Divorcťe Featured in NY Times Denounces The Spearhead

by W.F. Price on December 18, 2010

Michelle Pont, a woman featured in the New York Times as a client of new divorce financier Balance Point Divorce Funding, responded to our take on the business yesterday with a comment of her own, insisting that she deserves half of her husband’s company.

I have no idea whether this is the genuine Mrs. Pont, but I have no reason to believe otherwise, so let’s assume it is.

Her comment follows:

You may have never seen a woman do any more then dispatch when you were a KID, then you have never seen what I have done. At 8 months pregnant with OUR child I drove TRUCKS after my own High paying job that I had since 18. I loaded trucks, I dispatched, I drove a forklift, I unloaded & loaded trucks and at times hand unloaded. Itís not just a manís world anymore letís get that straight. You know NOTHING about me, OUR business or what I HAVE done. So please refrain from making comments that you know NOTHING about.

When we have been sued, which had been several times, WE are at court, WE are on the witness stands, WE are making declarations, OUR livelihood is on the line our homes, businesses are in Jeopardy. You know absolutely nothing about running a business & the stress a transportation company puts on you 24 hours a day 7 days a week & yes including Christmas day & every holiday. There were MANY years we were on call & could not go anywhere for celebration. The difference between myself & other women is that I DID start this business & due to his lack of good credit I BOUGHT our first home on my OWN without him on title. SO AGAIN without me he would have NOTHING.

I took our daughter every Saturday to Chuck E. Cheese so that he may sleep in until noon. Then after I quit my high paying job to stay home with our daughter & open a warehouse where I went every day at 5AM while he slept in. I breast fed her, dispatched, loaded, answered phones by myself. At times would leave her screaming in the office to take care of business. So you want to tell that I donít deserve half of the company I started too. That doesnít include the service I provided for him at home either. Like him sitting on his fat butt while he orders me around to get his food, soda, water, snacks, take out the trash, doing the laundry & what ever else he wanted.

People would tell me how I was a slave to that man. I wasnít the type of woman to sit around eating Bon Bons all day long. I was busy also with school activities for our daughter, picking her up & taking her every morning again while he slept away. I went on EVERY field trip, did all the community charity work, belonged to all the organizations for our daughter. So Get off your high horse & get your facts straight & do your research before making any comments. Itís men like you that donít deserve a woman like me!!!

Michelle Pont

Michelle seems to have a lot of grievances, and a great deal of anger and contempt for her ex. Yet obviously he built a very lucrative business, and she is a wealthier woman than average, so one wonders where the anger comes from, but I think it gets back to the princess attitude. You see, Mrs. Pont is very upset about all the drudgery of being a housewife. She gave up her old job, had to fetch her husband food, and even breastfed her child. Definitely not things a woman signs up for when getting married!

You see, men, there really is no such thing as a wife anymore.

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