The Future After the Death of Feminism

by Delusion Damage on February 25, 2011

Feminism is going to die.  Soon.

After the sun has set on feminism’s final day, the world that’s left for us will look very different – whether it’s a decent place or not will depend on the methods we use to get there. Some of feminism’s most enthusiastic opponents are of the mind that “winning the war” is all that matters right now and rebuilding can be figured out later. I hold that “the war” will win itself in any case, and that now is the time to look to the future and plan for it, because an ounce of preventing undesirable side effects of the impending transition to a non-feminist society is worth a pound of cure after the fact.

Interestingly, the possibility of feminism ending within any time frame relevant to currently living people has never been spared a thought in anything written by a feminist that I’ve ever come across.

Also among those opposed to feminism, the fear that it could go on forever is widespread. Comments have even been thrown about to the effect that current anti-feminist action is “not good enough”, that the fact that it’s getting worse means that it will keep getting worse. However, as alluded to by The Futurist in his call to activism, a transition to non-misandrist society will happen no matter what, and the impact the men’s movement can make is not on “if” but “how”:

I remain as convinced as ever that The Misandry Bubble will correct by 2020 no matter what due to the Four Horsemen of Male Emancipation.  However, there is much to lose if the correction is turbulent, rather than orderly.  Millions of innocent men and women can be saved from wrenching misfortune if we act now to fight the culture of misandry that is cancerously pervading the entire Western world.

I’d like to highlight a different set of four factors that will bring feminism to an end: four methods men are using to dismantle it, which will shape the world we’re left with once feminism is gone.

  1. Educating Men – A noble effort is being made by men of various backgrounds to educate other men about the evils of feminist society through whatever means their particular circumstances provide.
  2. Leaving Women to Fend for Themselves – A number of men are “going their own way”, refusing to foot the bill for the feminist gravy train and distancing themselves from feminist society both for their own protection and to withdraw support from a destructive system.
  3. Violence – Still relatively rare but growing in number are those men who, pushed far enough into disillusionment and despair, decide to push back with full force and embark on a murder-suicide shooting rampage as their final protest against the society that made their lives unlivable. We may yet see some Western men take it upon themselves to punish feminist behavior in our streets and public spaces on a day-to-day basis. What with the oversensitivity of our cultural climate to misinterpreting any mention of violence as a call to it, I feel a need to state unequivocally that I am not encouraging violent action against feminists here, but only stating as fact what is happening today and making a prediction regarding what may happen in the future.
  4. Educating Women – Little effort is currently being made by men to educate women about the error of their feminist ways, and very few women are inclined to listen. As women come to face more and more abandonment and violence from the growing number of disillusioned men, more and more of them will be forced to look beyond feminism for solutions, and this approach will become more effective and very important for the building of a better society.

Feminist society is inherently unsustainable because it functionally encourages all of these strategies, and therein contains the seeds of its own destruction. A sadly forgotten fact among today’s generation of women is that they survive only on the good humor of men, who, whether in the guise of husbands, fathers, taxpayers or police, have always been and will likely always be the only thing standing between women and a swift and brutal death. The fundamental contract between the sexes is based on women making themselves worth the trouble by giving men something in return for this favor. It might be possible to conceive of a society in which women could enjoy a decent standard of living even without the willing help of men, but any sequence of events that could lead the Western world to such a state of affairs in the near future appears astronomically unlikely. The fact is that quality of life for women, as a group, depends to a great extent on men’s kindness, and that kindness is predicated on the women not pissing the men off too much. Until recently there’s been a healthy buffer of male goodwill towards women keeping society in balance. It’s been known by names like chivalry and gentlemanly conduct, and expressed in myriad written and unwritten rules like the ubiquitous “never hit a girl” we all learned as children, but the major portion of it doesn’t have a name and can only be described as an overarching tendency to always treat women a bit better than other men. The now aging generation of women has used up a major chunk of that collective male goodwill – they’ve partied with abandon on credit, leaving the bill to their daughters. At the current rate, the amount of kindness-reducing behavior among the female population is fast approaching “too much”, and when it reaches that point where the male population as a collective entity has had enough and “general public male opinion” switches from being pro-feminist to being anti-feminist, things will change very rapidly indeed.

Most men are by default more than willing to discuss things and find cooperative solutions that benefit everyone, but faced with someone who refuses to do that and is intent on getting her own way no matter who gets hurt, most men are also perfectly willing to control such a danger by force. The unwillingness of feminists to engage in rational cooperation is eventually going to lead men to give up on trying to talk to them as equals and instead unilaterally decide that the party is over and it’s time for feminists to shut up and cook dinner. It is in the best interests of both men and women to shape a future in which women voluntarily let go of feminist stubbornness and cooperate with men for the greater benefit of all involved, rather than be forced to submit. When women realize that these are the only two options and that the feminist utopia they’ve been taught to expect is a practical impossibility, they will fall in line very quickly.

The future holds many exciting possibilities:

  1. Western society weakens under irrational feminist policies and its population is absorbed into a culture with stronger values, such as Islam.
  2. As a result of withdrawn male support in the form of labor and economic production, the economic safety net collapses and women are forced to abandon feminism and learn to please men in order to be provided for. With no working social security system, we get to join the third world with skyrocketing crime rates, consequent rampant corruption and a reduced standard of living for all but the most ruthless robber barons.
  3. Men in law enforcement professions become disillusioned with increasingly irrational feminist rape and domestic abuse laws and start turning a blind eye, consequently also removing the sensible protections women have enjoyed by law since the dawn of civilization and effecting de facto legalization of forceful control of women. The protection of women falls to the men in their lives, private citizens now forced to arm themselves and fight sexual competitors for women conquered as war trophies. Like the wild west, but a lot more crowded.
  4. Women influenced by feminism realize their mistake and agree to cooperate in building a new system that benefits both sexes. Needless to say, this would be the best option for all involved, and the best we can say for the alternatives is that they have to exist in theory and, I fear, to some extent as examples before a major portion of feminists will realize the necessity of cooperation.

It should be the concern of any man or woman not wishing to live under Islamic law or in a new wild west on the ruins of a collapsed civilization to make sure that feminist women realize their mistake and are offered a cooperative solution out of the pit they’ve dug as soon as possible, before our society has descended into lawlessness. If the societal breakdown is allowed to happen, it will cause a lot of unnecessary suffering to all of us and be very hard to fix. To this end, I advocated reducing feminist ideas in women through peaceful and cooperative means in my previous article, The High Road. While a minority of readers expressed their appreciation for my suggestions in the comments, a much more vocal contingent of commenters criticized my approach as too moderate and voiced their own opinions to the effect that no communication should be had with any woman influenced by feminism. Given the ubiquity of feminist indoctrination in our society, I am mighty curious as to whether these men ever speak with their mothers, sisters, daughters or colleagues, and if they do, whether their behavior does justice to the positions they express with such gusto when safely behind their keyboards. If there is a man among them who has never talked to a feminist-influenced woman twice, he’s got my respect, and as for any who don’t meet the criterion upon which they found it appropriate to base their criticisms, they are cordially invited to give themselves a healthy slap in the face.

Feminism is everywhere, it cannot be avoided. Many of those very same men who would criticize polite disagreement as too soft can frequently be found sitting around offices and dining tables silently bearing witness to all manner of feminist chatter. This is a problem in the men’s movement – there are no signs of movement from the men who count: brothers, husbands, friends, etc. As long as the only opposition to feminist ideas a woman gets is from a keyboard halfway across the world while the men close to her shut up, smile, and direct all their own frustrations toward other computer screens on the other side of the world, the chances for her to change are not great. Someone on the internet may disapprove of her treatment of men, but all the men in her life seem to be accepting it without so much as a peep! Who would you believe?

Speaking our minds to feminist-influenced women only when we’re sitting at our keyboards or boycotting feminism only in those people who are so unimportant to our lives that we cut them out without a second thought is shamefully, pitifully, laughably insignificant. It is in our personal lives where our efforts count. If you are ever going to effect an involuntary change in anyone, it will be in people who absolutely cannot ignore you, because all those who can, will. If you are willing to tell your mother and your daughter to pack up the delusions they picked up in college and leave your life forever, I have no issue with that, but I doubt men who would do this are many even in these circles. If instead you stay quiet and let them broadcast their delusions unopposed and unanimously reinforce each others’ superiority complexes, you are behaving like less than a man and should feel bad. If you are like most of the audience here – just a guy, just disappointed, not ready to wreck your life even for a good cause and yet not content with standing idly by doing nothing while injustice is rife all around you – for you, there is The High Road. No apologizing, no hiding of your views, no fighting with your friends and family, just realizing that your goals are ultimately best for everyone and repackaging your true cause as a concerned appeal to her self-interest. For best results, the men’s movement needs both good cops and bad cops. Someone has to raise the cost of being a feminist, and someone has to offer women an enticing opportunity for defection.

The basis of feminism is unabashed selfishness, and women will hold onto it exactly as long as they perceive it to be their best option. If we let them believe that it’s “us vs. them” and we’re not taking prisoners, they can hold onto it until no woman is left standing and maybe they can take freedom of religion, social security and/or democratic rule of law down with them. This would obviously be bad for everyone. While a better option for women to defect to is not being made widely available, desperate women are going to cling to their sinking ship.

Where we end up is our choice to make, but we have to start making it now. The law of Islam, the law of the jungle, or a new law for men and women to peacefully coexist in a society that recognizes, understands and fulfills the different needs of both. Feminism will go down, and peacefully, cooperatively, violently or indifferently, you will be involved in burying it. There will be educators and rebels, agitators and bystanders, there will be objectors, defectors, killers and mediators. All will play their parts in the inevitable disassembling of feminist society, but what we really need are those who can help us build a decent future after it’s gone.

The author took care in writing this piece, considering its implications and limitations, and hopes that those who might disagree in the comments make a similar effort .

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