The VD Project: the Onslaught Has Started

by zed on February 3, 2011

I almost never partake in any of the Lame Stream Media. My exposure is limited to about an hour per day listening to the radio on my way to and from work. And, I listen to an oldies station with a listener base which is probably a bit older than the average radio audience.

So, while the Valentine’s Day campaign of commercial harassment may be in full swing, I have so far only heard one VD-oriented commercial. It was for a jewelry store, not surprisingly, and put a somewhat subtle spin on one of the two primary messages used to hawk this bogus and insincere Hallmark holiday.

“What do you get the woman who has everything for Valentine’s Day? MORE of everything.”

Channeling the spirit of Madonna, the material girl, obviously.

However, tonight, it became clear to me that I can run, but I can’t hide from the relentless emotional coercion and harassment. On Yahoo’s main page (where one gets redirected when one logs out of Yahoo mail) the lead article was “6 mistakes men make on Valentine’s Day.”

Yup, yup, yup, men be so stupid they don’t even know when the day is!!

Memo to men: Valentine’s Day is on February 14. In years past, has noticed a spike in men searching for an answer to the question: “When is Valentine’s Day?” as the day fast approaches. Of all the holidays on the yearly calendar, the one designated for romance never fails to trip guys up.

Part space filler, part hype for their advertising support, the article manages to deliver a whole truckload of contempt for men, hidden behind an obviously fake smile – “Just kidding” is the most abused excuse in the world to try to hide hate-filled messages behind a false facade.

So, here are the six deadly sins that just about every man will commit at least one of in the next 10-11 days.

Mistake #1: Getting words of wisdom from your local drug store.
Mistake #2: Letting a bear do your bidding.
Mistake #3: Declaring Valentine’s Day a ploy for consumers
(see, I’m guilty already!)
Mistake #4: Sharing the day with your BlackBerry
Mistake #5: Expecting her to make the plans
Mistake #6: Under-dressing

So – Memo to all those grrls who don’t have a man to terrorize into having to demonstrate insincere affection on February 14th:
you might give some thought to how you are portrayed in the media which makes a lot of men very glad to be single on that day.

Mistake #0: Not breaking up with her on February 13th.

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