The Moral Equivalence of the Emoting Housewife and Her Sycophants

by Keoni Galt on February 17, 2011

Laura Wood has gained some notoriety around the manosphere for her blog, “The Thinking Housewife.” I myself have her linked on my blogroll, and I do read most of her postings. She has some good points for which I often find myself in agreement with…but one of her recent posts really irritated me, and I felt it deserved a full length response.

Since she does not allow commentary at her blog, and I know her and her sycophants regularly read The Spearhead,  I decided a little public fisking of Laura’s correspondence with one of her e-mailers and her condescending denunciation of this forum and it’s participants is in order.

First up, the title of her post: Eat, Pray, Love Syndrome and its Counterpart for Men .  This title alone is ludicrous in it’s implication. “Eat, Pray, Love” is a piece of mass media propaganda to normalize frivolous divorce as a path to female fulfillment and empowerment. It was a mainstream, commercially successful movie that millions of women across the country made it a point to go and see. It’s subversive influence on married women is quite obvious when you get the kind of results as evidenced by the comment that Bill Price featured in this Valentine’s Day post, in which a married woman contemplates destroying her family because she was influenced by this disgusting, feminist agitprop. I find the moral equivalence between what Wood refers to as  “Eat, Play, Love Syndrome” and the reaction of the commentary here at The Spearhead completely off base, and utterly ludicrous.

It is not even close to the same thing. For one, The Spearhead represents nothing more than the masculine reaction to understanding the truth about our feminized popular culture. We have a true diversity of viewpoints represented here. Other than condemning feminism’s influence on our culture and lives, we don’t agree on much else around here. To say there is an ‘ideology’ associated with The Spearhead and it’s contributing authors and it’s regular commenters is laughable. The ONLY thing that gets universal agreement here is recognizing the affects of the feminist agenda on our culture and society…and even then, we’ll disagree on some aspects of that. Even when we do agree on something, we never agree on any particular solutions to these commonly recognized problems. Suggested solutions are regularly debated, opposed, shot down or supported. There really is no consensus here to form an “ideology.”

We got men here who think Game should be universally studied by all men, versus men who think Game doesn’t even exist or is nothing more than a waste of time. We have men here that argue for a return to Patriarchal marital norms, versus men who think all Men should avoid marriage versus men who advocate marriage only for men who expatriate to countries where feminism has not gained a foothold.

We have men who believe in pumping and dumping as many women as possible; we have men who believe in lifelong monogamy is the only morally acceptable way for men to be sexually active; and we have men who are simply awaiting the convergence of realistic sex robots and/or virtual reality technology so they can ignore women completely.

We have men here who are bitterly opposed to abortion and consider it a ghastly act of infanticide, and others that support it’s legality as much as any pro-choice women’s org.

If there is one thing that can be said about The Spearhead, is that we largely agree to disagree on just about everything. To simply say this forum represents a coherent, cohesive ideology comparable to the feminist zeitgeist that underlies mass media programming like Eat, Pray, Love is an unfounded moral equivalency and is a completely baseless assertion.

Wood calls her blog The Thinking Housewife, but her marginalization of The Spearhead community as nothing more than a “counterpart” equivalent to the frivolous divorce mindset of feminism clearly shows that she’s not thinking logically about The Spearhead.  She’s emoting disgust at this entire site, as if this is nothing more than the misogynistic mirror-image of the brainwashed misandry of feminist sites like feministing or jezebel.

This is similar to the regular appearance of trolls here, in which feminist quislings denounce all the Men here for “hating all women.”

Here’s the e-mail that Wood received that got her emoting about our little “community of hateful misogyny” here at The Spearhead:

PATRICK writes:

Here is a moving testimony at The Spearhead from a man whose wife watched the movie Eat, Pray, Love. She was so affected by it she told him she no longer loved him. Eat, Pray, Love is a toxic celebration of feelings (only destructive feelings, because non-destructive feelings e.g. gratitude, are boring); a denigration of duty, and therefore a denigration of true love. The comment is a good example of a philosophy (hedonism with a dash of nihilism) applied directly and in an unadulterated form.

However, the comments from men that follow the post are disturbing.  The appropriate reaction to evil is not to become evil oneself, but to remain moral.  Simply identify and explain the evil – and pursue the good.  To wallow in resentment and bitterness leads nowhere.

First of all, “Patrick” what exactly is “disturbing?” What was said in the commentary that could be seriously considered “becoming evil?”

Is it the language you disapprove of? Well guess what, this is by and large a male space. We have salty language here as most any space dedicated to male fellowship and camaraderie. Does vulgarity in male dominated conversation offend your religious or moral sensibilities? Than don’t use such language yourself…but to say that using such language is “disturbing” or downright “evil” is nothing more than hyperbolic hyperventilating. You might want to grab a paper bag and start taking some deep breaths.

Is it evil for the men who expressed their anger with vulgarity at the woman who saw this movie and decided it was time to divorce her husband and forever alter the lives of their two boys? You think such a woman doesn’t deserve epithets like bitch or cunt to describe her? Especially when many of the men here have been similarly betrayed by their ex-wives or mothers who destroyed their families over such selfish decisions like the author of Eat, Pray, Love? What you are seeing here is not disturbing…it is the legitimate reaction of the righteously disturbed!

Disturbed by the cultural approval and encouragement that promotes this shit in the first place!

“Patrick” continues:

The “anti-marriage” ideology is deeply misguided.

Misguided? You will not find a consensus on the topic here at The Spearhead. What you will find is a universal recognition of what a scam and raw deal Marriage 2.0 has become for Men in the present day, feminist-influenced culture.

Women receive a lot of criticism for what I call lifestyle divorces, but I also think some men are willfully blind to “red flags” which indicate the likelihood of a future lifestyle divorce. Occasionally good men will be blindsided.

Time to cue the disturbing language….

Occasionally good men are blindsided?!?!?

What the FUCK are you talking about? When a woman decides to break up her family over a “lifestyle” decision, even if the Man in question is oblivious to the ‘red flags,’ how does that excuse the immoral decision for such a woman who simply follows a pop culture movie’s example into divorce court? This looks like you’re blaming men for the immoral, family-destroying and selfish decisions women like the Eat, Pray, Love author made! What about personal responsibility? What about Ms. Lifestyle Divorce trying to “communicate” and “work it out” with her oblivious husband? What about such women actually trying to live up to her marriage vows of “til death do us part’ instead of contemplating divorcing him and upending the lives of their children so she can go and “find herself,” by fucking swarthy, handsome strangers in exotic locales?

Being a victim of betrayal, however, is one of the many possible misfortunes of life. How we react to misfortune is more telling of character than how we react to good fortune. So my sympathy is with the victims of lifestyle divorce, especially the children. But it is not acceptable to engage in immoral behavior because one has been victimized or because others have been victimized.

So let’s get this straight…it is not acceptable for Men to express outrage and anger with some curse words at this instance of a woman deciding to break up her family after seeing a fucking movie?

That all the men that saw this as yet another example of how feminist-driven divorce laws are destroying the nuclear family in Western Civilization and denouncing it in harsh, vulgar language…that is “immoral behavior?” Fuck that!

Here’s the first comment, by “BobbyL,” in reaction to that post:

Really sad. Spread the message far and wide. Marriage is dead. Feminists killed it.

Is this what Patrick calls “The “anti-marriage” ideology” that is “deeply misguided?”

Oh wait…I know, it was the very next comment: “Damn welmer we should delete that cunts post.”

Was it the “C” word that got Patrick so upset?

I could think of worse insults for a woman that destroyed her family simply because she saw a movie and decided she too was unhappy and it’s time to destroy her own family.

I normally do not use so much vulgarities in my blog posting both here and at my own blog…but I think there is a fucking point to be made here. Vulgar curse words are not evil, nor immoral.

They are rude.

They are offensive to polite sensibilities.

But they are entirely fucking appropriate in a venue such as this when denouncing self-centered, narcisstic cunts that think nothing of destroying their families because some fucking movie made by some empowered feminist twats gave them a vague sense of dissatisfaction with their own marriages.

Than we have Richard P-Man’s comment regarding the BobbyL’s comment stating that “marriage is dead and feminists killed it” –

True – but lets give credit where credit is due…

Plenty of women who did not take on the “feminist” label – also helped to kill it by silently sitting by and doing nothing while a group of sexual bigots trashed the institution.

Or worse, men like Patrick sit there and condemn other men who are rightfully disgusted with the current state of affairs for being “anti-marriage.”

Then we have Laura Wood’s response:

Unfortunately, this post at The Spearhead inspired the typical, vulgar misogynist tirades there. All men are victims. Every woman is evil. There is absolutely nothing to be gained from this ideology except bitterness, bile and loneliness.

First of all, this man whose wife is contemplating divorce IS A VICTIM.

He’s a victim of the subversive cultural indoctrination of this garbage that masquerades as “chick-flick entertainment.” This is the precise response this movie and the book that inspired it was intended to evoke in other women.

Second of all, while there most certainly were vulgarities – this is a male space after all – I didn’t find a single “all men are victims” type of statement in the comments, nor “All women are evil.” Where is this ‘ideology of bitterness, bile and loneliness’ Laura Wood refers to? Most of the commentary was either relating their own observations of the effects of such feminist cultural programming in their own lives, or it was direct advice on how the blind-sided husband should “use game” to mitigate the damage and repair his marriage…or to lawyer up and get ready for the divorce hell so many other men here have already endured. On balance, there was actually more commentary urging this man to “study game” to “fix” his marriage than to take divorce measures.

Is this the “anti-marriage” ideology Wood and her sycophant e-mailer, “Patrick” are denouncing?

It’s not “bile.”

It’s not “lonliness.”

It’s anger.

Anger that is entirely justified and appropriate. You know…the kind of anger displayed by Jesus when he threw the money changers out of the temple?

But Laura managed to finish her little piece with an even more amazing bit of ignorant sophistry:

“Men have nothing to fear in marriage other than the loss of their own honor. That is the only thing that counts and it is something each man controls and no wife can destroy.”

Why yes….I agree 100% with this…but she completely misses the most significant point regarding this topic:

Men have nothing to fear in marriage. It’s the DIVORCE we have to fear! We rightfully fear for the loss of our children, the garnishment of our wages, the loss of a lifetime we attempt to build for the benefit of our family!

Honor has got nothing to do with it.

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