You Are A Scientist and Engineer of Men’s Rights

by Featured Guest on March 7, 2011

Two recent comments at The Spearhead and A Voice For Men struck me.  I couldn’t say for sure where the comments were posted because I read each site daily.  I make it a point to read both of these sites and False Rape Society every day since they are happening.

One comment was suggesting that AVfM Radio, at some point, should move toward focusing on current events, not general comments about men’s issues. Here it is, by mgtow:

“Going forward AVfM must up its entertainment value. Don’t just inform, that gets old after a while. Instead, focus on the current issues. For example, this week there’s a new ‘Eat Pray Love’ type of chick flick, or a new pussy pass served in court, or a new misandrist article (think Kay Hymowitz), or a scientific survey debunking some long-held feminist dogma. Focus on those current events, and expound on them.”

A radio station that doesn’t focus on current events (at some point) won’t get very far.  Of course, I’m sure the folks at AVfM Radio already know this, and will work to find the appropriate balance between commentary on men’s rights issues, current events, and call-in topics.  The first episode of AVfM Radio laid the foundation of what the men’s rights movement is all about for its viewers, also warning feminists and misandrists that their time has come and we are here to stay.  Future episodes will focus on specific topics, such as violent women and the government that supports them, and false accusations and their effect on men.  Sooner or later, I’m sure current events will receive close attention, just as they have in so many articles at A Voice for Men, The Spearhead, and False Rape Society.

The other comment I recall, but can’t seem to find again, was a reader stating that they like to see articles about things going on today rather than the more more abstract articles we’ve had a lot of recently at both AVfM and TS.  In fact, a lot of the articles in the men’s movement are like this: abstract, insightful, and yes, mind-blowing.  See Adam Kostakis’s series on gynocentrism at AVfM or early Spearhead articles.  If you haven’t yet, read Zed’s Spearhead articles, or how about Novaseeker’s?  The very first Spearhead article was written by Novaseeker on September 22nd, 2009.

Theoretical articles are extremely eye opening, especially to the newcomer, but “keeping it real” and relevant will hold readers’ attention.  Paying attention to current events and misandry in popular culture is very important, especially since current events give us opportunities to engage in activism, spreading the word to the masses.

I guarantee the average IQ of those in the men’s movement is significantly higher than that of the general public.  A stupid, willingly ignorant person is much less likely to understand the importance of the issues we combat.  As intellectuals – whether you enjoy that label or not – we enjoy theory.  But like everyone, we also enjoy the application of theory.  We are not just scientists, but engineers.
From Wikipedia:

“Engineers and scientists are often confused in the minds of the general public, with the former being closer to applied science. While scientists explore nature in order to discover general principles, engineers apply established principles drawn from science in order to create new inventions and improve upon the old ones. In short, scientists study things whereas engineers design things. However, there are plenty of instances where significant accomplishments are made in both fields by the same individual. When a scientist has also an engineering education, the same individual would explore principles in nature to solve problems and to design new technology. Scientists often perform some engineering tasks in designing experimental equipment and building prototypes, and some engineers do first-rate scientific research.”

MRAs are the scientists and the engineers of men’s rights.

When I used to write for The Spearhead, I mostly wrote about current events and popular culture.  I understand the theory, sure, but the application is what really interests me.  Lately I don’t even watch TV, so it’s a bit harder to focus on it.  But when you cruise the internet, you’re bound to stumble upon something worth mentioning.

Speaking of which…

You know what, guys?  I love The Lion King, and when it comes out on Blu-Ray, I want to know, even though Disney screwed it up by adding a terrible song called The Morning Report and I will likely just hold onto my laser-disc rip of the original movie.  Because of my interest in The Lion King, I am subscribed to Disney Movie Rewards, which informed me on Friday about the upcoming Mars Needs Moms children’s movie.

The title struck me as suspect, so I investigated by heading on over to  Judging only by the single review there, I can already tell this movie is a piece of misandric crap.  Here are its features, with the lessons it’s telling children in parentheses:

Boy’s mom raises him alone, no father present. (You don’t need a dad, moms are better parents anyway.)

Man on the spaceship tries to help the boy but is too fat and stupid to do much good. (Men are incompetent, bumbling idiots who have no self control.)

Woman comes to the boy’s rescue with her brilliant plan. (Girls are smarter and more independent than boys and adult men.)

Thanks, Disney!

Also, I’m guessing the whole idea is to tell little boys to be glad they have moms at all, even when their moms are overbearing and unreasonable.  Little boys should just be glad to have a mom at all.  No mention of fathers, of course- they don’t matter.
Have I watched this movie yet?  No.  Can I pass judgement on it already?  Yes.  I’m an MRA.  My IQ is enormous, remember?

Anyway, that’s just my hypothesis.  If you have a different one, tell us what you think by submitting an article to The Spearhead or to A Voice for Men.

I guess what I’m saying is, don’t be a scientist.  Don’t be an engineer.  Be both.

About the Author: If you like this article, Jay Hammers urges you to do something about it and either donate to The Spearhead or A Voice For Men or, at the very least, make sure to piss off a misandrist in the next 24 hours, preferably while men are watching (and learning).

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