The Feminist Rape of Little Boys

by Featured Guest on April 28, 2011

By Zorro

Americans believe in ideals of equality and fairness. All children, regardless of ethnic heritage, religion, gender or sexual orientation whether straight, gay or transgendered, deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

How do feminists describe the birth of a baby boy? A crime against humanity.

During 2010, over four million boys, one in five of school age, were victims of feminist rape. (Note 1)

The essential elements of rape are power and control over the victim. Men who rape use physical force to assault their victim. Feminists who rape little boys use psychological manipulation and verbal coercion to assault their victim.

Feminist rape is the sexual attack of an adult woman upon a minor male child either emotionally or physically in an attempt to subtly emasculate a little boy’s self-esteem, intellectual and social development. Feminist rape is an attempt to psychologically castrate a little boy from his male identity. Rape is the only word that can describe this crime.

The most vicious and cruelest forms of violence are psychological especially against innocent children. Feminist rape upon little boys is as emotionally destructive, devastating and violent as any male rape attack leaving victims traumatized and debilitated.

Physical rape is a criminal act. Feminist rape is an elusive and insidious act difficult to prove. Little boys do not have the emotionally maturity to realize they are being raped. Feminist rape activities may be so subtle as to appear innocuous and are always rationalized as being in the best interest of the little boy. Feminist rape is the perfect sex crime against little boys.

In Chris Hansen’s to “Catch a Predator” there was never an episode of a female predator being caught. Male predators are forced to prey for their victims online. Feminist predators have no need to prey online. They enter education and child care situations where they are in positions of authority, power and control over their victims. Their victims are forced to come to them. Feminist predators are in perfect positions to develop long-term emotional manipulative control of victim relationships.

Feminists dominate education and have successfully gender cleansed elementary schools of male teachers. Over 95% of elementary teachers are women. The primary male academic role model for young boys in elementary schools is the school janitor. Feminist rape culture and shaming language brands any male who wants to teach young children as a male pedophile.

If adult men have been socially bullied, intimidated and terrorized from entering elementary teaching professions then imagine the vulnerability of little boys in feminist classrooms.

Imagine you are a little boy in a feminist classroom. You are going to watch an educational video which will be required in many classes across our country. The reader MUST PROMISE to watch the entire video posted on YouTube. As a little boy in a feminist classroom, you have no choice. It is important to take notes as you watch because I am asking the reader to write a one page essay of what you learned from the video. You will also be required to give an oral presentation of your essay before friends and peers of what you learned. You can go to YouTube and type “Dear Women” in the search box or use the link

This video represents the core values and beliefs of many American elementary school teachers. If you do not agree with the views in the video it is because you, especially if male, are a sexist, are academically inferior or blinded by male privilege. If you found it difficult to sit still, you became agitated or couldn’t concentrate on the video; it is because you suffer from ADHD. You would be forced against your will to receive Ritalin in this school to help become a more compliant and passive student. You realize as a boy student, you are not expected to provide any independent or critical analysis in you essay or oral report. You know from experience the teacher will eviscerate, mock and humiliate you in front of the class unless you regurgitate the views in the video.

This type of video presentation format was initially seen during the Korean War when American prisoners were brutally, psychologically tortured into making statements against the United States.

One has to wonder, what happened to the men in the video as little boys to possess such feelings of guilt and shame for being male? Did their fathers teach them these ideas? Some of these men were serially raped by feminists throughout their young lives and to this day do not even realize they were manipulated and abused as little boys. Maybe they should change the title to “Unconscious Rape of Little Boys.”

In feminist culture, a mind is a terrible thing to waste, unless it is a boy’s mind. Feminists modified teaching methods and redesigned curriculums to guarantee the encouragement and support for the exclusive success of girls.

Teachers have the power to influence and alter a young child’s life forever. A teacher’s encouraging comment to a young and idealistic student may have a lifetime effect of inspiring and motivating a girl to great achievement. A teacher who blames, ridicules, vivifies, and humiliates a young student who is guilty of being born male may have a lifetime effect to destroy and emasculate the spirit of a little boy.

Feminists have imperceptibly programmed little boys for academic and social failure with great success. American education has been designed to oppress achievement, competition and creativity of boys. The cultures of elementary schools are hostile academic and toxic social environments for boys. Boys hate school and rush home to play on video games where they are allowed to express their boyhood.

What real evidence is there that feminists have been raping little boys? The evidence is ordinary common sense applied to social reality.

There was never any real evidence the great American gangster, Al Capone, was ever guilty of any criminal activity but it doesn’t mean he was innocent of his crimes. It was the fruits of his crimes, the enormous wealth he accumulated from criminal activity that was used to convict him of tax evasion.

For example, consider “The Graph of Feminist Shame”. (Note 2) One would think feminists who preach on the altar of victimhood and believe they represent equality and fairness would be ashamed of the 60%/40% college enrollment of women over men.

In the prior years to 1980, the little boys of the past contributed to landing humans on the moon, developed satellite communications, ushered in the Agricultural Green Revolution, invented birth control pills, the Internet, personal computers and cell phones but in the last two decades have developed serious learning issues.

The graph shows discrimination against girls prior to the 1970’s. This became an affront to all fair and reasonable Americans.

Americans agreed that all children, female and male, should have equal opportunities in academics, sports, and all activities in life. During the seventies changes were made and girls began to approach the 50% mark of college degrees conferred. It appeared as though all children were receiving equal educational opportunities.

During the 1970’s, feminists lured American society into radical educational reforms saying, “feminism is about fairness and equality ” translated “come see the puppy in my van.” Feminism was never about fairness or equality. Feminism was and is about power and control.

The changes in degrees conferred since the 1980’s in the graph through the present reveal feminists are either the worst teachers of boys in human history and/or the betrayal of feminism to dreams of equal educational instruction demanded by fair and reasonable Americans. There is no other social explanation for the decline of boys in education other than feminist rape and blatant discrimination against little boys. General social problems would apply to both boys and girls yet only boys have been severely impacted. Boys are stupid in not a reasonable explanation. When feminists claim girls are outperforming boys in school because of their academic abilities it is a euphemism for “we’ve been very successful in raping little boys.” Social inequities of the past cannot be used to rationalize or justify rape in the present. The treatment of little boys in the United States today is a national disgrace and tragedy in the enormous loss of human potential.

What do feminist teachers call boys who complete high school and are accepted into college? Damn Survivors. Education in America is stealthy designed to discourage boys from learning and achievement. What do feminist teachers call African American boys who complete high school and are accepted into college? Goddamn Survivors. White feminists in ivory towers have a peculiar hatred of African America boys. What do feminist teachers call effective educational spending for African American boys: build more prisons.

Too many boys do not survive and drop out of school much more than girls. It is boys who kill themselves four times more than girls. It is boys who become promiscuous, abuse alcohol and drugs more than girls. America’s boys have lost ambition, lack motivation, lack self-esteem, possess negative self-images, and are depressed even withdrawing from society. America’s boys are and have been displaying classic post-traumatic behavior of rape victims.

Social pundits ponder the disintegration of female-male relationships in American society. The tens of millions of little boys who have been raped by feminists find it difficult to trust or respect women. After thirteen years or more of rape and psychological abuse, little boys who grow into men are incapacitated in their ability to develop healthy intimate and long-term relationships with women. There should be no mystery why there are so many single women and single mothers compared to forty years ago.

Feminists will say only a minority of feminists rape little boys and you can’t demonize an entire social group. Only a minority of Nazis gassed Jews to their deaths and other people they considered socially inferior. The culture of Nazism was pure evil and the culture of Feminism today is pure evil.

In the spirit of feminist shamming language, any person who identifies themselves as a feminist should be ashamed of themselves. They should be shunned by decent people who sincerely believe in equality and fairness. Individuals who believe in equality and fairness are called Americans. The term American Feminist is an oxymoron that makes as much sense as a Jewish Nazi.

Feminism has become a Marxist Misandry movement. Feminism is the hate of heterosexual love between men and women, husband and wife, father and daughter. Feminism is the hate of heterosexual family. Feminism hates fathers who love who love their children. Feminism hates the religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam because of their absolute moral standards and ideals of honor and fidelity. Remember, the very first Feminist was Satan. Feminism is a culture of discrimination and psychological castration of little boys. Feminism has become a reprehensible culture of little boy rape.

Those boys who excel in mathematics and logic begin to realize as they mature into young men that: If all men are rapists then all feminists are boy rapists.

Note 1:

According to the website, there were 42 million school age children ages six to seventeen in 2010 throughout the United States. About half of these children are boys representing a potential victim pool of 21 million boys. One can estimate 20% of boys have exposure to feminist teachers resulting in 4,200,000 victims of abuse. This is a conservative estimate.

Note 2:

I believe this graph was compiled by Dr. Mark Perry. Please see the blog “Carpe Diem” on June 2, 2009:

Note 3:

This analysis was not funded by a million dollar federal grant. Nor is this analysis endorsed by the White House Counsel on Women and Girls, the National Organization of Women, the American Association of University Women or the North American Man Boy Love Association.

My only qualification for writing this analysis is that I love my sons.

I am the luckiest man in the world to be joyfully married to a beautiful, intelligent, loving and independent thinking woman but do not feel ashamed for being born a male. I express great gratitude to my teachers, male and female, who encouraged and inspired learning for my family and myself.

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