Comment of the Week: A Reader Reveals the Horror of Feminist Upbringing

by W.F. Price on January 13, 2011

In response to my post on the “V-Men,” The Spearhead received a very thoughtful and revealing post from AntZ, who grew up in a feminist household. After years of struggling under the weight of the dysfunctional, anti-male environment of his childhood, during which he was at the mercy of a radical feminist ideologue – and an academic to boot – he finally broke free. Although the effects of feminism on children that he outlines are worrisome for those of us living amongst these wounded individuals, and sad for the suffering they have endured, the fact that recovery and healing is possible is encouraging.

This is a major part of what we are fighting for: the lost children who have been wounded by out-of-control genderist ideology promoted by misanthropic feminists. Every time you think of a feminist triumph in ruining yet another father, adding him to the millions of casualties of their juggernaut of destruction and power-worship, think of the innocent children who will bear the lifelong scars.

Although it is difficult to dwell on these things, sometimes it is necessary, and AntZ gives us a clear picture of the consequences of feminist child abuse:

I spent 30 years or so in “mangina purgatory” before realizing that much of my warped outlook on life came from the twisted way in which my mother raised her children. My three brothers, subjected to the same cruelty, remain in mangina hell today.

I have come to the conclusion that boys who experience gender-specific abuse at the hands of their mothers exhibit some common traits:

1) A definition of “self” that is largely based on extreme Chivalry and woman-worship.

2) When we are alone (in situations that involve ONE person) our behaviour can appear odd (self-talking: having imaginary “liberation” conversations with either our mothers or others who we have invited to dominate us), or our behaviour can be very violent (yelling and destroying inanimate objects that frustrate us with a marked tendency to over-kill, for example smashing an alarm clock to the point that it is reduced to tiny pieces.

3) In situations that involve TWO people (the mangina plus a man or a woman), particularly mangina-man competitive environments at work and mangina-woman arguments at home, “mother abuse manginas” are obsessively subservient. Some “real” men will be perplexed by the self-flagellating mangina, others will take the mangina under their wing and form surprisingly productive partnerships with us. Women who have a relationship with a mangina will progress from insecurity, to resentment, and finally to violent loathing. Typically, the woman will engineering increasingly brutal “fitness tests” of physical or emotional violence in an attempt to force the mangina to stand up for himself.

4) In multi-person situations that involve both men and women, “mother abuse manginas” can appear aggressive and dominant as long as we do so in defence of women. Like Dorothy’s lion, we find our courage only when fighting on behalf of a woman. The only occasions where we “stand up to our boss” at work are in defence of women, and this will typically occur several times per year. On all other occasions we stubbornly stick to our doormat status.

5) Internally, “mother abuse manginas” resemble a dam of fear/insecurity holding back an ocean of resentment/anger towards women. Over time, the dam weakens, and sometimes breaks in a very sudden way. For me this moment occured in November of last year when my six year old son was dehumanized by New York’s anti-boy-self image campaign (disguised as an anti-DV campaign):

My mother is a heavy smoker and an alcoholic, but her strongest addiction is to the hatred of all men. As a professional Feminist academic in women’s studies, she knew exactly how to crush ther personalities of her four boys in order to produce the utopian Feminist servile man-bot. All of us were emotionally abused, and the three youngest (11, 12, and 13 years old at the time) were sexually abused also.

The abuse was as effective as clockwork. All four of my mother’s boys spent our lives as servile manginas who, as a bonus, have an “emergency white knight” button like the lion in the Wizard of Oz.

So here is what I know about Feminism. It is an ideology of hate that is highly effective at preparing young boys for a lifetime of slave labour under the control of their female owners.

The real front line of the Feminist war on men is our school system, particularly elementary school. Our schools are the means by which Feminists are actively doing to all young boys, what my mother did to her children 30 years ago.

This is a war of extermination, and the Feminists intend to win it.

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