Hybrid Feminism

by Pro-male/Anti-feminist Tech on January 8, 2011

Most women aren’t pure ideologues.  They don’t adhere strictly to a particular ideology.  This is key to understanding how the average woman fits into feminism and how feminism has caused the destruction it has.  Too often feminism is defined in terms of what a cadre of lesbians or some other small group has done.  It ends up treating feminism vs. anti-feminism as a purely academic debate that has no real effect on the real world. Feminists aren’t just some group of aliens on the planet, Uranus.  If they were, we would have nothing to worry about.  Instead feminism (or rather female supremacism) exists in various forms all over that many women and even men believe in.

However, a woman may be not purely be a conservative female supremacist (i.e. a social conservative) either.  The average woman while not purely a feminist is not purely a conservative female supremacist either.  Most people don’t think in the necessary post-modern academic terms to adhere to one of those forms of female supremacism.  Not adhering to a pure female supremacist ideology does not mean that a person is anti-feminist/anti-female supremacy.  Women in particular will develop their own personal female supremacism using a combination ideas from various strains of female supremacism.  The “hybrid feminism” of “hybrid female supremacism” they create is not pure in terms of feminism or social conservatism or any other form of defined female supremacism but it’s feminist in the most important way possible.  It’s about advancing women at the expense of men.

Why is understanding the idea of “hybrid feminism” important?  Because the average woman does not believe herself to be a feminist (or socon) in any way.  Her belief that she’s “not a feminist” doesn’t make her an anti-feminist.  She will still have female supremacist beliefs.  We have all heard statements like, “I’m not a feminist because I’m not a lesbian”, “I’m not a feminist because I don’t believe in gay marriage”, “I’m not a feminist because I don’t believe in abortion”, “I not a feminist because I’m a stay at home mom”, “I’m not a feminist because I want to get married”, “I’m not a feminist because it hurts women”, “I don’t know any feminists”, etc.  These “not feminist” women still divorce their husbands, make false rape and false sexual harassment charges, send their sons to be emasculated in feminist public schools, vote for politicians that redistribute male wealth to women, etc.  Despite being “not feminist”, these women have no problem using and support feminist programs and institutions.  A lesbian on another planet (which is how socons effectively think of feminism) is not going to divorce her husband to get half of his assets or have sons to send to feminist public schools (on Earth).

A question that gets asked over and over again is where are these “not feminist” women when it comes to fighting feminism?  They are always nowhere to be found outside of things that don’t affect men like abortion and gay marriage.  They will have excuses like, “I’m too busy raising my family.”  Being “too busy” never stops them from fighting against abortion or gay marriage.  They are only “too busy” when it comes to cases where they benefit or may benefit in the future such as eliminating no fault divorce or eliminating government programs that benefit women.

The debate between feminists and socons is just about how to best acquire and control the resources and assets of men or how to best hold the whip over men.  Many socon women are only against feminism because they believe men benefit from feminism and want to put a stop to men benefiting from anything.  It’s the same with the “hybrid feminist”.  They pick the combination of ideas from various female supremacist ideologies that they believe are the best way for themselves and/or women in general to hold the whip over men.

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