same. For many men, it not only doesn’t get results, it hits their self-esteem pretty hard. Trying to make sense of it, let alone developing a work-around, is a bit beyond most guys. Their needs are immediate; it can take years to get this right. I learned it because I have been such a miscreant ne’er-do-well for the last 35 freakin years that I managed to get fired, layed off, or tossed from sinking ships so many times that I learned to swim the leech-infested waters of post-industrial America and occasionally surface onto dry land, palm trees, and sunshine. So if I tell you to get a pair of gabardines, just listen to what I am saying, Numbnuts, and go out and do it.

Above the small shop level, the current HR front has little to do with finding qualified workers and more to do with putting up a facade to exclude you and funnel your resume into the trash, as well as to make an appearance to being serious about diversity and other social concerns that, apparently, you are obliged to feel responsible for. That is, out of moral suasion, willing to let some competitor slip through the filter and grab the goods. It gets even worse, as often companies have already identified an internal candidate for the job but go through the charade of interviewing some hopeful chap merely to answer legal requirements for filling the position. “Job Fairs” are PR stunts to project compliance with gender and diversity mandates. Your chance of getting a gig through one of these productions are about the same as scoring a babe through some bar scene. Your probability of getting scorned and rejected are about the same as well, but at least at the bar you can say to her “That’s OK, I had to take a shit anyway.”

Companies routinely lie in your face, yet you are expected to conform to a stereotype of a “good” employee. Let’s examine one of these lies. Nowadays every company has a “career opportunities” web page, 90% of which appear to have been coded by the same people to the point of using the same damn stock photo models. What is the message the corporation is trying to convey? That these people actually work at that company? They do not. Then does it mean that these are the kind of people they want you to believe work there? Or that these are the kind of people they are seeking? Whatever the case, it boils down to one truth: it’s a big lie. They are lying to your face from the get-go and to submit to their process you are going to have to suspend belief and play along with the charade, all while letting them examine in lurid detail all aspects of your personal life. This, my friends, is a “crazy maker”.

To keep your sanity intact, for young and old men alike it means not playing their game. It means developing a narrative and persona that you can apply on a regular basis to score new work. You are going to define and internalize an honest self-image that will take over the controls when you enter a work selling situation and guide it to a satisfactory conclusion, which doesn’t necessarily mean that you are getting the job. This takes a lot of effort but you can start simple and build it over time.

Secondly, it means understanding what your market is and who exactly you are going to approach to sell your skills. This is where you are going to have to do some legwork and research. Thanks to the internet it’s a lot easier to do this than previous times. That is one advantage the current paradigm gives you.

For the younger man, learn to identify the manager or business owner and approaching him (not “him or her”) directly with a short narrative and contact info. Do not walk into a business and ask “are you taking applications” or “do you have any openings”. If you hand your application to some low-end employee it is likely get diverted to the trash or you will be told that the position is already filled (because they want their friend to get it). Your act of salesmanship in contacting and talking to the man running the operation will demonstrate a huge difference in initiative over your competitors.

For the older guy, recognize the inherent prejudices against you and develop tactics for cutting through it. You are going to make a stand that you have endured your last interview. It is almost guaranteed that you are going to get treated badly if you go the job ad/interview route so it’s time to put that trap behind you. The methods I’m describing work best with guys around your own age, at least in my experience. They are the ones who are going to be least prejudiced against you. Guys in their 50s and 60s are generally going to treat you ok. The upside of this is that they are also the exact players you want to contact using the methods I will describe; they are the guys running companies or being the chief engineer; they are the entrepreneurs who will be most open to consulting services from the self-employed.

There’s another thing I’ve noticed about some older men who run entrepreneurial companies. They could retire but stay in their game because it’s balls; they enjoy being in the game too much. These are the guys you want to get to know and emulate. Learn to speak the language that gets them to think “Out-fucking-standing!” because you are one in a thousand that gets it.

The very act of defining your sales persona, and importantly, taking control of the sales interview, gives you a sense of control over your destiny in the face of turbulent economic forces. It is vitally important to develop high confidence. When you follow their script and engage in their role-playing, it is difficult to maintain your self-esteem. Being confronted with the haughty conceits of the employed and their false self-importance while they ask you inane questions about what you see yourself doing in 5 years, or to describe your biggest weaknesses, or worse, to engage in what-if scenarios or interview tests (devised by some HR twit, to be sure), is unendurable. Trudging home to your family after getting skinned alive like this can really make you feel unhinged.

You are going to develop your own script for your skill base and your industry. Guaranteed you are going to get shot down a lot. Get used to it. At least you are fighting on your terms. Each little paper cut prepares you for the next battle. And when you follow your own rules, at least you walk out with your balls intact.

In the first essay I ranted about the feminization of work and the need for men to learn new methods for dealing with it. The timeless craft of salesmanship provides exactly the template you need to customize for your unique talents. I am advocating “salesmanship” but not sales gimmickry. Google (salesman images). That is not what I am talking about here. This is not telemarketing or magazine sales or trying to con someone into buying 200 gallons of parking lot sealer. (By the way, for any of you ladies reading this who think my observations on the feminization of work and wide-spread discrimination of men are BS, google (saleswoman images) and compare that to what you see when you google (salesman images). The emergent behavior of the internet exposes the hideous lies of the feminarchy (Mwhahahahahaha Mwhahahahahaha).

Originally I had hoped to wrap up this series by now but the more I think about this topic the more material spills onto the keyboard of my Alphasmart NEO, thus I will have to write one final installment to send tears of joy streaming down your cheeks.

In Part III of Employment Game : Tools for Transformation, I will lay out what you need to synthesize a system to work the game to suit your needs. It consists of :

-Developing the Right Attitude

-Your Marketing Process

-Your Narrative and Marketing Materials

-The Killer Wardrobe

-Prospect Discovery

-Salesmanship and Rainmaking

-The Structure for Continual Practice

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