CBS Reporter Lara Logan Beaten, Gang-Raped in Egypt Protests

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by W.F. Price on February 16, 2011

As pointed out in the case of Jayme Biendl, the female prison guard who was attacked and strangled by a rapist while working at the Monroe State Correctional Facility, ignoring reality has consequences. Feminists and their supporters, however, continue to turn a blind eye, because they are so deeply emotionally (and sometimes financially) invested in the idea that human nature can be altered to suit our contemporary sense of propriety, which is a moving target.

There is perhaps no place in which the ugly side of humanity is more nakedly displayed than in a mob, yet Logan and her superiors seemed to think that it would be an acceptable risk for her to cover the chaotic revolution in Cairo. I’m not sure what kind of world these people live in, but even I would know that a blonde, Western woman in an Arab country really shouldn’t be out on the street at night. Add an angry mob, and, well… What the hell did they expect?

I’m sure people will try to find some angle to divert attention from the fateful decision to send Lara Logan out into the mob, perhaps by blaming Arabs, Islam, or even anger at the West. But it happens here, too. In Seattle, during the Mardi Gras riot of 2001, essentially the same thing happened to a woman who got caught up in an out-of-control mob. I’m afraid Mrs. Logan got it worse, however — it took a platoon of Egyptian soldiers to rescue her from the attack. She’s lucky she survived. She took the first flight home and is currently in the hospital.

What I wonder is how feminists can square their declared desire to eliminate violence against women with their demands that women be placed in situations where they will inevitably get hurt. There are many things – and people – in this world that are beyond our control. None of those men in Egypt who attacked Lara Logan will ever face an American police officer or judge. In all likelihood, none will ever even be named.

So I suppose the question is: Do feminists want women to be safe and secure at all times, or do they want women to be encouraged to take risks that will inevitably get some of them hurt very badly? You just can’t have it both ways.

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