Women’s Media Center: Use Weinergate to Keep Focus on Patriarchy Myth

by W.F. Price on June 7, 2011

The Women’s Media Center, a Gloria Steinem project founded to stifle free thought by pressuring media organizations to slant the news in particular ways pleasing to feminists, has come out with the following statement on Weinergate:

In light of the breaking news surrounding Rep. Anthony Weiner’s admission of having online extramarital relationships, the Women’s Media Center urges media to focus on productive stories that do not focus on outing lurid details of women involved in this issue, nor excessively focus on Rep. Weiner’s personal life. Stories of assault, adultery, and sexual misconduct from high profile male politicians such as Schwarzenegger and Strauss-Kahn have garnered much coverage in the past weeks, and the women involved have borne the brunt of media coverage on the wrondgoings of male leaders. As the latest news about Rep. Weiner surfaces, we urge media to cover this story in a fair and balanced fashion. Of more substance, media should be concerned about a cultural and political climate where some high powered male leaders use their positions of power to access women sexually, and encourage media to ditch harmful, irrelevant personal details.

Now, first it ought to be pointed out that those most interested in the “lurid details” of these scandals are women. For example, celebrity news shows have been obsessing over Arnold and Maria, showing photos of Arnold’s lover, discussing all sorts of trivial things, etc. These are women’s shows. The only people who could possibly be shamed into avoiding this kind of electronic gossip are men.

Next, it looks almost as though the feminists are covering for Weiner to some extent. The man is evidently a committed feminist who married one of Hillary Clinton’s closest confidantes. Like John Edwards, feminist male politicians are quite often utter scumbags. Weiner, for his part, does come off as pretty pathetic, despite attempts on the part of Democrats to rehabilitate him and portray him as “at least not being a hypocrite” (maybe they should ask his wife about that). I’d actually like to see a Roissy analysis of Weinergame, as I can imagine it would be pretty amusing, but that aside, he’s acting more like a teenager than a grown man, and that definitely raises questions about his fitness for office.

Finally, should it surprise anyone that some guys will use some advantage or another in an effort to procure sex? Might not a particularly good-looking man, powerful or not, use his looks to get laid? As has often been pointed out, women tend to value social status as much as men value beauty, yet these feminists portray the scandal as a one-sided thing and the women as helpless victims being used by a “high powered male leader” and exploited by a voyeuristic media.

What a bunch of garbage. I just saw some of the photos one of the girls, Meagan Broussard, sent Mr. Weiner, and they were pretty racy. She was displaying her cleavage and trying to look sexy all the while aware that Weiner is married to another woman. Why shouldn’t she get a little attention? Looks like that’s exactly what she wanted anyway.

Women have pursued socially prominent men from time immemorial. Plenty of women will happily shove others out of the way to claim the prize. Young, male politicians, rock stars, etc., virtually have to fight them off. So, on Weiner’s part, it isn’t exactly using his position so much as it is giving into temptation. His online dalliances are evidence not of his strength and power, but rather contemptible, pitiful, childish weakness. These are the men feminists love to have in “power” — those who can neither control themselves nor show any spine. It is ridiculous to see people lauding Weiner for “coming clean” when his first reaction to being caught with his hand in the cookie jar was to lie like a naughty little girl and blame mysterious others.

Sure, we all have our weaknesses, but Weiner’s are so glaring – so laughably inappropriate – that it makes one wonder how many more of these specimens grace the halls of congress. While this clown was in power he championed feminists’ causes, and now that he’s been disgraced he’s become their convenient patsy to smear men in aggregate.

For all the denunciations we hear from feminists of immature, unprincipled men, a close look at the evidence clearly demonstrates it is exactly these men who are their closest allies and most useful tools.

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