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by Keoni Galt on January 16, 2011

One of my favorite columnists is the ornery old ex-pat living in Mexico, Fred Reed. His latest column is an excellent piece on the inevitable collapse of the American economic and military empire, in which he uses the allegory of the monkey pot trap to illustrate the situation:

Pondering Whither America, I reflected on a story, probably apocryphal but which I am going to believe because I like it, about catching monkeys. Tribesmen somewhere craft a heavy pot with a hole in it large enough that a monkey could insert an open hand, but not withdraw a closed fist. They then put monkey food in the pot. The monkey reaches in, grabs the food and, refusing to let go when the hunters approach, is caught and eaten.

Here we have our politics in a paragraph. The American national monkey canít let go. The party is over, boys and girls, but we arenít going to adapt.

While Reed focuses his analogy to point out that the US is caught with it’s proverbial hand caught in a pot of foreign military occupations and insurmountable debt, I think this analogy is perfectly applicable to a lot more aspects of our modern day dystopia.

Consider the hand of the feminist-driven government that promotes a culture that inevitably leads to demographic decline of the populace…but all of the entitlement programs and wealth transfer schemes they use to induce Western Women to follow the feminist proscriptions are based on taxing the “haves” and handing over to the “have-nots.” But demographic decline means eventually you have more “have-not” dependents with their hands out and not enough “haves” producing the wealth for the government to take for redistribution.

The proverbial feminist monkey has got it’s hand in the pot, grasping the entitlements and institutions it needs to exercise it’s influence but can’t let go as the demographic realities it engenders approach to consume it.

Or consider the mother who divorces her husband simply because she was bored and inspired by cultural propaganda like Eat, Pray, Love and her peers who convince her that divorce is a great lifestyle adjustment that will improve her life. So she reaches in the pot and grasps the goods. At first she sees only the benefits of full custody of the children..the alimony, the child support, the house, the car. What a feast in that pot she was able to grasp!

But those kids eventually grow up. The child support ends, the alimony ends and if she did nothing but live off the money the state was transferring from her ex-husband to herself, she will eventually be caught by her own dependency.

I had a neighbor who fell into this precise trap. Once her youngest daughter turned 18, she had to sell her house and move into an apartment in a matriarchal ghetto part of town. It’s even more disgusting when you consider that she only had 5 years left on the mortgage and a mortgage payment that was literally only $1200 a month.

She could have gotten a job at a retail store or fast food restaurant to make those payments and own the house outright in 5 years time.

But 18 years of unemployment, living off the child support from her ex-husband to pay the bills, made her practically useless and unemployable. So now she’s living off the ever dwindling proceeds of the sale of the house. I believe she’s not even going to make it to social security age before that runs out. She’ll be on welfare soon enough.

But worst for her is the abandonment by her children. They’ve all moved out on their own, and have essentially disowned her and don’t keep in touch with her, even during the holidays. They’ve all reconnected and re-established relationships with their father, after years of alienation caused by their mother. She got everything she thought she wanted during those years…but is now left with nothing.

She put her hand in that pot and didn’t even try to let go until it was far to late.

Or consider the traps laid out for men with regards to the institution of Marriage 2.0?

By the way, much thanks to “Puma” for putting the Wedded Abyss site back up!

Many a man has got his hand caught in that particular pot and didn’t let go until he got spiritually, financially and emotionally raped by the divorce courts.

The allegory seems to be applicable to a wide range of institutions and cultural phenomena in our declining Western Civilization. It behooves you to recognize these traps laid out for us all, and refuse to put your hand into those pots and get caught.

Never forget that the primary bait used by society to get us all to put our hands in the various traps is our mass media cultural programming….Monkey see, monkey do.

While watching the NFL playoffs last weekend, I recognized a local banking commercial that reinforced the monkey see, monkey do programming that has been so successful in shaping the lives of our current generation – it showed a time lapse progression of a young girl’s life – from high school, to college, to a career as a doctor, to a mid-30’s bride followed by the 1.5 children and the white picket fence house, with the narrator talking about how this bank is WITH YOU AT EVERY STAGE OF YOUR LIFE.

This is the norm for women in our Brave New World Order. This is the monkey pot for you to stick your hand in ladies, because you can have it all!

Monkey see, monkey do.

Are you a monkey too?

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