Need Proof of Women’s Legal Supremacy?

by W.F. Price on December 26, 2010

Leon Walker, a Rochester Hills, Michigan man who took a peek at his wife’s Gmail account, is facing trial on felony charges. Mr. Walker faces five years in prison.

His crime? He caught his wife cheating by using her password to look at her Gmail account.

In recent years, judges and prosecutors across the United States have repeatedly upheld the right of women to have sex with men besides their husbands as more sacrosanct than even the right to free speech, probably because adultery is endemic to the legal class in the United States. In fact, men are frequently ordered to pay their “wives” for the activity. Where it used to be a crime for a spouse to commit adultery, it is now a protected activity that prompts court-ordered remuneration, and husbands who discover their wives’ affairs face hard time in prison. However, if a wife spied on her husband’s email no prosecutor in the United States would ever dream of bringing the woman up on charges.

Although prosecuting people for adultery has always been a questionable use of the courts’ time, that courts are involved in enforcing the right to adultery will eventually convince men across the Anglosphere that the legal concept of marriage is broken beyond repair. As judges and prosecutors, aided by their feminist bedmates, make a mockery of their respective professions, they at least give us some idea of what limits to place on their power in the future.

One can only hope that Mr. Walker does not end up with a majority female jury, as American women tend to regard exposure of their sexual peccadillos as a capital crime.

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