Marriage Isn’t Dying. It’s Dead.

by Pro-male/Anti-feminist Tech on April 25, 2011

Lot’s of people say that marriage is dying because less and less people are getting married.  Many men are on a defacto marriage strike refusing to get married.  While marriage rates are going down and many men are on a defacto marriage strike, marriage isn’t dying.  It’s already dead.

What we think of as “marriage” or “traditional marriage” is marriage 1.0.  Marriage 1.0 was killed a few decades ago by legal changes and marriage 2.0 replaced it.  Most people don’t understand what the name, marriage 2.0, really communicates.  The version number concept comes from software engineering and changing the whole number in a version number says that there were major changes between version 1.0 and version 2.0.  When talking about marriage the use of “marriage 2.0″ is correct.  There were massive changes between marriage 1.0 and marriage 2.0.  Many people who use the term, marriage 2.0, don’t really understand this.  They think of marriage 2.0 as really being marriage 1.2 or marriage 1.02, minor changes not the major change it is.

When a new version of a software application comes out, no one is forced to upgrade to the new version.  They may choose to upgrade.  The software vendor may not support the old version anymore but there are no forced upgrades.  This is different than the change from marriage 1.0 to marriage 2.0.  There was a forced change to the new version of marriage.  Everyone who was in marriage 1.0 was forced into marriage 2.0.  Since whether marriage 1.0 or marriage 2.0 is available is determined by laws there can be only one or the other available at any time.  The only marriage anyone in a Western country can have is marriage 2.0.  It doesn’t matter if a person thinks there in a marriage 1.0 marriage  or “traditional marriage”.  They are not because it’s determined by the law, and the law in all Western countries only allows for marriage 1.0.

This is why marriage is already dead (in the West).  In every Western country marriage 1.0 is simply not an option no matter how much someone wants it.  Anyone who tries to push “marriage” or “traditional marriage” is really pushing marriage 2.0 and by extension pushing feminism (since marriage 2.0 is feminist marriage) whether they realize it or not.  There is no way of having a non-feminist marriage (or marriage 1.0 marriage or “traditional marriage”) unless a man expats.  (Bringing a woman from a non-feminist country to a Western country is not enough to avoid marriage 2.0 because it’s the laws that determine which version of marriage is in force.  Thus the man must expat if he wants a marriage 1.0 marriage.)

What does (non-feminist) marriage being completely dead and buried mean for us?  Unless a man is willing to permanently expat, he should not get married.  Anyone who is pushing marriage even if they claim they’re pushing “traditional marriage” is reallying pushing marriage 2.0, a feminist form of marriage.  Thus the marriage pushers are either useful idiots for feminism or have no real problem with feminist forms of marriage.  If any of the marriage pushers were really interested in rebuilding marriage 1.0, they would not be attempting to shame men into marrying or calling us hedonists or nihilists.  They would be in the courts challenging aspects of marriage 2.0 such as no fault divorce, and/or they would be setting up private marriage systems that actually reflect the “traditional marriage” they claim to believe in.  (Even if these things didn’t work, at least we would know that the social conservatives and traditionalist conservatives who push marriage were actually serious about “traditional marriage” and not attempt to pull a bait and switch on men.)  Because of all this marriage in the West is no longer an anti-feminist institution.  That kind of marriage is completely dead.  The current form of marriage, marriage 2.0, is a solidly feminist institution.  To support marriage now (unless said supports are legally challenging marriage 2.0, setting up private marriage systems, or encouraging men to expat to get married) is to support feminism.  Anyone in the West who is married is in a feminist marriage whether they like it or not.

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