Desperate Single Mothers Turn to Incest to Woo Online Lover

by W.F. Price on March 1, 2011

In a sad story that shows just how depraved American society has become, a fat, chinless, middle-aged used car salesman managed to persuade a half dozen women to produce child porn with their underage children, one being only three years old at the time.

Steven Demink, the internet lothario, posed as a single father of a 14-year-old girl, using head shots of male models to make himself appear desirable. Calling himself “Dalton St. Clair,” he also claimed to be a psychologist, and used the phony credentials to convince the women that molesting their children was a form of therapy. To further encourage them to commit these crimes, which involved lewd acts in front of a webcam with their children, he would offer to date the women if they complied.

What is interesting here is the method Demink employed. Although it is suggested that he “duped” the women, what actually appears to have happened is that the parties merely exchanged one form of pornography for another.

As has recently been discussed in our corner of the internet, many women crave “emotional pornography” to the same extent men crave the visual kind. Demink, for all his mundane qualities, appears to have had a remarkably astute understanding of this proclivity, which he used for criminal purposes.

Although the women are characterized in the linked AP article as having been convinced by Demink’s assertions that incest would be good for their children, any reasonable person would realize that no psychologist would suggest such activity as therapy. These women may not have been particularly sharp, but they were judged competent to stand trial, and a couple have already been sentenced to hard time in prison.

It is encouraging to see that the women who participated in the crimes are also being held responsible under the law, but it is likely that a number of people, including prosecutors and judges, and definitely reporters, are missing the quid pro quo inherent in these acts. This was not a case of women simply acting negligently, but rather an example of a man and women swapping different forms of pornography online, and collaborating in its production.

Demink’s creation, the fantasy of the sexy, high-status single father, gave these pathetic single mothers something they craved, and in return they put on some truly vile productions to indulge the lust of an equally pathetic man. This unfortunate case demonstrates how readily some single mothers will victimize their own children to satisfy their own desires, and leads to the question of whether the female form of pornography, although not recognized as such under the law, is not at least as depraved as the male.

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