Young Woman Gives Birth to Baby Boy, Decapitates Him

by W.F. Price on March 10, 2011

Laura Lynn Hickey, A Centralia Washington woman, gave birth to a live baby boy, at some point cutting his head off and stashing him under the sink before paramedics, called by a neighbor, arrived. When she arrived at the hospital, she told the medics she was having a miscarriage, but they could tell she had given birth, and asked her where the baby was. She told them where she’d put the child, upon which police went to her home and collected the tiny, headless corpse.

It took a week for investigators to ascertain that the child had been born alive, upon which Ms. Hickey was arrested.

According to investigators, Ms. Hickey has given no reason for the decapitation. Perhaps she felt that because the child was delivered prematurely, she was within her rights to exterminate the boy. Feminists who focus on reproductive rights have consistently argued that any baby is fair game for killing prior to full-term delivery, and their stance may be influencing young women across the nation in regards to infanticide.

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