India Plunges into Rape Hysteria

by W.F. Price on January 2, 2011

There’s been quite the debate over feminism in India occurring on The Spearhead, so I thought I’d do a little more research to see what’s going on in the subcontinent. Amazingly, in some respects it appears that feminism is being taken even farther than it has in all but the most extreme examples in the West.

Below, we address two separate, new policies regarding rape in the Hindu civilization:

Under a new centrally sponsored government scheme, Indian women who claim to be rape victims will receive $450 cash within two weeks if they claim rape and a medical exam demonstrates unspecified evidence of rape, and then over a year’s time additional benefits are added that bring the total to at least $4,500 (RS 2 lakh), and up to $6,700 (RS 3 lakh) worth of benefits.

No conclusive conviction is required for the money; only the medical exam.

A medical exam cannot prove rape, but it can prove that sex took place, which makes it fairly obvious how this system can be abused, particularly in a place like India where a woman’s value as a wife is still dependent on her virginity.

Say a girl gives in to lust and fools around with the neighborhood bad boy, things get hot and heavy, and she has sex with him. This happens all over the world, and in liberalizing India it must be happening more than ever. Realizing that she just blew it and mom and dad are going to go ballistic when that guy she’s never met to whom she’s promised in marriage makes an angry phone call upon discovering that his new bride is damaged goods, she thinks of the rape program and calls the police.

Maybe she points the finger at the bad boy, or maybe she makes up some imaginary assailant — it doesn’t matter to her, even if some innocent schmuck gets pulled out of bed at 2AM by a gang of mustachioed Indian police and thrown in the slammer. At least she doesn’t have to face her parents’ wrath, she doesn’t have to marry that guy she wasn’t too sure about anyway, and she’s getting paid more than she could have made in years of work.

But according to an official with the women and child development ministry, “no Indian woman would make a false claim of rape just to get financial support.”

That official must be pretty sure of himself to make such a claim about a country with hundreds of millions of women. If I were an Indian man, I wouldn’t be so confident.

In addition to the rape reporting payments, India has expanded the definition of rape to include men who lead women to believe they will marry them, and then fail to follow through with it. It is a formalized sort of “shotgun marriage” law that is backed up with the severe penalty of hard time in prison.

In a Delhi court verdict, an Indian man named Chhotey Lai ran off with a neighbor, taking her around the country and carrying on a torrid affair. The neighbor believed that he would marry her, or perhaps she simply fantasized about it — this is an almost universal tendency for women involved in affairs.

Regardless, the woman’s father filed a missing person report and when the two lovebirds arrived back home Mr. Lai was promptly arrested and hauled off to court, where he was convicted of rape and sentenced to seven years’ hard labor.

If this were the law of the land in the US, tens of millions of men would immediately have to be reclassified as rapists, and we’d have to build some sort of galactic penal colony to hold all of them. The precedent this sets is breathtaking in its scope, as almost all women “believe” the man-du-jour is going to marry them.

For all the international outrage over the stoning sentence for Iranian adulteress and murderer Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, who helped poison and electrocute her husband, I’ve heard nary a peep about Mr. Lai, who may be a cad and a rake, but who certainly doesn’t deserve time in prison.

What appears to have happened is that the screaming hysteria over rape that gripped the Western world in the 1990s, manifested at the time in “take back the night” marches, demands for prosecuting college boys and VAWA, has been seized upon by governments around the world as a pretext for abusing the rights of men. If you give the state a weapon, it will most certainly be used, and rape with its attendant taboos and emotional power has proven to be a very good pretext for repealing human rights, which have always been an annoyance to governments everywhere.

Just as the black population in the United States correctly identified the “War on Drugs” as a war on blacks – and this is clearly borne out by incarceration statistics – men have to understand that heavy-handed state solutions to intersexual violence constitute a war on men. Furthermore, men have to come to a solid understanding that to condemn the abuses of the state does not imply that ordinary men support rape or violence against women any more than your typical black American supported the plague of crack cocaine in his community. Clearly, it is not a matter of choosing one side or the other: both are wrong. And the crack analogy is not a perfect one, because there has not been a demonstrable rise in sexual violence or crime since the 1970s; the current hysteria is a purely fabricated moral panic.

It is time for men to stand up to a state that is using women as a pretext to strip us of our civil liberties. As in Sweden, India is making a mockery of the concept of consent, which should give women some cause for concern as well, because the logical conclusion of all this is that women have no legal standing to make any agreements or decisions in the sexual realm — it is all up to the judge to decide whether or not the woman made a “legal” choice when she took her pants off.

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