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by W.F. Price on April 27, 2011

Editor: we’ve been seeing a lot of criticism here from White Nationalists lately, probably due to someone linking PMAFT’s “White Knight Nationalism” post from some time back. I wasn’t sure whether a response would be worth it, but commenter “John” left a comment to PMAFT’s post that I thought roughly sums up my own views on the matter. Perhaps some of the White Nationalists coming around can read this comment and engage in a little reflection. If you really care about your ethnicity/race/religion, it might pay off to clean up your own house first. That goes for all of us, of course.

By John

The “female” commentators on WN sites are at least as shaming and self-righteous as those on lefty-feminist sites, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if half of them had some sort of moustache getting a bit out of control on the upper lip and hairy armpits. In truth, the majority of their comments are disgusting to read, and that’s if you are lucky(?) enough to be able to decipher what they are trying to say because of their almost universal lack of analytical thought process and woeful grammatical skills. I keep thinking “old doublewide trailers” halfway through their first paragraph and simultaneously envision that old hag up on the mountain during the first part of the movie “Rob Roy” presently sitting in front of a computer.

And look at this gem from the article above – “Once again, fellas, the onus is on YOU to please women. Not the other way around. Ghetto Negroes have better wooing, and flirtation skills, than so many White males.”

Here we have a supposed W.N. self-imagined “White Goddess” who has experience with being wooed by “Ghetto Negroes” and she expresses admiration for their flirtation skills. Got her thing tingling, I see. Maybe that “tingling” was satiated a few times by one or more of those “Ghetto Blacks”, yet some “Bush” swilling W.N. “White Knight” will draw his sword and proclaim, “I will defend this sluts honor to my death!”

Yeah. “Git-R-Done” and all that, Jackass.

Insofar as the WN men go, I’d have to agree that the majority of them are likely bunion-rubbers, drink the cheapest of beer, fondle their Chinese SKS nightly, and do whatever the “Old Lady” tells them to do while they strut around in front of their friends and the mountain of aluminum empties like little Bantam roosters. Almost as a universal, they hold up the WN females as godesses in spite of the fact that 99% of those “ladies” have had their holes punched and left full of biological waste by more men than there are oil companies that have ever drilled wells in Texas. Frankly, it’s pathetic. “Yup, I got me a good one down at the used lot! Low mileage but ridden really hard. I like ‘em that way. We even goes to church now! Naw, them’s her kids from one of them other fella’s, I think.”

Got an American’ flag hanging in the yard over near the pickup, and when properly drunk they sing along with Lee Greenwood, mumbling “and I’m proud to be an American, because at least I know I’m free.” Is this a great country or what?

Are W.N.-types correct when they posit that other outgroups are to blame for what has happened in this country? Yes and no. The zeitgeist is the zeitgeist, and indeed powerful and convincing forces are behind it. Yet, no one forces anyone to be a direct participant. Anyone can opt out. There is no “rule” that posits that women must be self-centered, rationalization hamster whores nor does one exist which mandates that men should be layabout cads who “pump and dump” to prove their manhood to themselves. As the Knight Templar stated in one of those Indiana Jones moves, “He chose poorly”, and so do women in droves.

I happened upon one of Professor Kevin MacDonalds books, “Culture of Critique” some time back, and this superb work – peer reviewed and footnoted beyond belief (given the topic, a grand idea), left me with absolutely no doubt that what has happened to this country is no accident, but rather by planning and design. Nevertheless, free will is free will, and people chose the immoral and degrading path that was and continues to be followed. Evil forces are indeed hard at work, but as I argued earlier, no one forces anyone to chose evil over good.

Are there “good women” who are also blessed with high intelligence who are ethnically conscious. Assuredly, whether they are White, Black, Asian or Mestisto. I’ve got no problem with people being proud of their race and culture, and if anything, am chagrined that because of “political correctness” it is almost impossible to express pride in the white race without being instantaneously labeled a racist. Nothing like a pejorative to end an intelligent discussion.

Nevertheless, the few times that I have come across W.N. websites, given the general lack of intellectual consideration demonstrated in the writing, the vitriolic garbage spouted by the little goddesses with the worn-out D.N.A. receptacles, as well as the almost moronic defense of today’s white women by the “White Knights”, I am not overly compelled to return. In general terms, outside of the superb work at “The Occidental Observer” (with generally poor commentary), I am not compelled to return. There’s simply no “There, there.” Pro-active solutions are absent, and what you have is just keyboarded yelling by the men and senseless, self-promoting, male-shaming bitching by the bitches.

Insofar as the W.N. men go, they are almost their own worst enemies. The W.N. women? You may as well go over and hang out at feministing. For a good time call 1-800-BITCH. As a rule they are disgusting hypocrites and beyond disappointing. Hell, the best description is repellent. Yes, repellent.

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